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Google Ads VS Microsoft Advertising: Pros and Cons in 2021

There is a lot of pressure on Microsoft advertising (formerly known as Bing Ads) as whenever we talk about the word search engine, the first thing that comes to our mind is Google Ads. It is because it constantly is dominating the market of advertising, but not to forget Microsoft search engine is also a platform that cannot be ignored.

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If you are someone planning to initiate your campaigns of PPC, then a possibility is you are not able to understand which platform you should be using. Choosing the right platform plays an important role in the marketing industry because it is the key to long-term and instant growth for your business. Also, it benefits you to reach the targeted audience at the time right time and with the right price.

It is seen that a lot of advertisers finish up deciding on whether they must be using the Google Ads or Microsoft Ads or both the combinations. You need to know that each platform has its own benefits and features. Both the platform for marketing are the same and provides you with the similar functionalities. But few differences are there which you need to be aware of how they can influence the advertiser while using them.

So, want to know which platform is going to serve you the best? Then this guide will help you in understanding the main differences for both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. First, we will discuss both the platforms separately and then will compare them for enhanced understanding.

So, let’s get started.

What is Google Ads? 

What is google ads

Google Ads is an online marketing platform and allows the advertiser for creating and managing their online ads so reaching the targeted audience is not a difficult task for them. They can offer their services and products to the audiences who are interested in their business. The services of this platform function on PPC advertising which means you are required to pay each time user is clicking on the ad that you have posted.

The platform has made everything easier for the marketers as they not can reach their audience but also can ensure enhanced traffic for their site and increased sales which mean efficient growth of their business. It has become a one-stop solution for them when it comes to advertising or campaigns.

Pros of Google AdWords

Here are benefits that Google AdWords is offering to the marketers:

  • Increased brand awareness 

With the help of this platform, it would be easier for the businesses to market their product or services to the audience when they are searching for them or any category of product in the search engine. The platform benefits the advertisers by offering them the opportunity of targeting the people on their site through the network of Google display. Therefore, awareness for the brand is increased and it becomes one of the main benefits which can be enjoyed by them.

  • Faster results than SEO 

It is obvious that the visibility that marketers get for their business on Google is priceless and helps them in doubling their sales than any other platform. With the help of Google AdWords, you can get the outcomes faster than any other platform. Undoubtedly, there is a very high competition but then the good part is with the bid amount, score of quality for the keyword that is the relevancy of as, the experience of landing page and anticipated CTR involves determining the position. Thus, with appropriate Google Ads optimization along with the needed bid can lead to bringing you in great return on investment.

  • Outranking competitor ads 

Brands fight on the search engine these days has become very common. Google Ads offers the option that is not only nasty but also smarter to outrank your rivals. For instance, you have the competition with your rival dealing in the same business.

AdWords ensures outrank share report shows that a lot of sometimes your rivals lead to outranking you on the search engine. The use of platform allows you choosing the “Target outrank” strategies for automatic bidding so that adjusting your bid to outrank the rival is easier. Competitors ad ranking is one of the primary benefits that you get from Google Ads platform.

  • Influencing people to use your services or for a purchase 

In this world, the reason the internet came into existence for making the information available at the tip of a finger for users. So, now when people plan to make a new purchase, they first decide to initiate a lot of research and comparing the product features with others so that can get the best one. It is important for a business influencing the people decide who are visiting the sites so that they can end up buying the product.

The use of Google Ad re-advertising ads is the process known to be very proficient and fruitful. When people visit the site through any source it is categorized into several audiences and targeted on the sites that are there on the Google display network.

  • Campaign strategies based on user demographics 

One of the current Google Ads updates particularly for search campaign is the data about demographics user such as age, gender, the status of parents and so on. With the demographics feature, you can easily select what age of audience you want to visit on your side. For instance, if you have been noticing that your traffic is coming from 20-34 years of age which is not your regular audience. So, you can exclude them for a certain period. At last, you will find that there is much better performance in traffic than before. Therefore, again this is another main benefit being provided by Google Ads to advertisers.

Cons of Google Ads

So, if you are someone who thinks Google Ads is perfect and doesn’t come with any drawbacks, then you are wrong. Because it does. Let’s find out some of the discussion of cons it has below:

  • You have to pay for every click on your site 

One of the main cons of using Google Ads platform is that you are required to pay for every click on your website even if the click has converted or not. So, you may manage to get the click for the visitors who aren’t even interested a bit of making a purchase for your product or service ever.

  • People prefer natural results over ads 

Google Ads is one of the great ways of getting your brand in front of the audience for the keywords you may have had a difficult time when ranking for SEO. But eventually, displaying on the search engine results page is not as efficient as displaying the organic results. It is identified that most of the people prefer organic results and click on them than the PPC ads that too at higher rates.

  • Top-rated keywords are competitive 

You have to understand before using Google Ads that top-rated keywords are very competitive here. The rate completely varies on the keywords and options of targeting you pick. Since Google make use of the structure of bidding so you have to compete against every other business interested in a similar keyword. If you want your keyword on top, then it means you have to pay more for it.

  • It is expensive 

Google Ads can be expensive for you especially when you are a small business. You have to be very careful when using the platform if you cannot afford the budget required for the platform. When paying for a keyword then there is no point as you will not get much of traction. Secondly, to stay ahead of your analytics, ensure paying for the clicks. It is for the people you know will turn into conversion as you will end up wasting huge money. So, in the beginning, it can be expensive when you are on the verge of learning.




What is Microsoft advertising?

What is microsoft ads

Microsoft advertising earlier known as Bing Ads is same as Google Ads. First, get one thing clear in the head. The search engine is called as Bing and the paid advertising service is referred to as Microsoft ads. Microsoft ads is an online global platform for the advertiser to advertise their campaigns on networks like Yahoo, AOL and Bing. The platform also allows the user to manage their campaigns and accomplish marketing objectives.

It also makes use of PPC marketing to reach the audience that is targeted, enhanced revenue through sales and driving traffic to the site. Bing, Yahoo and AOL are the partnered sites of Microsoft where ads can be displayed.

Benefits of using the platform

Here are the benefits of using Microsoft ads platform:

  • Pricing 

As per your pricing, you will find that the Microsoft ads are more affordable than the Google ads. It is because it has less cheap PPC campaigns. Figures might differentiate at times i.e. around 32.5% to 60%. If you are running low on budget, then you need to be meticulous with the management of your bid so Microsoft ads can be the finest way out for you.

  • No competition 

You must use the platform because it experiences very less competition in terms of competition. This assists your PPC campaigns which means you don’t have to pay huge when targeting a demographic. As per the survey of TheeDigital,  the platform has 36% lower competition than Google Ads.

  • Target audience 

The platform has an audience form targeting called as in-market audiences that advertiser customer list combines the users ready to purchase based on their intent and where they are clicking on the platform. The marketers of the platform have higher revenues. The platform has the power of leveraging Bing search. The target audience is entirely different from others.

  • More information 

You need to know that the platform holds more information about the marketing industry. When you are advertising on the platform, you will notice that the platform automatically is giving your information. It includes about the business products or services that too with ad extensions. What else do you want? Pick the platform if you are a small business owner and want to increase brand awareness.

Cons of Microsoft Advertising

Well, like Google ads Microsoft ads also has certain disadvantages which you should be aware of. So, here are they:

  • Less traffic 

Yes, that’s right. There is no doubt that when it comes to advertising marketers choose Google because it involves more reach than any other platform. Hence, the first disadvantage of using the platform is less traffic. Here you will not find out much market share. If you put your understanding then you will know audience uses Google as their search engine.

  • Less geographical presence 

Another con of this platform is that the ads are not available in all the nations. They are currently operating in around 20 countries. So, if you are using the platform, then keep in mind that you are only targeting some amount of audience.

  • Less click-through rate 

Now, if the platform doesn’t have huge traffic and geographical presence. Then it is obvious that you will not get the huge click-through rate for your ads. Even according to a lot of surveys, Google has a very high click-through rate with higher traffic.



Google Ads vs Microsoft Ads

When we are talking about the Google ads and Microsoft ads it is like comparing peanut butter and jelly. Well, anyway let’s get into the discussion of what can suit you best as per your needs.

  • Search volume 

If we are talking about which one you should choose, then let’s be honest Google as of now has the huge reach and has more than 74% of all over the word search engine market share. It means out of every four persons three people choose to use Google for their search needs.

However, Microsoft Ads has also made various attempts for expanding their presence on the internet. Microsoft ads are the sole global platform when it comes to campaigns of search advertising on search networks. Anticipation is that the partnerships with Yahoo and AOL will assist the platform in increasing their clicks more than 15%.

  • Competition 

The amount of search volume you will find on Google, it is sure that you will face many challenges. Whereas, comparing it to the Microsoft ads the competition is around 36% less than that of Google.

It is a huge difference and it may impact you massively on average pay-per-click. According to the findings of Report Garden,  the PPC on Microsoft is $7.99 whereas it is $20.08 on Google. So, now you can see and decide which way you have to choose.

  • Price 

Microsoft ads offer very affordable PPC campaigns than Google ads. And the complete cost for ad campaigns is also less than that of Google ads. Understand one thing that even if you are getting more for your dollar the traffic for search is very different. So, even if you are spending less that doesn’t mean you will get similar traffic quality.

  • Click-through rate 

As per the finding of Wordstream, the click-through rate on Microsoft ads all over the industries is around 2.83% and that is around 50% higher than Google ads. Microsoft has recently noticed high click-through rates because of providing career services and employment as well. It led to boast more impressions for their CTRs.

Even after the great CTR, it is difficult to choose if you are gaining 1000 impressions comparing with 10,000 impressions which is of Google ads. It means attracting very less traffic for the website.

  • Language options 

Google ads allow you targeting more than 40 languages and is comparatively easy. Whereas, with Microsoft, you only get the options of targeting around 12 languages.

 Final word

When it come to choosing the platform among Google ads or Microsoft ads than there is no right answer for this. Because both of the platforms are performing well and offering equal benefits to the business or site. If you consider using both the platforms then it will be an comprehensive strategy for digital marketing.

Another recommendation is ensure not to face any confusion just choose wherever you make a profit.