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The Best Password Manager for 2021

The Best Password Manager for 2021

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Free Password Manager Software

Are you finding yourself locking out of the online account at times? Do you keep drawing blank whenever you try logging in? If the answer is, it’s high time for you to consider the best free password manager.

The password manager usage will help you in overseeing and handling the credentials for login. The best thing is that they are helpful when it comes to autofill the forms. You can also sync your data on all the different devices such as Android phones, iPhones, Macs, Windows, etc.

A password manager is a digital vault with encryption that assists you in storing safe information for login. You can easily then access accounts and applications on whatever device you want. It is easier to keep the identity and credentials secure as a password manager helps create unique and strong passwords.

These days security breaches and identity theft is evolving, so this is the way which can help you stay away from such risks.

The Best Password Managers for 2021

An excellent password manager is like a game-changer, mainly in the year 2021. Half of the population around the globe is working from home. It is something that leads to giving rise to security issues.

The use of the best password managers for 2021 will help you in making everything effortless and safe. All you have to do is remembering the unique, long and intricate password to unlock your accounts.

With password manager assistance, you can quickly generate new and strong ones. It will also lessen the need of reusing any. You need to ensure getting:

In this guide, we will be elaborating on the best free password managers to enhance your understanding. The password managers ensure protecting your data both in the cloud and machine.

You will find the integration of the two-factor authentication system in every password manager. But you need to make sure to remember the master password as it is not recoverable. It involves the robust feature of encryption to offer matchless services. You can install the password manager on any device for one account.

In a nutshell, we will cover everything that you must know when using the password manager. So, let’s start the discussion on every aspect, including the best password manager apps for Android and iPhone, without any further delay.

Why do you need the password manager? 

Most of the times, password managers seem annoying and irrelevant. An efficient password manager will ensure keeping you secure and makes it easy to juggle around countless passwords.

The use of a password manager is the significant thing you can include for protecting yourself online. It will also help you update your system from time to time. The weak or reusing the same passwords can lead to risking your accounts and important information. The password manager helps in generating stronger passwords while creating the accounts and storing them for you. Are you finding yourself locking out of the online account at times? Do you keep drawing blank whenever you try logging in? If the answer is, it’s high time for you to consider the best free password manager.

The password manager usage will help you in overseeing and handling the credentials for login. The best thing is that they are helpful when it comes to autofill the forms. You can also sync your data on all the different devices such as Android phones, iPhones, Macs, Windows, etc.

It helps you secure your credit card details, bank accounts, addresses, and other private or confidential information in one place.

So, we will include the discussion on different aspects, including the best password manager for iPhone, so that its users can also understand.

10 best password manager apps for Android

Here is the discussion on the best password manager apps for Android and iPhone that you can install:

password manager lastpass


LastPass is one of the finest password managers when it comes to ease of use. It has the efficiency of supporting all the leading platforms. You will get features massive range and its fantastic tier for free.

You will get the free LastPass version sync all over the unlimited devices. It has many features like the paid version, like a generator for the password, safe storage and unlimited passwords.

This is the best password manager for Android. You will also get the paid version of this password manager. The paid version integrates the support for keys that is two-factor authentication. It offers you storage of 1GB and monitoring that is of dark-web for your accounts. You can also access the premium tech support of the password manager.

The paid version is from $12 to $36, which is relatively inexpensive. There is no requirement of installing the application on your PC to use this password manager. You will get the browser extension and full-featured interface of the web.



keeper password manager


Another best password manager is a keeper that is fast and includes a robust interface of the web. You can easily store documents of any sort and files. It provides the excellent protection of the password manager and involves the superior service cheaper than others. The only issue is of syncing among other devices.

Also, there is an inconvenience when it comes to the trade-off for improved security. Keeper involves choosing not to have a massive changer for a password. You can create a PIN for quickly accessing the mobile application.

If you have an old phone and can’t read the face or fingerprint, you need to enter the complete master password. This best password manager for 2021 can monitor the unverified use of your private data. It also provides you with the safe service of messaging. You can enjoy cloud storage of 10GB for $85 yearly.




Dashlane is again the notable password manager. It perfectly matches the LastPass password manager. Its unique features work as a huge changer of password, having the ability to reset countless passwords simultaneously. You will get an efficient desktop when using this manager of the password. However, the sites supported by it are not that much popular.

This password encourages its users for switching to the extensions of the browser. It is perfectly designed, and the best part is its easy user interface. It automatically fills out the form for personal information online. There is a scanner that assists in finding the online account, which you cannot remember.

The only drawback of this password manager is its high-price. The premium plan is for $60, and the free plan is restricted to 50 credentials set. You cannot also sync among other devices. However, the benefit is that the premium plan involves dark-web monitoring and unrestricted services of VPN.

The plan also involves the monitoring of credit, assistance of identity-restoration and insurance for identity theft. In a nutshell, the high-prices of this password manager efficiently validate the worth.




1Password offers you an enhanced experience on devices like Mac and iOS users. It is an okay experience for Window and Android users. 

This password manager’s browser extensions are best for Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Brave are amazing. They augment the desktop experience and work straightforwardly with the web’s browsers rather than the operating system. A recent application is available in the market that is a beta version of the 1Password Linux application. 

You will also get the travel mode with this password manager. It will help in deleting the sensitive data from your device. The user’s design and interface also seem a little outdated on all desktop and mobile apps. It also has the abilities to form-filling and actual two-factor authentication.

So, you can get this password manager if you are looking for the verified one.




RoboForm also tops the list of best free password managers for 2021. It is in the market since 1999 and recently involved overhauling the interface of mobile web applications. They are popular as they are modern and responsive. The app on the desktop looks heavy but is fantastic for filling the forms.

This password manager also provides certain features. It includes two-factor authentication, sharing of password and generator of the password. The functionalities for them are a little restricted, but comparatively, they will work.

The tier that is free of this password manager functions efficiently and involves the features of RoboForm. Although, it will not include sync among other devices. If you are looking for a budget-friendly password manager, then it is a good option.




NordPassalso efficiently tops the list of the best password manager. It gives you the browser’s efficient plugins for Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Edge and desktop applications. 

It will assist you in storing passwords with encryption. This password manager can also help you with robust passwords. It also gives you secure and safekeeping of a credit card with banking credentials for quick checkouts. WordPress also involves using Windows, Macs, Linux, Android mobile devices, and iOs.

The premium edition of this password manager can sync the information over six devices for each licence. The version which is free consents one, but you need to ensure trying out other superior features. The benefit of using this password manager is there is no restriction to passwords number. You can save as much as you want. But remember that this password manager doesn’t allow for auto fill-forms. However, it is famous as a highly efficient password manager that does more than the expectations. So, get it now and secure your passwords.





Bitwarden is a software that is open-source and is easy to use. It is highly safe and involves everything you need as a team, business or individual. The basic plan of this password manager emphasizes the management of password. But also, the free plans include optional self-hosting, multi-device sync, and online storage without restrictions.
This password manager’s superior plan integrates password reports that highlight aspects such as weak passwords and unsafe sites. These password managers’ other features are user groups, two-step login, password sharing, access control for fine graining, and two-factor authentication.
It is one of the best and usable password managers that work according to your needs. It has the efficiency of putting the paid ones out of this industry.



msecure password manager


mSecure is the password manager having the efficiency of covering all the aspects you wish for. There is no restriction for entries, and the categories for built-in allows you to store numbers of passwords.

The generator of passwords in this password manager functions fine. You must be cautious of the reality that it doesn’t include producing human-readable words. Each password is random as a result and is tough to type. You cannot also access the generator of the password without new record creation.

This password manager is famous for quality with customizable templates. It is also one of the reasonable ones that are efficient enough for every user.



Zoho Vault

If you require sharing passwords among the team members, then Zoho Vault provides granular control. The user management of this password manager, permissions, and password policy features makes it different from others. You can also initiate batch alterations to passwords simply.

This password manager can integrate third-party enterprises such as Dropbox, Gmail, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Active Directory. The enterprise users can utilize SSO that is a single sign-on with cloud apps such as Slack and Salesforce.

This password manager has excellent protection, excellent control over the passwords and users and integrations for third-party. It is also affordable, and customer service is the best among other services of password managers.

If you are looking for the offline password manager and the best one, this is your pick.



What is a password manager?

What is password manager?

A password manager is known as a software application that users use for storing and managing passwords. Users can manage their various online accounts and features of security. Password managers have the efficiency of keeping the password in the format of encryption.

The password managers apps are famous for serving as the solution to maintain a vast number of passwords and information of account. It involves the storing of login information and mechanically entering them into forms. It also offers access to all the information of password with the assistance of a master password.

A password manager helps prevent attacks such as logging of keystroke and involves avoiding the requirement of remembering the passwords. Different types of password managers you can use. It includes web browser-based, cloud-based, portable, stateless and desktop.

Other password managers types involve online password managers and token security ones in smart cards with multi-factor authentication applications. So, if you haven’t considered using them yet, then ensure integrating by going through the best password managers for 2021 given above.

Are password managers secure?

Are password managers secure?

Yes, the password managers are entirely secure for use. They are the best and safe way of keeping track of your passwords. It allows you for using robust passwords without requiring you to remember anything.
Security professionals usually suggest the use of password managers for keeping your data safe. AES-256 encryption and the technique of zero-knowledge with the probability of using two-factor authentication make the password manager a more secure and reliable option.

5 Best Antiviruses with a Password Manager in 2021

Let’s now discuss the five best antiviruses with a password manager in 2021 below:

Kaspersky Password Manager 2021

Kaspersky is one of the best antiviruses’ users are using for the protection of their devices. The best part is it also works as a fantastic password manager. It is famous for its natural and straightforward solutions for users. This antivirus offers you simple access to your accounts and a safe digital vault for your data.

It includes accessing your vault with the primary password. Kaspersky doesn’t know anything about your data and has the zero-knowledge technique. In 2021, this is the best pick as it will help you organise your data in folders. So, it is simple to discover what your requirements are. You can access this on any device like Window, Mac, iOs, and Android devices with a single license.



Avira Password Manager

Avira is another antivirus with a top-rated password manager. It has the efficiency of remembering only one master password. This works by automatically logging you into your accounts online.

It will be effortless for you to generate strong and unique passwords by safely storing them. This antivirus ensures checking for weak and reused passwords. Avira has got the efficiency of notifying you if there is any hacking of your accounts.

With this antivirus, you don’t have to worry about your notes and credit cards. You can also ensure managing and accessing your safe messages from your devices. Overall, this will save you from any unverified access and takes care of your password management.



Avast Passwords: Is It Worth It?

Avast antivirus as a password manager is worth it because it helps you save all your passwords in one place. It offers you unique passwords but remembering them is difficult. But the use of Avast makes things easier.

It is a password guardian that is a merge among the web’s scanner and detector of the duplicate password. This antivirus notifies you of aby details that lead to leaking the information. Avast has an offer of a free plan with sync for multi-devices. You can, without a doubt, use this password manager for your need for password security and data protection.



Norton 360

Norton 360 is the best antivirus with the password manager as it has a malware scanner. It integrates the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This helps in detecting threats before they initiate infecting your system.

This antivirus is very user-friendly as a password manager and includes AES 256-bit encryption to secure user password. It offers a vast range of features such as unrestricted storage of passwords, multi-device sync, password generator, web form auto-filling, password security analysis, two-factor authentication, biometric login secure notes.

So, go for it and install it now for your security and password needs.



TotalAV Total security

TotalAV is also among the best antiviruses with a user-friendly password manager. The scanner in this antivirus helps in detecting the malware files and ensures there are no zero-day attacks. This antivirus’s password manager is the best pick for users that are non-technical and are beginners. There is the offering of different features by this antivirus. These features include advanced encryption, unlimited password storage, password generator and auto-save with auto-fill.

You can also access this antivirus from the desktop app, and you will also get the browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome. Hence, you can also consider using it for your password management needs.




Final Say

Concluding the entire guide, there is a discussion over password managers. If you are someone who hasn’t considered using them, then you should do it now. These days it is effortless for hackers to get into the system and hack your accounts. You will find the best password managers for 2021 in this guide which you can consider using.

The noteworthy aspects are there for your comprehension with the discussion over five antiviruses having password managers.

Hopefully, it will assist in some or the other way, and if you need more guidance or info, you can reach out to Wikipedia tech.

We will love to help you!!