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List of Chinese apps banned in India 2021 and more

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India’s government has restricted 59 Chinese apps banned in the nation under section 69A of the Information Technology Act. This is the arrangement of Chinese applications that the public authority has hindered amid the India-China pressure at the line. The absolute most famous applications restricted in India beforehand incorporate TikTok, PUBG Mobile, Camscanner, and so many more. None of these Chinese apps banned is accessible in India at this moment. PUBG Mobile is equipping to return as PUBG Mobile in the nation. 

For what reason are the apps banned? 

It is the period of applications that the Indian government has restricted in a row. The move from the Indian government comes while progressing line pressures among India and China. 

In the wake of forbidding the 59 Chinese apps, the Center gave an authority proclamation that expressed, “This move was made dependent on the data sources concerning these applications for taking part in exercises which are biased to sway and trustworthiness of India, safeguard of India, the security of a state and public request.” 

While these Chinese apps banned, the Ministry of Information Technology said that it had gotten protests and reports of these applications “taking and secretly sending customers’ information in an unapproved way to servers which have areas outside India.

The request for obstructing admittance to these applications by clients in India depends on reports got from the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center, Ministry of Home Affairs expressed by The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology .


chinese apps banned in india

List of 59 apps banned by Indian Government 

Following are the 59 apps banned by the Indian Government permanently: 

  1. TikTok
  2. SHAREit
  3. Kwai
  4. UC Browser
  5. Baidu Maps
  6. Shein
  7. Clash of Kings
  8. DU Battery Saver
  9. Helo
  10. Likee
  11. YouCam Makeup
  12. Mi Community
  13. CM Browers
  14. Virus Cleaner
  15. APUS Browser
  16. ROMWE
  17. Club Factory
  18. NewsDog
  19. Beauty Plus
  20. WeChat
  21. UC News
  22. QQ Mail
  23. Weibo
  24. Xender
  25. QQ Music
  26. QQ Newsfeed
  27. Bigo Live
  28. SelfieCity
  29. Mail Master
  30. Parallel Space
  31. Mi Video Call – Xiaomi
  32. WeSync
  33. ES File Explorer
  34. Viva Video – QU Video Inc
  35. Meitu
  36. Vigo Video
  37. New Video Status
  38. DU Recorder
  39. Vault-Hide
  40. Cache Cleaner DU App studio
  41. DU Cleaner
  42. DU Browser
  43. Hago Play With New Friends
  44. Cam Scanner
  45. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile
  46. Wonder Camera
  47. Photo Wonder
  48. QQ Player
  49. We Meet
  50. Sweet Selfie
  51. Baidu Translate
  52. Vmate
  53. QQ International
  54. Security Center QQ 
  55. Launcher QQ
  56. U Video
  57. V fly Status Video
  58. Mobile Legends
  59. DU Privacy

What is PUBG, and when it was launched in India? 

PUBG is a game of multiplayer fight royale online that is created and dispersed by PUBG Corporation. This auxiliary computer game organization is South Korean and is referred to as Bluehole. The game depends on past mods made by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene for different games, liven up by the 2000 Japanese movie Battle Royale, and ventured into an independent game under Greene’s imaginative heading. 

In the game, up to 100 players takes parachute on an island and hunt for armaments and gear to execute others while trying not to get offed themselves. The accessible, safe territory of the game’s guide diminishes in size over the long run, guiding enduring players into more intimate parts to drive experiences. The final player or assemblage standing wins the round. 

What must you know about the app banned?

PUBG was first delivered for Microsoft Windows using Steam’s initial access beta program in March 2017, with a full delivery in December 2017. The game’s delivery is by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One using its Xbox Game Preview program that same month. And authoritatively, the delivery was in September 2018. PUBG Mobile is a consent to-play versatile game rendition for Android and iOS. It was delivered in 2018, notwithstanding a port for the PlayStation 4. A form for the Stadia streaming stage with the delivery in April 2020. 

PUBG is outstanding amongst other selling, most noteworthy netting and most-played computer games ever. The game sold about 70 million replicas on PCs and game consoles starting in 2020, but PUBG Mobile collects 734 million downloads and earns more than $4.3 billion on cell phones as of December 2020. 

PUBG involves positive feedback from experts. While the game integrates defects with specialization, there is a discovery that introducing new sorts of interactivity. It could be handily drawn closer by players of any expertise level and was profoundly re-playable. The game is there to advocate the fight royale type, with various informal Chinese clones likewise with the delivery following its prosperity. 

The game furthermore got a lot of the selections for Game of the Year, among different awards. PUBG Corporation has operated a few little competitions and acquainted in-game apparatuses to assist with broadcasting the game to onlookers. They wish for it to turn into a well-known e-sport. The game has also been restricted in certain nations for purportedly being unsafe and addictive to more youthful players.

India Launch 

The Pubg game’s launch came in 2017; however, its re-launch has gained immense popularity these days. PUBG Mobile India’s release is in the depths for quite a while. The second new release date is as yet unclear as another RTI inquiry has uncovered. 

The RTI inquiry presents on the (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) MeitY. It involves uncovering, and there is no conventional conversation between PUBG/Krafton and MeitY. 

The restriction on fight royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, was alongside 117 other applications back in September. And the game engineers includes attempting to bring the game back from that point onward. 

Various changes are there to bring back the game in India, like changing the name to PUBG Mobile India – changing the shade of blood in the game from green to red. 

The RTI that GemWire recorded posed MeitY a few inquiries on PUBG Mobile’s status and the game’s re-visitation in India. The end is that there has been no conventional conversation between PUBG/Krafton and the public authority body. However, there is an announcement that the game will get back to India. Other prior RTI answers have indicated the matter isn’t affirmed. 

Post the boycott, PUBG Corp had reported that they were eliminating Tencent Games in India. PUBG Corp had begun employing for its India office. An IGN India report has expressed that PUBG Corp had used Aneesh Aravind as its Manager of PUBG Mobile Country.


Why is PUBG app banned in India? 

PUBG Mobile is, without question, perhaps the most famous versatile computer games on the globe. It was prevalent in India, too, until there was a restriction by the Indian government in September. The Indian government prohibits this game under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. It has a saying that the PUBG Mobile application is linking with exercises as power and trustworthiness of the country. 

India is only one of the numerous nations that restrict the fight royale game. There is a restriction on this game in other countries, including Jordan, Nepal, China, Israel and Iraq. Many different nations have plans to boycott the game sooner rather than later, according to the reports.

The most abnormal of everything is the China boycott of the game, considering Tencent Holdings is based out of China. The explanation for the PUBG Mobile boycott in its birthplace nation is the measure of blood and violence in the game. The Discovery of Tencent includes a workaround for this. It involves a different rendition of the game called Game for Peace. In this rendition of the game, the blood is completely taken out, and characters bid farewell and take off. 

Different nations like Jordan, Nepal, Israel and Iraq have likewise taken out the game because of relative reasons like India or China.

 A report 

As per a report by InsideSport, there are reasons why most nations are thinking about forbidding PUBG Mobile. These reasons incorporate that PUBG Mobile is excessively addictive. PUBG Corporation is as yet waiting for authorization from the Center to release PUBG Mobile India. PUBG Mobile couldn’t care less about its user’s wellbeing, accordingly not caution them about the screen time’s evil impacts, and PUBG engenders viciousness. 

In India, PUBG Corporation has snapped attaches with Tencent Games to release PUBG Mobile India. The organization has also enrolled an auxiliary in India and has declared USD 100 million in the country. 

Controversies that led to app banning

To get into the details, let’s have a look at some of the controversies that rocked the Pubg mobile game Before: 

Since the public authority has restricted it, individuals hope to discover options in contrast to the game. Nevertheless, this isn’t the primary debate that has shaken PUBG Mobile. The vastly famous game has confronted boycotts and disputes before in India, with numerous administration authorities calling it out as destructive for educational students’ training. Here’s a glance back at a portion of the enormous difficulties that the game has looked into in India. 

  • The restriction of the game in Rajkot led to making a negative effect on the personalities of players. The Rajkot Police gave a notification expressing that anybody can grumble against somebody playing the game. 
  • A youngster in Punjab supposedly spent Rs. Sixteen lakhs from his parent’s financial balances on PUBG Mobile recently update his role in the game. Another teen — similarly in Punjab utilized his granddad’s Paytm record to spend Rs. 2 lakhs in the game. 
  • The Jammu and Kashmir Students Association had requested the state’s lead representative to boycott Pubg because of the poor tenth and twelfth board results. 
  • The game likewise incorporated an element that was moved back because it was claimed that it hurt the sentiments that are religious of certain players, June this year. 
  • There have additionally been news reports charging that the game has caused savagery and accusing PUBG option of barbaric acts in the most recent year or two.

Other reasons except for security concerns 

There are many other reasons other than that of a security issue with the PUBG : 

 It is tremendously vicious.

PUBG is under investigation for being a vicious game. Inflated viciousness can activate forceful considerations, feelings, and conduct that at last influences the player’s psychological wellness. 

 It prompts a gaming habit. 

Playing a lot of PUBG can make you less profitable. Computer game enslavement is certifiably not another thing, yet you should realize that this isn’t useful for one’s emotional wellbeing. 

 One can wind up getting less socially dynamic. 

Most gamers go through their whole day playing PUBG, which implies they wind up getting less socially dynamic. 

 It advances awful actual wellbeing.

Simply lounging around in one spot and playing for extended periods isn’t helpful for your actual wellbeing. One will, in general, get sluggish. Additionally, gazing at your PC screen for extended periods can influence your vision and give you cerebral pains. 

 It influences your emotional wellness.

Individuals who are dependent on playing PUBG can get effortlessly anxious. This involves facing uneasiness issues out in the open. 

 It upsets your cerebral wellbeing.

It would help if you realized that sitting before the PC screen for a long time can make it tough for you to rest regardless of whether you, at last, choose to call it a day. 

 There is no ideal opportunity to do whatever else.

I’m sure you realize that a solitary round of PUBG can take as long as an hour to finish. Whether you play five matches per day, it implies that you will squander around 4-5 hours consistently doing nothing profitable.

So, the Pubg ban is not just because of security reasons only but also because of health-related and other concerns. 


In conclusion, the focus is basically on Chinese applications and the Pubg ban in India. Here, going through this writing, you would understand the list of Chinese apps banned in India. The reasons behind the banning of Pubg ban in India is there for your comprehension. You would get to learn a lot with this guide on Pubg, so make sure to go through this and the reasons behind the gam restriction to enhance your know-how.