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Google Ads Best Practises and How to Run an Effective Google Ads Campaign

Did you know that there are different practices you can include when running Google ads for your campaign? No? That’s alright because most of the advertisers are not. But now, when you know, so it is essential for you to aware of the practices. Before we move on to this discussion, let’s first talk about the basic things.  An advertiser needs to know that PPC ads are the one which offers the fastest and most efficient ways to drive business revenue. According to the report on lead capture, PPC ads are the third most popular lead generation form.  Even after spending millions on the ad campaigns on Google, marketers who understand keeping track of their ad quality score get the chance to run PPC campaigns that are profitable.  The track of the quality score is relevant as it is the measure for quality, Google ads’ performance, and relevance. Like organic search results are

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Top 13 Keyword Research Tools List for Google Ads and SEO in 2021

Are you in the need of Keyword research tool? But, don’t know which one to use. Don’t worry, you are not the only as there are a lot of professionals in the SEO world who also fails to know which tool suits their needs. In this guide, we are here to talk about the keyword research tools which would help you in achieving your business goals and rank higher on the search engines with the increased traffic and sales. If you are beginner, then mastering the optimization of SEO can seem difficult to you. Luckily, working with the SEO tool is simpler and to make work easier for we have gathered the best tools for keyword research which may help you in accomplishing your business goals. Let me tell you that you don’t have to go on the internet and try every tool this guide would give enough understanding. You just have to

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How to prevent suspending Google Ads account 2021 and Fix it?

Is your Google ads account suspended? Yes? You must be undoubtedly finding the answer for How to fix Google Ads suspended account? Don’t worry, I have got the answer for you by bringing up a guide which would help you in reactivating your Google Ads account. You are not the only one facing it, even I did face the problem and dug deep into it to unsuspend the account.

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