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How to Open a Company in USA as a Foreigner?

How to Open a Company in USA as a Foreigner?

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Start your company in USA as a foreigner.

If you want to set up your business in the USA as a foreigner, you can do that without any doubt. But setting up your new business in a country like the U.S. might seem like a massive task for you. Don’t worry, because it is not. The goal is to get started and making money as soon as possible. Make sure not to spend months and thinking to begin. 

However, the process for a foreigner is not that simple for sure. Initially, setting up a US LLC and the complete process may take five weeks. You need to be patient and follow the steps diligently we are going to discuss below: 

Registration of your LLC 

One of the primary steps for starting your business in the USA is working with the registered agent. He/she can guide you with the registration of your new LLC. You have to pay the agent’s fees, provide two-three unique names for the company, give personal details and business information. 

You will get your LLC registration within 72 hours. You can get in touch with famous agent services like Freedom surfer

Getting a physical business address 

Another vital step that you need to follow is getting the physical address in the USA. Getting away with utilizing your agent’s address might seem more straightforward, but frequently this involves flagging with the banks and payment procedures. It can lead to troubling you a lot. It is because countless businesses are registered on a similar address and in certain P.O. boxes as well. 

So, to prevent these complexities ensure using the actual physical service for a street address. There is no requirement that your LLC needs to be a street address only. But if you wish to raise a flag with banks, then it makes some sense. 

You can use the street address for collecting the mail for scanning or forwarding purpose. It will also help finalize the IRS paperwork or credits cards. If you wish, then you can visit Traveling Mailbox to get the physical address. 

Applying for EIN 

You can open a company in the USA effortlessly, but ensure following this step as well. When it comes to setting up the bank, you require an employer identification number from IRS. EIN is a vital number for social security or tax file, primarily for business entities. 

You can initiate applying for EIN for free online if you have SSN or ITIN. It can get complex if you don’t have it; however, you can apply for it by following steps: 

  • Ensure filling in Form SS-4. 
  • Use an online fax service for faxing it. 
  • Lastly, have patience and wait.

You can receive the return fax within four weeks if you have a fax service. If not, then your virtual address will initiate opening and scanning the letter for you. You can also take the assistance of your agent to apply for EIN. 

Getting a bank account 

Those days are gone when there was a requirement of getting on a plane to open a bank account in foreign nations. Traditional banks are not that efficient, and working with them is complex. But digital banks are fast and straightforward to set up without any high fees. 

The two best options you can choose to open your bank account in the U.S. are Mercury and TransferWise.  

Mercury is most okay for service businesses such as SaaS and eCommerce. It also offers you several savings and checking accounts in dollars which is fantastic. You can benefit from it if you intend to use profit first for your business. 

TransferWise can handle affiliate marketing. This digital service also provides you with the local accounts for countries like Singapore, the USA, U.K., Australia, Europe, etc. It is also beneficial if your business is earning revenue from affiliate marketing and you require a local account for pay-outs. 

Getting a processor for payment 

If you intend to process the payments for credits cards when opening a business in the USA, this step is vital. You can use these two options as a payment processor, which are Stripe and 2Checkout

Stripe ensures giving you the most satisfactory rate, whereas 2Checkout permits you to process the payments for PayPal without creating an account. These are the applications with which you may need to involve with through hoops. You may want to initiate setting up the virtual desktop such as Amazon workshops, depending on the fear level and how much you are travelling. 

In the beginning, expect that the processors will hold the payment for a longer term. It is to secure themselves when it comes to chargebacks. So, you don’t need to get anxious in such cases. 

Set up a booking keeping system. 

Now, when you ensured following all the steps to open your business in the USA, this is another step you need to integrate. You may also want to initiate setting up the aspect of the accounting system in place. It is for record-keeping and to manage your business efficiently. 

If you are going to do the accounting by yourself, you can consider using the TransferWise and Mercury. Both will assist you with auto-importing into Xerox regularly. However, you must not be doing this by yourself. 

Bench is one of the platforms you can use for saving time and managing your accounting tasks. You require forwarding everything to the service, and it will automatically organize things for you. 

In a nutshell, these days, opening a company in the USA is not that challenging. But it is essential following the steps cautiously and having patience as the process takes time. So, if you are ready with your plan, then go for it. 

Can you start a company in the U.S. as a foreigner? 

Yes, you can start a business in the U.S. It is equally vital for the multi-national brands as the single businessman. However, pinpointing the precise percentage is challenging; there are several companies in the U.S. owned by foreign people. Few additional hoops are there for jumping through as a foreigner, but there are not specifically burdensome.

Why do foreigners plan a company in the USA?

There are different reasons to open a business in the USA; let’s see some of them below: 


One main reason to start a business in the USA is the government’s bank accounts and low cost. The banking system in the country functions in a stable currency with fast transfers. 


People are giving a thought to open a company in the USA because of this reason as well. An individual belongs to a country when he knows that the registration fees are costly, so reach out to nations like the U.S.

If you plan to start a business here in this nation, you can go for it because the cost for notary, legal and government fees is affordable. All in all, you can handle the renewal and registration fees easily. 


Reputation is one other factor that motivates an individual to start a company in a foreign country. It helps them grow their reputation which as results also benefits them improve brand recognition among the customers. Customers also generate more trust that appears with the American businesses. 

Easy payment processing 

When starting a business in the USA, the payment process is also a significant reason. A person who is starting up doesn’t have to get anxious about the payment processing. Here they get the services like Stripe, which makes the payment processing effortless for them. 

Simple operating 

Another important reason people plan to start a company in the USA is that they don’t spend a lot of time emphasizing the paperwork. Getting paperwork done is challenging, especially when you live in a country where English is not the native language. 


Taxes can be very stressful most of the times, and hence it becomes another primary reason people plan to start a business in the USA. Individual who is running the disregarded entity without any proficient connected income, there is no tax at the business level. Legal deductions are also the benefits one can enjoy. Many individuals will run their business with restricted services, but the company provides several advantages lessening the tax burden. 

Which is the best way for a foreigner?

Different ways are there for trading as a foreigner in the USA. These ways comprise: 

Usually, foreign nations and business integrate their U.S. companies as LLC. It is because the kind of entities has limitations on the foreign owner numbers. If you want, you can consider all of these ways to start a business in the USA. C-Corp is the finest fit for doing the company in the USA, whereas Sole partnerships and partnership are not the famous ones because of not limiting the liability. 


It is common these days to open a business in the USA. If you think that the task is challenging, then it is not. The only requirement is you need to be patient and follow all the processes cautiously to avoid any mistakes. The post covers all the steps which you need to follow when starting a business in the USA. 

There is no reason why you cannot set up the business in the USA within a few weeks. If you like reading the post, do leave a comment and share any questions to answer them for you here