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How to delete Instagram account?

Instagram-a popular social media application is seeing exponential growth and reaches over one billion in 2020 from one million in December 2010. This social media application is helping the world to connect efficiently. You will almost every second person using Instagram.  The application has impressive features such as updating stories whenever you want, going live and whatnot. The best part of this social media app is connecting with your favourite celebrity or influencer. Recently, after the banning of TikTok, social media launched the new feature- Reels. This feature is also getting popular day by day. People are enjoying the feature.  If you are a social media freak, you would love this app. It allows the user to take pictures and videos on the app and then upload themselves with fantastic editing. You will find features like a boomerang, videos for 15 second etc. People stay updated through this app with their family, friends

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