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How to Fix Misrepresentation or Unacceptable business practises Google Ads Policies in 2021

In this world of advancement and technology with everything digital, Google Ads Business practice is a very famous and influential platform. If you are a marketer, you can gain a lot of benefits from this platform. These include awareness, conversions, traffic improvement and enhancing your brand. In case you are not getting any profits; indeed, there is something wrong with the money you are spending.  The first and crucial thing for an advertiser is following the best business practices while marketing on this platform. You should be aware that Google is mainly dependent on advertisers when it comes to generating revenue. Though there are no users, it would be complex to keep Google ads in the business. It is the main reason that customers are always the main priority. And here, the main emphasis is users.  When advertising on Google ads, any advertiser needs to consider the best practices. These

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