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Top 10 Internet Service Providers in United States

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Are you tired of not finding the top 10 internet service providers of your choice in a country like the United States? You are not the only one as every second or third person feels apprehensive about internet services.

But the reason is quite apparent and cannot be ignored. These days around 80% of the population depends upon internet services. Everything across the globe is being functioned by the internet. Businesses are running because of the internet. Online companies are there, online education, online jobs, foods, and whatnot. There is a lot to discuss when discussing the significance of internet use in the present world.

According to the Bureau of U.S. Census, around 90% of houses have an internet connection with high speed, so that they don’t face any complexity when it comes to internet services.


Since the internet is gaining popularity these days at an extensive rate, internet service providers have to put extra struggle when it comes to customer satisfaction. As per the latest survey by the American customer satisfaction index, the internet providers overall receive 62 out of 100 for customer satisfaction.

In the pandemic of 2020, which is continued, the entire world was functional only because of the internet services. So, now is the time when I guess everyone has realized the relevance of internet service providers. So. always look for trustworthy and transparent services.

When it comes to finding the top 10 internet service providers in the U.S., it can be a little daunting. So, what should you do when it is about researching the best internet service provider for your needs?

In this guide, we have tried accommodating the best services for you, which will efficiently fulfil your needs. So, keep reading the write-up below for your better understanding.

Let’s get started with the comprehension of internet service providers that are available in the USA.

Internet service providers in US


Xfinity, which was presented in 2010 by its parent organization Comcast, is quite possibly the country’s most notable internet services. Generally, Comcast is one of the biggest cable suppliers in the U.S.. It has 55 million clients around the world. In 2019, Comcast developed its all-out fast web clients by 1.4 million. Xfinity gigabit internet is currently accessible to almost 58 million households and organizations.

Established in 1963, Comcast has been a significant part of innovation for quite a while now. It keeps on shaping associations with other media organizations. The service provider claims AT&T Broadband, British media organization Sky, and NBC Universal.

With the base camp in Philadelphia, Xfinity Internet is accessible in 39 states and Washington, D.C. The organization is offering both plans for cable and fiber. Nevertheless, being a service provider of the internet (ISP) gives Xfinity T.V., Home Security service s, Voice telephone service, and Mobile remote assistance.

As indicated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), over 80% of Comcast Xfinity test clients had the option to achieve a genuine middle download speed of around 95% of the publicized download speed. All in all, Xfinity’s internet service is just about as quick as the organization says it will be. This isn’t generally the situation, particularly when every one of your neighbour’s streams videos simultaneously. A couple of ISPs performed better in FCC’s study, yet this thought is an excellent outcome.

Xfinity offers an aggregate of eight different plans with six link and two fiber going from an initial cost of $29.99 to $299 every month. Prices and speed levels are accessible inside this broad reach to address client issues and any size requirements.





Verizon is a significant communications organization with its central office in New York Town. The organization is fragmented into three primary divisions. Verizon Consumer Group, Business Group, and Media Group. It is most famous for its networks that are all-fibre and wireless, just as its business provisions. Verizon has more than 1,600 retail stores and serves 150 nations and 99% of Fortune 500 organizations.

Verizon Fios web is accessible in key significant metro territories in the Northeast area as a network access provider. It incorporates Virginia, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware. Around 15 million households and organizations use Fios.

Verizon’s top assistance is its 100% network fiber-optic that is named Fios internet. It is right now perhaps the biggest provider of fiber net in the country. Verizon additionally offers internet with higher speed which is also called a digital subscriber line (DSL).

Why is it good?

Verizon counted the No. 2 on our rundown of the best service providers for the internet. It similarly took the top space in our Finest Fiber Internet Provider rating. It is at No. 2 openings in our Finest Internet Providers for Gaming score.

Verizon Fios not only does well but also offer speed steadiness. As per information from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), over 90% of Verizon Fiber’s test clients had the option to accomplish a genuine middle download speed of at any rate 95% of the advertised speed of download. This spots it among the best three ISPs in the FCC’s investigation. Speed and unwavering quality are significant client apprehensions with regards to network access.

In general, Verizon positioned most elevated in consumer loyalty among ISPs, as per the Index of American Customer Satisfaction. Verizon’s different fiber plans are equivalent or less absurd than comparative plans from other ISPs. You can get more affordable fiber net access with five other ISPs in our correlation if more slow download speeds address your issues. For DSL, Verizon prices function higher than others in our appraisals.

On the disadvantage, Verizon doesn’t offer a public Wi-Fi network for hotspot. Some other ISPs, similar to Xfinity, allows their clients to associate free of charge to these problem areas. It is frequently quicker and safer than Wi-Fi from a café or other nearby seller. However, Verizon is also offering portable problem areas for those with its remote help. And it retails devices that let you make your hotspot in a hurry. It would cost you around $29.99 to $49.99, and up other than that depends upon the plan you choose.




AT&T has created significant skill and involvement with media communications advances. Today, over 100 million individuals in the U.S. utilize at least one of the items or services that AT&T is offering. It involves from broadband net to music spilling to portable and home telephones.

AT&T has kept on extending its set-up of items and services, for instance, by securing media combination. The new organization, called Warner Media, has involved top media substance to a portfolio of AT&T’s.


AT&T is similarly playing a significant part in the space of fiber optic, presently offering this kind of network access cross country. Trustworthiness is one of AT&T’s solid suits; the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reports that 80% of its clients get 95% or a more significant amount of the net speeds that were promoted. AT&T claims a dependability pace of over 99% for its fibre-optic net access, even at top use times.

Another advantage of being an AT&T client is admittance to the organization’s public network of Wi-Fi areas of interest, which enormously grows your network alternatives when you are far from your house. AT&T, too, for the most part, has optimistic customers; the organization acquired the second-most high rank for consumer loyalty in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which put together its evaluations concerning studies from 300,000 purchasers.

There are a couple of disadvantages. For one, you will need to sign a couple of year agreement for the advantage of most plans the organization offers. This drawn-out responsibility can kill a few clients, which is why other internet services are constantly moving from it. No-contract plans are some of the time accessible as well. The plans under this service will cost you around $35-$49.99 and up.




Spectrum is possessed by Charter Communications, which has been working since 1993. Nowadays, the Spectrum brand is serving more than 29 million clients in 44 states.

The Spectrum includes offering the net, T.V., home telephone service, and mobiles over its broadband network. Its huge impression and cluster of products make it a notable internet service provider (ISP). The organization values its limitless network access with no information covers, and it means to keep updating its cable to eventually arrive at 10 gigabits for every second (Gbps) net speed.


Spectrum’s qualities lie in the consistency and dependability of its half and half fiber-coaxial network access. As per the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), over 93% of Spectrum clients had the option to accomplish an actual middle download speed of around 95% of the speed that is downloaded. This is why it is among the highest performing internet services for this dimension.

Another benefit is that Spectrum doesn’t compel clients to sign extensive agreements, so the service works on a month-to-month premise. Indeed, if you pursue a specific group bundle with Spectrum as another client, the organization will even purchase out your old agreement’s contractually allowable charge up to $500. Spectrum net customers additionally get limitless admittance to more than 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots.

Where Spectrum may miss the mark is with its service for customers. The organization positioned eighth in consumer loyalty among internet service providers, as indicated by the Index of American Customer Satisfaction, with client evaluations diminishing from 2018 to 2019. Spectrum’s least expensive plan additionally begins at a more significant cost point than some different opponents. Furthermore, the costs of its publicized bundles must be just for one year; from that point forward, the rates regularly augment.

Usually, the cable is viewed as a lesser innovation when contrasted with fiber optic; however improvised when determined with DSL, so it’s a decent center ground. In any case, advanced hardcore clients who approach a contender’s fiber plan may be better off to go that course. The service would cost you $49.99 and up.



Cox Internet

Cox is a broadband communications and delight organization that gives, in addition to other things, high-velocity network access. This internet service provider clients can likewise buy into advanced video, home telephone, just as home security and mechanized services. Cox is presently the most prominent private telecom organization in the U.S., serving more than 6,000,000 homes and organizations in 19 states.

Even though its primary contribution is cable net, Cox also gives fibre-optic net to clients in selected regions. At present, the internet service has 30,000 miles of what is known as “Metro Fiber set up.”

Cox Communications was established over 50 years prior is as yet a family-claimed organization. It’s an auxiliary of Cox Enterprises. As indicated by studies and expert analysts, Cox provides constancy and speed, affordability and all-important client apprehensions. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) broke down Cox net speed during maximum periods when customers’ bunches can lead to slowing the network. For its publicized 100 Mbps plan, Cox had an actual rate of 104.8 Mbps. Nonetheless, for its plan of 150 Mbps, the actual speed was around 147.98.

Like top occasions, Netflix likewise estimated how OK internet service providers (ISPs) took care of real-time video. Cox was second-best on Netflix’s ISP Speed Index, a measure of ideal time Netflix execution. Just Verizon Fios (fiber) had a quicker implementation.

Cox positioned fifth in consumer loyalty among internet services for client care, as indicated by the American Customer Satisfaction, demonstrating upgrades from 2018 to 2019.

One of the different features of Cox’s service is that clients gain access to more than 650,000 free cross country Wi-Fi hotspots. The service would cost you around $29.99.



RCN Internet

RCN is a fast-speed internet service provider (ISP) that provides cable and fiber-optic assistance in select territories. Established in 1993 as a satellite T.V. and phone organization, RCN arrived at the ISP planetary in 1997. By 2018, it was the country’s 6th biggest cable service provider. Nowadays, its broadband inclusion regions incorporate Boston, Washington, D.C., New York City, Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

However, the fiber and service of cable internet, RCN, provides advanced T.V. and telephone service for private and business clients. RCN doesn’t expect clients to sign an agreement, which is a reward for those that lean toward monthly plans. It also flaunts day in and day out U.S.- based client care.

The drawback is that RCN services are not as generally accessible as other cable providers such as Xfinity, which has a lot bigger impression.
Due to its more modest size, RCN was excluded from the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) report on broadband services in the American Report of FCC’s Measuring Broadband. As indicated by its site, there don’t send out an impression of being any cut-offs points on the measure of data you can utilize, yet RCN doesn’t say so specifically. It would cost you $19.99 and up.



century cable internet logo

CenturyCable Internet

CenturyCable is an innovation and media communications organization with attaches going back to 1930. Currently, it is offering a variety of services to clients across the planet. In the U.S., CenturyCable is most famous for providing the internet with high-speed, T.V., and telephone service to private clients, and it gives media transmission services to business clients.

Additionally, it offers broadband admittance through digital server lines (DSL); CenturyCable is likewise persistently growing its fibre optic network. CenturyCable positioned seventh in consumer loyalty among internet services, as indicated by the Index of American Customer Satisfaction. Its rank demonstrated enhancements from 2018 to 2019 yet is lower than ranks for Fios, AT&T, Verizon and Xfinity.

There are two CenturyLink plans: a DSL plan entitled as CenturyCable Internet and a plan of fiber known as Fiber Gigabit. The two of them are every month, implying that no drawn-out agreement is required. That is consistently an or more since clients don’t need to stress over end charges on the off chance they need to drop. The service will be around $49 and up.

It’s pretty often going to be more intelligent to pick a fiber since it has a lot quicker speed and is commonly more dependable. Family units with restricted net needs should get by well and on the more reasonable DSL plan.



Frontier Internet

Frontier Communications Company is the parent organization of Frontier Internet. Besides being a network access provider, Frontier likewise provides you T.V. and telephone services to families and organizations. Established in 1935, Frontier is a Fortune 500 company that works in 29 states transversely the U.S. Quite a bit of its development occurred in 2016 when it gained broadband and landline services from Verizon in Florida, Texas, and California. You will notice that a portion of its services uses Verizon’s FiOS name of the brand.

Clients have a decent number of plans from which to pick, reliant upon what’s accessible in their regions. In contrast to different suppliers, nonetheless, Frontier doesn’t offer any middle plans. You can either decide on paces under 100 Mbps (megabits every second) or a super quick Gigabit association, with no moderate plans in the middle.

You can also pick between unique plans and no-contract alternatives. Once more, accessibility shifts by where you live. One territory where Frontier could improve is in its client assistance. The organization had the least score among ISPs in a new report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, even though Frontier improved somewhat somewhere in the range of 2018 and 2019. The service will cost you $24.99 and up.




Settled in Germantown, Maryland, Hughes Network Systems, LLC is an entirely claimed auxiliary of Colorado-based EchoStar. HughesNet, which has more than 1,000,000 supporters in the Americas, offers rapid satellite assistance. Hughes Network Systems was set up in 1971 as Digital Communication Corp in Rockville, Maryland, by organizers John Puente and Dr Burton Edelson with a $40,000 speculation.
HughesNet has some expertise in serving clients around the country, particularly in regions where occupants have no different choices for net access. The organization says that you approach the satellite net as long as you have an away from the Southern sky.

The organization showcases a few savvy choices, similar to a video information saver that permits the watcher to observe a more significant number of recordings utilizing less information than an ordinary DVR; a utilization tracker; and a reward zone from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. with admittance to 50 G.B./month of extra details. That is an ideal opportunity to download/transfer enormous records, films, and then some. incorporates an extensive rundown of often posed inquiries, covering everything from settlement to investigating to deactivation in straightforward terms that are simple to comprehend. The website clarifies how satellite service of internet functions and speaks the truth about redundancy issues, saying that it uses specific innovative workarounds to discourse them. It will cost you $59.99.



Mediacom Internet

Mediacom Communications Corporation is going business since 1995 and serves more than 1,000,000 clients in the U.S., essentially in more modest business sectors. It’s the fifth-biggest internet service operator in the country, doing video, information or data with high-speed, telephone, home security, and mechanization. The organization, as of late, finished a three-year, $1 billion reinvestment venture to extend its impression. It consumed a lot of money to work out its network of fibre-optic to give quicker paces.

This service provider doesn’t have the quickest help or the most arrangement choices. However, if you live in a servicing zone by Mediacom and your solitary other decision is satellite net. Mediacom is a decent other option. It has lower inertness than Century Cable however higher than Frontier. This makes Mediacom’s service a superior alternative for gamers and individuals who keeps using videoconferencing consistently.

Mediacom incorporates an antivirus programming reward for fast net clients termed as Total Defense Internet Security Suite. This ensures security for up to five gadgets, including Android telephones, P.C.s, Macs, and Android tablets from spyware, infections, and intruders. It additionally also provides you with the feature of parental controls.

Mediacom’s end charges are on the expensive side and reach out to at about $200. Then again, Mediacom’s evaluation as one of the least costly ISPs implies that you will be paying less over the long haul. Customer care is on the wrong side, though the Index of American Consumer Satisfaction appraised it 59 out of 100, setting it far beneath large numbers of its rivals. You will get this service provider of the internet for $29.99 and up.


Final words

Concluding the write-up, we understand how important the internet has become these days. It is essential to choose the top 10 internet service providers with the best services and plans, including competitive prices. Since it could be overwhelming for you to choose the adequate internet service provider of your choice, we have tried gathering the best services and plans.

All you need to do is read them efficiently and integrate them into your daily life as per your needs and requirements. You would get the idea after reading about what you need in your internet services. But here is a recommendation, whenever you pick a service, make sure to check certain essentials if they are offering or not, such as reliability, affordability, consistency, speediness, transparency and trustworthiness. These factors would assist you with making your choices more proficiently and successfully.

We hope you get the correct information for your search of internet service providers in the U.S. country.