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How to prevent suspending Google Ads account 2021 and Fix it?

Is your Google ads account suspended? Yes? You must be undoubtedly finding the answer for How to fix Google Ads suspended account? Don’t worry, I have got the answer for you by bringing up a guide which would help you in reactivating your Google Ads account. You are not the only one facing it, even I did face the problem and dug deep into it to unsuspend the account.

Table of Contents

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So, I bring you here certain recommendations and suggestions by initiated research which you should be following like I did. But, before we move on to anything, first recommendation is understanding the major and primary aspect i.e. Google’s Ads policies. Let me first brief you about the common issue for Google ads suspension as it will assist you in how to unsuspend Google ads account then I will move onto the policies and rules.

The era of online marketing is broad and is increasing at rapid rate. Marketers put their efforts and do their best staying top of the competition. Even, I wanted to top the list and that is where I did the mistake and it led to Google ads account suspension. This is one important reason I am writing here so that you don’t make the same mistakes which I did.

I was in so much hurry that I didn’t try comprehending the Ads policies that are amended by the Google so as to avert the confusions and conflicts among Google and marketers at times.

If you are an advertiser like I am then you must have noticed getting the inquiries for lifting the AdWords account suspension due to violation of terms & conditions. So, now the questions is, why do we get such notifications? Don’t know? Even, I didn’t. In every situation, the only and primary reason is that the Campaigner don’t consider following the rules and policies of Google.

If you also have come across the problem, then here’s how you can fix it and get your account unsuspended.

Why Google Frequently Suspends the Google Ads Accounts?

You would have thought about why Google Ads suspends account a lot of times like I did. Don’t get anxious, I have got the answer for you here.

For a marketer, it is essential to know and comprehend the policies of Google. However, it may seem to you a huge undertaking as it did to me. But, Google is efficient and lets you know when you are violating the rules or amended policies. It even permits for fixing the issue as a first wrongdoing. At times, you must have got the notifications like your AdWords account is suspended – we’ve detected suspicious payments in your account. 

So, before you think of the resolution there are important steps you need to know how to setup Google Ads account step by Step.

Let me now discuss the reason for which my account was suspended and you could also face it. So, know them it is recommended for you to prevent them in advance:

  • Repeating the several violations in Google Ads policies.
  • Policies violation in a way that lead to putting the user at a risk.
  • Failure in paying the advertising costs.
  • Appearance of account as an account that is already suspended.
  • creating multiple account from the same Device, IP and Billing Address.
  • using credit/debit card which are stolen or don’t own you.

So, the finest solution for preventing the suspension of Google Ads account is avoiding it in advance. The only recommendation is here keeping the above discussed points to avoid suspending your accounts from Google.

Proactive to avoid suspension

If you really want to know about Google ads suspension, then being proactive is going to help you a lot. Following are the best ways for avoiding the suspension in advance:

  • You have to make sure not repeating the same mistake in future after you get the constantly disapproved ads, keywords, landing pages.
  • When you see that your site is not approved then focus on finding the reasons and fixing it also look after the technicalities of it.
  • Turn on your notifications to be aware of any misdoings.
  • Reviewing and understanding the policies of AdWords on frequent basis is also important.
  • billing address must match with your credit/debit card billing address.
  • Add backup payment method such as if Google couldn’t charge from your primary card then backup card will help you to stop running your ads due to payment failure and it will also prevent your account from suspension.
  • Do not login your Google Ads account from multiple device so that Google do not find any suspicious login from unauthorised device where you usually don’t login.

Whenever I get the queries for a suspended account being a marketer, my first question is whether they have the real warning email where Google sends such notifications. The answer is always a yes. So, it becomes important that after receiving notifications for account suspension it should be taken seriously.

In case, you are not sure of the reason behind the reason for your account suspension then you need to reach out to Google Ads support team.

Annotation: Sometimes, Google suspends the account even without any notification and if it happens to you, you should get in touch with the support team.

What happened when Google Ads account got suspended?

When your Google Ads account was suspended, here’s what happened:

  • Google stopped running ads on the account.
  • Any linked account will also be suspended.
  • Merchant account is also suspended if there is any serious violation such as misrepresentation, unacceptable business practises etc.
  • Creating a new account with same information leads to account suspension again.

It is observed that most of the times people when receives the notification they ignore it and don’t consider initial fixing. In fact, they prefer creating a new account. NEVER DO THAT!! It’s a big no as otherwise Google will definitely suspend your Google Ads Account. Don’t think that if Google hasn’t caught you now but sooner or later it definitely will.

What did I do to fix the problem?

Google ads account is linked to following the appropriate process. If you want to know how to fix Google ads suspended account, then you can also do what I did:

  • Fixing the issue that led to triggering the suspension
  • Notifying Google about fixing the problem
  • Appeal account suspension form due to Violation of terms and Conditions
  • Check the landing pages. Website and then fix or correct the mistakes and point what changes have you done to fix the previous violation which caused your Google Ads suspension and why you should consider it to advertise again on Google.
  • If your Google Ads previously suspended, We would suggest you to fix your first account and then proceed with the second account creation or with newly Google Ads account setup.
  • if the account is suspended due to payment suspicious activity, Please contact your financial institution to rectify the errors and request your bank to allow Google Ads to charge of total advertising costs without an issue or stopping the payments.
  • If Google Detects Payment suspicious or fraudulent payment activity on your account then Google will suspend your account immediately.

Cleaning malware infections: The best way for cleaning your site is cleaning the malware infections. You can use tool like MalCare’s instant malware removal plugin. The tool would benefit in running a scan through your site and displays the infected files. It would also help you in auto-cleaning the malware traces and removes the virus infected files.

Abiding Google policies: The policies of Google ads are very important to be followed. After facing the issues, I always make sure that as a marketer the policies are made. We will be discussing the policies for your better information. If you want to seek more information, then you can consider reaching out to the professionals. You can consider forums or groups having the same business. There is a probability that they might have face the similar situations.

You can also consider posting your doubts on Quora, Reddit, or Facebook groups.

Payment issues rectification

To prevent the suspension, make sure that there is outstanding payments for an ad. You have to clear them right away to avoid the problem. Ensure that no suspicious payments are made that is linked to your account. Make sure that your method of payment is valid and if it is not, then add a new one or update the current payment method.

Understanding Google policies

Google Ads policies are the main player which an advertiser should always keep in mind to prevent the accounts suspension. And, most of the advertisers don’t like to spend their time getting anxious about it. As a marketer, I have understood that following Google policies is very important and same is for you. To get the more information about these policies, you must be visiting Google’s advertising policies.

Google has amended the policies that are there for securing the user. In a lot of cases, suspension is imposed on marketer making the false claims and the content that is misleading.

Among all the discussed facets, I would suggest you to put your main focus on Google ads policies before setup your new accounts as not following them will lead to suspension of your account.

Wrap up

I have shared in this guide about how to fix Google ads suspended account as per my experiences and learning’s. Trust me, when I say this, the policies of Google are elusive. Hence, it is our duty being marketers that we comprehend what is to be avoided and what not. Whenever you receive the request for change, ensure doing it instantly so as to gratify their requirements and avoiding any confusions. Google has one main necessity and that is protecting the users and its name. Countless advertisers are there who would be at your place, so don’t make any errors that have already been done by a lot of them. There should not be any claims that are misleading the users and always avert making use of offers, or promotional codes. There is no way that you can attract the users with this trick. In fact, you need to put your understandings to know the user and put your best so that value can be provided. I hope that this guide would oblige you to gain the comprehension for preventing the Google ads account suspension.