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Netflix Proxy Error Code m7111-5059

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If you have ever come across this error message, then it is important for you to know that there is the experience of a scary proxy error on Netflix. This most of the time happens when Netflix identifies that you are using the VPN. You can always consider trying using different kinds of VPN. But it won’t always work in case you are choosing the one that is of low quality.

The finest way out for using the VPN with verification to move around the error message of Netflix. For helping you save a lot of time, there is the testing of 45 VPNs with the Netflix and discovery by us that the good option is NordVPN. There is no need you have to ensure taking my word. But you can make use of the money-back guarantee by the VPN for unblocking Netflix for the period of 30 days.

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How to Solve the Netflix m7111-5059 Proxy Error in three Simple Steps?

Here are three ways that can be used for removing the error message you have found on Netflix:

  1. Ensure getting a VPN: I will suggest NordVPN as it has the efficiency of bypassing the Netflix consistently proxy error message. It works with encryption that is of a two-tier and big server network that is global. You can consider trying the risk-free for the period of 30 days and enjoy getting a complete refund if satisfaction is not there.
  2. Connecting a server: Make sure to choose the server in the Netflix country library so that you can easily access the service.
  3. Begin streaming the Netflix: Ensure logging into your account and begin watching your like content on the basis of region.

Best VPNs To Bypass Netflix Proxy Error in 2021

Let’s get into the details of VPNs that can be useful for removing the error of Netflix:


NordVPN has the efficiency of unblocking the Netflix at a rapid rate than too easily. The application has the feature of a “quick connect” button that ensures connecting you with the server automatically to the excellent one. So, that streaming in the selected country is easier for you. You will not waste any time while searching for the rapid server manually for watching Netflix. This VPN has the efficiency of working it all for you.

After linking with the finest server, there is concealing of your web traffic and the device with the encryption that is military-grade. The encryption has the efficiency of detecting your actual location.

It is amazing knowing the fact that Netflix never got to know that I was making use of the VPN. The best part is it doesn’t matter how many times switching off the locations of the server for accessing the diverse libraries of Netflix was there.

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With a massive network server in more than 50 countries, I had a vision of seeing that how efficiently NordVPN can initiate opening the libraries of Netflix popular for its difficulty when it comes to accessing. For the better evaluation, I linked to the servers in the countries like US, UK, Australia, Japan and other regions. I felt calmed after I got know that it was able to get connected to more than 10 different libraries of Netflix without any proxy error message in the view.

However, NordVPN has restrictions as well. There is a discovery by my group that if you are in China then you cannot connect to Netflix. This because China’s hard limitation on the VPNs authorizations is not going to approve it any sooner. Although, this shouldn’t an issue because other than that you can access Netflix wherever you want. In case, you are planning a trip to China, then you will need the VPN that can help you get access around the Great firewall.


Testing is there for the policy of refund of NordVPN and it is surprising for me to know that it works so well. The best thing is that the process is very easy. You don’t have to struggle a lot when it is about getting your money back. I took the chance of opening the account on this VPN for a period of 29 days. The customer helps me for my money back instantly without any kind of complexity. Reconsideration is thereby the customer support asked me to reconsider using and troubleshoot the problem but after I was confirmed that I need a money-back. They initiated the refund instantly and it was processed to my account within 4 days. And the complete process took me around to 2 minutes only. What else do you want?



netflix proxy error express vpn


When it comes to encryption then ExpressVPN is the best of all. And the protection of leakage makes sure that the VPN connection is not detectable when working with this VPN. All you need to do is ensure that you are already downloading the VPN before you plan traveling as the ExpressVPN can lead to inaccessibility because of its censorship.

According to my testing, my discovery is that the VPN  the speeds are blazing-fast when it comes to streaming. When you will begin using the VPN, you will come to notice that there is no lagging or buffering because it is my experience.

This VPN holds the best and helpful customer support that is always available to your 24*7 when it comes to great streaming and blazing-fast speeds. It is amazing to get to know the helpfulness of representatives. The representative ensured helping me out with the process of configuration when it comes to discovering the faster server. It also assists with the streaming of my liked content. This VPN very efficiently matches the level.

The main drawback of using this VPN is that it is slightly on the expensive side than other superior VPNs available. This is why I will recommend you testing it before finalizing the long-term membership. You can take benefit of the VPN by having the opportunity to guarantee 30 days’ money -back. As per my testing, confirmation is there and I am happy to know the simple process of the VPN.




Surfshark is again one of the VPNs out there on the list that can help you secure the unlimited number of devices connections that too at an affordable price. If you are living with a huge family with a number of devices there is no need to work as you don’t have to wait for anyone for disconnecting from the VPN.  You can begin with Netflix streaming. Connecting to Netflix is effortless for everyone simultaneously.


As per my testing of the ability of Surfshark around the proxy error of Netflix and discovery I can simply access Netflix from the countries like Italy, Japan, Australia, the US, and other nations. During the test process, it is easy to connect with the platform on the first attempt. You will find the feature of military-grade encryption and protection for leakage in the VPN. It will help you with the hiding of your actual location. Hence, I was capable of beating the Netflix strict technology of detection on each server I was connected to.

There is another issue that you will find when using this VPN as it has slower speeds.  Streaming Netflix with amazing fast loading times is not an easy thing as per my evaluations. But there is a requirement of changing your video quality that is from Ultra HD quality to HD so that you can prevent the issue of buffering. It is not at all a huge issue, but the slower speed leads to impacting the quality of streaming. Additionally, this is the issue when it comes to starting slower baseline speeds.

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I will highly suggest you trying the VPN as it is completely free of risks when it comes to signing up with the Surfshark guarantee of 30 days money-back. You can initiate even sharing your account with the complete housemates. So, that all family members can take pleasure in streaming Netflix on their devices. It is very easy to obtain a full refund if at any point you feel that you are not liking the VPN.

All you have to do is getting in touch with customer support before the period of 30 days so that you can get the money back.




CyberGhost is another VPN that you can also try. The server’s optimization in VPN ensures that you will get around the proxy error of Netflix easily each time you initiate connecting. They ensure constantly updating the VPN to ensure not detecting and blocking by Netflix of the specific servers.  I have initiated the test myself by linking the Netflix to the server in around five locations and I was happy to know that I didn’t receive any message of proxy error.

I had a perception that it would be problematic to use the VPN but I wasn’t right. You can easily use the VPN when it comes to streaming and can easily search Netflix in the search bar and allow the VPN to find it for you. When using this specific VPN, you would be happy to know that you can get the fire stick for specifically optimized servers.

Additionally, you can also initiate downloading the CyberGhost to firestick directly. When I initiated the testing of the VPN, I discovered that it was very fast when it comes to streaming Netflix in HD. However, its speed wasn’t as good as other VPNs, but I could still easily load the content that too without less buffering.

More info.

The VPN has a large number of servers and offers the Netflix optimization of servers is in limited locations such as Germany, the US, and the UK. This was a little disappointing to know as I wasn’t able to connect to Netflix whenever I wanted to with the standard servers. When I reached out to customer support, they suggested I try another service in a similar area. I didn’t take much time to find the working server but it could have saved me a lot of time if there were optimized servers available.

This VPN is of great service when it comes to getting around the Netflix proxy error but I would again recommend you trying it by yourself. You can use it for a period of 45 days and if you are not satisfied then you can initiate money-back. You can get the money back whenever you feel like you are not linking the VPN but make sure that you are doing it before 45 days otherwise it would be hard for you to apply for the same.


Steps To Fix Netflix Proxy Error

If you used a different VPN program, then it’s probably doesn’t have the system to bypass the Netflix detection. You need to change your VPN and consider using NordVPN or ExpressVPN. But if you are still facing the issue then you might consider following these steps:

  • Ensure disconnecting and reconnecting with the VPN. You will be able to fix the issue after turning off and turning on the VPN.
  • Make sure that you have cleared your cache and cookies. Storing of location data is at times in the cache of the browser and Netflix has the efficiency of viewing the information. In the settings of the browser, ensure that you are clear with the cache and cookies. Then you can begin reopening the Netflix and connect it to the VPN server.
  • Ensure selecting a different server of VPN. You can try connecting to the other VPN server in the same area. Ensure refreshing the Netflix and see if you are ably bypassing the error of proxy.
  • Make sure that your location data is not leaking. Your VPN must have the efficiency of hiding the IP address with the connection filled with encryption. But at times data can be leaked in many other manners. So, make sure that you are running the test of a leak and confirm that the location is detected by your VPN server.
  • You can reach out to customer service if you see that the problem is not solved. NordVPN offers 24*7 live chat support so you can easily anticipate a quick response from their side.


After my evaluations and testing, I have got to know the best role is played by NordVPN as it is not only fast but also its customer chat support is also the finest one. They are always available for your convenience. You must get in touch with them as soon as you face the issue of proxy error with Netflix.