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How to Get a Grey Checkmark for Your YouTube Channel – Step by Step Guide

What is a grey checkmark for a YouTube channel? A grey checkmark on YouTube is famous as the name for authority mark. It is there on YouTube because it represents a channel belonging to a celebrity and a renowned business. It is a tiny check that is grey and requires many subscribers and popularity to be eligible for getting the verification badge.  The channels don’t have to have this badge, but having this makes the viewer believe the authenticity and enhances its value.  How to get verified for this grey checkmark on the YouTube channel?  It is vital that when you apply for the grey checkmark for your YouTube channel, you are familiar with the steps. If you don’t follow them appropriately, there is a probability that you may end up making mistakes. So, let’s what are these steps below: Firstly, you need to visit this YouTube link.  Secondly, to verify the grey

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