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Here is how you can check your Internet Speed online

Here is how you can check your Internet Speed online

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Imagine the loss of not having the internet in this current era of internet. At present, every household has internet connection or at least data services in their phones. You cannot express the feeling if your internet slows up or you are unable to use it for several days. And this is where internet speed online tests come in handy.

No one pays attention to check their internet speeds and it is important. At present, we cannot even stress on the need of it. People are working from home and they cannot afford slow internet connections. So, if you are also the one worrying about your internet speeds, then don’t worry. In this post, you will get to know about the different speeds tests you can run to ensure fast speeds. So, without a further ado, let’s begin with the discussion.

Best speed sites tests

Following is the list of websites that you can use for your internet speed online test:

speedtest internet speed tester

One of the best picks is Ookla’s for initiate your internet speed checks. It is the oldest and famous speed tests in the industry. You definitely should try it for your tests. You will everything at one place when running this testing websites. It will offer you all the basic information and massive servers list all over the country.

The website makes sure of the appropriate reading and it doesn’t matter what your location is, or where do you live. You can keep track of earlier tests if you create an account here. It would be beneficial for measuring the modifications. Also, you can change plans or make any improvements if there us any for your setup. You will also get the access for optimization without much exertion.

If you want the good measure for internet speed consistency, is the best solution you can go for. You will not only get to see the end results but also the connection consistency. Consistency is very important when testing for diverse objectives such as online gaming or video calls.

Nonetheless, more data implies that it is tough for the interpretation. You may have to ensure spending more time on the evaluation. However, it is not fine when you are testing in hurry or need the result right away.

The mobile version for this visit proves to be extra accessible than the desktop. So, it can be a great pick if you are a regular user of the internet.




TestMy.Net is the comprehensive internet speed online test option for you. It offers you accuracy and functions on HTML5 and is free from any biasness. The primary emphasis is on its wonderful operations. You may have to initiate clicking through more pages and can be little tough for when compare to other testing websites. They also offer you the profound data accessible from a speed test. The site also permits you for comparing your outcomes to the averages of your host, city and so on.

You can initiate created the account for tracking results over period. It is a fantastic option when it comes to data and speed test.



Xfinity speed test

Xfinity speed test again is one of the simple and user-friendly websites when it comes to internet speed online test. It is not flashy in any way and is the great for people who wants exactness. It ensures offering you the reliable information according to your testing needs.

You can also obtain the contextual information for your internet speed. And, this is why it is an excellent tool for people understanding the significance of numbers. The speed test will offer you the bullet points about your present downloading speed. It also involves offering the tips to ensure that the test functions appropriately.

This website test is efficient for the people who are not techy-savvy and only are aware of few technicalities. There is no requirement of subscribing to them or any sort of their services. So, you should definitely go for it when looking for the internet speed test online.



Internet health test

Internet health test is also in the list of best internet speed online test because it is the best way for rapidly obtaining more data than you can ever get from other sites. However, it is not the easy and simple but includes versatility and the competitiveness also. You can consider picking your soft from different places which allows you for tailoring your test.

Also, you will be obtaining the information about stable connection and will let you know if there is any consistency problem. You will obtain all the basic information with this website. We would suggest this test for your internet test speed requirement because it would work fine in several situation.




Another suggestion is Speedsmart as it is very user-friendly and runs on HTML5. You can access the website from different devices. You will see the additional effort by the website to ensure that you obtain the most appropriate information. It permits for more data that you can send and receive for ensuring the quality outcomes. This also includes ping outcomes for those who require them.

If you require accessing the earlier test records, then this is the option for without worrying about the device you use. You can also create account for keeping the track of results and comparing the data of a network or a site. is another recommendation of all the other websites for internet speeds online test. It has a large and plain display for the download speed, also is simple to read without any confusion. The website will consent for you obtaining the information and getting out. You can also initiate determining your rate for ping and upload the speed in plain terms.

The owner of this website is Netflix and uses the huge internet bandwidth across the globe. They are always curious to know how much data is being used and ensuring that the users are using their services proficiently. Not many additional settings are there so you don’t have to worry about this factor.




Final words

It is important that one should perform internet speed online test time to time keep track of the connection consistency. With the test, it becomes easier for user to understand that where the connection speeds goes wrong and what should be done to improve. Various websites are there offering tests and some of them are above for your understanding. These websites will help you analyse your results and understanding your internet situation. You can time to time consider changing the plan whenever needed according to the results. So, make sure you read above to gain more insight.

We wish that it would be beneficial for your findings and you feel insightful when obtaining the information for this topic. If require more guidance on this, always interact with us here.