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Features you don't know about WhatsApp: Hide and read deleted messages

Features you don’t know about WhatsApp: Hide and read deleted messages

WhatsApp is one of the famous applications that you will see in every single mobile user nowadays. It is more popular now because of clubbing more features by the Facebook. The numbers of this app users are increasing at rapid rate presently during covid-19 situation. There are countless installations of the app across the worldwide daily. In fact, now is the time when people have a perception that it is the only way of getting in touch with your friends and family. And not only this, but it also offers diverse features that too completely free of cost. You are not paying anything to use this app and this is why it’s use is fast. If you think that you know everything about WhatsApp features, then you are wrong. there are various features probably you didn’t know that they even exist in the app. So, if you want to know

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