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How to apply for US visa from India?

Some particular requirements vary from country to country; however, the U.S. Visa application is standardized for most countries. It is because the consulates or embassies abroad pick the appropriate way for the location.  The post will discuss the U.S. visa application in India. So, if you plan to visit the country or want to start a business, let’s find out the details and process to apply for it.  Do Indians require a U.S. visa?  Yes, every Indian citizen requires a visa to enter the U.S. country. Few only countries are there which involves the U.S. visa waiver program. The program allows the citizen to enter the country for purposes like tourism or business but a short-term.  How to apply for a visa from India? When applying for U.S. Visa from India, below is the process that you need to follow:  Determining what U.S. visa you need  You must know that different U.S. visas are there, and it depends

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