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Top 15 Google Ads Alternative and Why you should choose alternative to Google Ads?

If you have been looking for the finest alternatives of Google Ads so that monetizing your site becomes easier, then keep reading the guide. Google Ads is one of the best tools being used by advertisers to make money online for their websites or blogs through advertisements. But, let me tell you that it is not the only choice. 

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A lot of alternatives are available that allows you to advertise your product or business. The best thing about these alternatives is that they offer amazing features equally to Google allowing you for making extra income.

Google Ads has always been the first choice for bloggers or people who are interested in making money only for years. But there are amazing reasons to even pick the alternatives for Google Ads. Probably, you have an account already on Google ads and want to diversify the income for your website by picking the alternatives. You can even pick the alternatives because you want to ensure or add some extra streams of passive income. Probably, because you are interested in expanding your ad space so that you can more money. Another important reason could be that you are having a hard time to get approved for an AdSense account. These all are could be possible reasons for choosing Google’s alternatives.

No matter what the reasons are, but you would be happy to know a lot of amazing options are available out there to get started to make money online for your business site.

Before we move on to discuss those alternatives, let’s find out what Google AdSense is and other reasons for why you might consider switching to AdSense alternatives.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising tool that was launched in the mid of 2003 and is now has become one of the most renowned tools for marketing programs online. It offers a lot of opportunities to the advertisers efficiently monetizing the traffic.

Google also ensures offering high security and transparency components for both the marketers and publishers. On daily basis, it is noticed that Google bans countless accounts only for the reason that they are not fulfilling the drafted policies of Google.

The monetization on the platform is restricted to the traffic on a website. But, don’t worry it doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice.

Let’s now talk about these 15 alternatives I have been talking about till now.

15 best Google AdSense alternatives

The list of alternatives is discussed below so keep following the reading:

Microsoft advertising Ads

Microsoft advertising is a platform that has been developed for powering the sponsored listings or ads for the search engine results all over the networks of Microsoft Search.

It appears the results when small business initiates biding for an ad placement while the user is searching on the network of Microsoft search.

Users can view the ads next to the outcomes which are not paid such as when people begin searching for a specific topic linked to your business product or service. It takes them to your site directly and the physical location.

The best part of using this platform is that you don’t have to pay any fees for the maintenance or for settling up the account. You are only required to pay when anyone is clicking your ad. You can save your money with the platform by just displaying your ad to the individuals who matter to your business area with the targeting efficiencies of Microsoft advertising rich audience.

So, you see how simple it is easy to use the Microsoft advertising platform. If you really want to switch, I would advise you to go for this one.

Yahoo Gemini Ads

Yahoo Gemini is an online advertising platform that assists the marketers in reaching their mobile customers appropriately and proficiently with the help of native ads tailored for mobile. It is known as a marketplace you must consider because it consists of around 430 million mobile users on monthly basis with the average use of 104 minutes.

This platform offers the marketers the efficiency of managing their ads on mobiles and tablets from a distinct interface with Gemini. It is one of the opportunities which you cannot afford to miss out to get granular with the strategy of search.

Facebook Ads

The world’s current leader all over the social media platforms, Facebook is not only a place that would make the social media advertising probable but also helps in earning the huge revenue in terms of marketing sale. It is a platform that ensures offering several advertisements that are highly targeted paid with the organic posts. You get the benefit of putting your brand’s product or services in front of a large audience. It would be easier for you to gain benefits like precise targeting with Facebook online advertising. One of the best advantages is that you have to struggle no longer for increased website traffic for your business. You get to find a variety of ad formats with this platform including customer support.

There are different formats of Facebook advertising you can enjoy such as video ads, image ads, carousel ads, collection ad, slideshow ads and lead generation ads.

The strategy that you should be following for effective Facebook marketing includes setting your goals, defining your target audience, choosing the content formats, scheduling posts, boosts your posts with the Facebook ads, making use of Facebook tools and measuring your effectiveness.

All you need to is following the steps for your account setup. First setup the Facebook business manager, install the Facebook pixel, create an audience to target users and lastly create a Facebook ad from a post.

Isn’t that simple. You wouldn’t get such simple steps with Google AdSense so you must go for Facebook as it will offer you never-ending passive income.

Amazon native shopping Ads

Amazon native shopping ads are popular for its similarity with the AdSense when it comes to displaying the contextual ads. It helps the advertiser in displaying the relevant ads. There are various bloggers and owners of sites who have been using the affiliate program of Amazon for generating the additional income for a longer period. But the Amazon Native shopping ads provide the opportunity of earning high-reward by monetizing their site.

You have to always remember that it displays your ad as per the keywords and page content. When a user considers making a buy after clicking on the ad, then advertiser gets the sale commission. The suggestion is to choose this alternative because it will help you in leveraging the matchless traffic. And conversion rate for passion income with less hard work. Ads is one of the best online advertising platforms you can pick running by Yahoo and Bing. It is also the rivals of Google AdSense and is known for being contextual advertisement networks. The contextual ads on the platform permit you monetizing your content with the access of searches from a network like Yahoo and Bing.

This well-known platform also offers you access to reaching to content-driven publishers. It would assist you in enhancing the revenue for your ad and taking the benefit of the massive search market.

Propeller Ads

PropellerAds again is one of the alternatives for Google AdSense you can choose. It is the huge advertisement network offering the different range of ads like promotional links, push notifications, banners etc. It allows you to reach more than one billion users. This self-serve network is also for its easy user-interface with the simple ad creator. It consents you to get your ad campaigns to go live without fewer problems.

It allows you to work reactively for enhancing your campaigns with various options of targeting and measurement of time-performance. You will find the feature of automated ad optimization and AI (Artificial intelligence). There is fine-tunes settings offering you the finest conversions numbers for every ad without putting any effort.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are the advertisements that are paid and shared on the platform. You can find types of ads on the platform according to your business goals. These types of ads are promotional content, direct promotional content, text ads, and dynamic ads.

The platform can prove to be useful for your business when it is about reaching a strong and professional audience. The ads are highly effective on the platform since it is the only professional platform out there.

All you need to do is dedicating a budget for marketing on the platform. You will also get the opportunity of connecting with the professionals and leaders within your industry. The platform also provides you with the opportunity of exchanging information, opinions and recommendations between the connection you make on the platform.

The ads on the LinkedIn platform would help you in generating the visits and direct contacts. The creation of quality content would help you in achieving the quality traffic for your business site.

Twitter ads

Twitter ads are the ideal complement as the strategy for organic content. It is an amazing advertising channel to drive traffic and generate leads for your brand launching or product launch. Marketing on Twitter would allow you promoting the individual tweets or complete campaigns committed for particular goals.

The platform pays for performance for instance website conversions then you are need to pay for the people converting on your site. The ads on Twitter are half cheaper when it comes to cost-per-engagement. You can choose from a different type of ads such as promotional trends, promotional accounts and tweets.

Therefore, advertising on this platform is also simpler than Google AdSense so it can be an ideal alternative for you.


Infolinks-an online advertising platform is assisting around 2,00,000 publishers in 128 nations and standing strong against the Google AdSense. It allows you earning money from the unused ad space. The ads are completely customizable here and provide you with the distinct placement to enhance click-through rate without hampering the look of a website or its feel. You have to ensure using the algorithm which is smart to identify the intent and appropriateness, consenting them for delivering the ads at the optimized moments.

The platform is at present supporting more than 100,000 websites and can be integrated with the site without any hassle. So, I don’t this so you would like to miss out on such an amazing alternative.


Skimlinks-an online marketing platform includes automating affiliation for your commerce content, permitting you to emphasize on the website functioning without any anxiousness of affiliate links setup. With the assistance of the platform to update your content with the affiliate links would help you in improving the strategies for website, social media sites, email and mobile.


Connecting with the platform would allow access to reach more than 48, 000 merchants all over the globe and 50 demand associates. So, consider joining the platform and enhancing your business goals efficiently.


Adsterra is an ideal choice for web advertisers with proficient CPM.

It offers the different format of ad which include pop-under, direct links, banner, and push notifications. It has integrated different payment methods such as PayPal, bitcoins, online payments etc. You will get your payments without any wait. So, monetizing your website or blog is easier now.


If you want to ensure quality ads for your site and also faster approvals then RevContent is an online marketing platform that would be the best pick for you. The platform deals in offering the proficient native ads. The native ads mix without any effort with the site and give you the best feeling for your site. It is the perfect choice for entertainment-oriented and bloggers.

The platform offers the appealing pay-per-clicks which approximates around 1 to 10 cents with every click. It is the easier and fastest way for your ad’s approval. Hence, it can again become the best alternatives for your advertisements.


AdNow is the online marketing platform which helps you appropriately monetizing your traffic. The platform specializes in offering you the finest native ads that are of widget-based. You would find the huge network of advertiser here and their main objective is creating the hybrid ad format in the coming times. This different format of ad would be a mixture of both media banners and native ads in a sole campaign that will benefit the business and clients simultaneously.

So, if you are planning for monetizing your site with the native ads then AdNow is the best Google AdSense alternatives.


Ezioc is the publisher-emphasized offering several benefits. It involves different and strong tools that would assist you in reaching your potential of monetization. These tools are ad tester, site speed calculator, and layout tester. You would also find the analytics tool that is feature-rich as it would help you in gaining the insight for the performance of your ad.

You can easily integrate this platform on your site. It functions with anything such as WordPress, Cloudflare CDN so you will not face any issue beginning with it.

OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher is the WordPress Plugin that permits the user monetizing their website by managing the ads. The network is user-friendly however the process of setup is lengthy. The plugin initiates automating certain factors linked to the selling ads process on the site.

You would be receiving upfront payment from the marketers however you may have to recruit them. There is no need for you sharing the earning with a network. It would also be easier for you negotiating with the advertisers and forming a relationship. It also provides you with the affiliate program.

Therefore, this again proves to be the best Google AdSense alternative.

Why should you choose Google Ads Alternatives?

So, if you are thinking that why should go for the alternatives of Google AdSense then here, I will talk about important facets which you don’t know. I know you must be thinking that Google is one of the best and amazing platforms to advertise ads with no need of meeting the traffic needs. Additionally, it also the renowned name in the technology and marketing industry. So, what is as such there to dislike it? Well, to answer this, even if Google is the finest PPC advertising tools in the business but it doesn’t actually offer you the smooth or flexible sailing. Even when you are ready for signing up, you will come across a lot of problems. Regardless of meeting the requirements for traffic, it can lead to rejecting the application of a site without letting the person know. It is seen that a lot of bloggers are rejected just because of not having the content that is enough or because it is not reader-friendly. And, advertiser with the content websites keep running behind the high-quality content without even knowing the deepness of it. Obviously high-quality content should be there but more than that it is important that it is written for humans not for search engines. Thus, if you don’t want to get disapproved for you content then you must choose the alternatives for Google Ads. The regular framework of Google is monitoring the sites on daily basis. You just make one error and you are at risk of banning your site. It can be worse, when the site is banned for indefinite period. The platform is not much of a designer-friendly platform. All in all, working with the platform can lead to creating a lot of frustration. I am not saying that you shouldn’t choose this platform. All I mean to say is you can go for the alternatives when they are offering you the easy process to advertise your ads.

Final say

Different alternatives are there for Google Ad monetizing as discussed above. It depends on the kind of audience you require for you site and the categories you are operating on; you can understand and choose what fulfil your requirements. So, if you are looking to scaling up the revenues instantly beyond Google Ads then these alternatives can work for you in a long way.