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Here is everything you need to know about Windows 11 launch

Here is everything you need to know about Windows 11 launch

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If you are tech-savvy, I am sure you must be aware of the news that Microsoft is coming up with the launch of Windows 11. Another innovation in the world of the computer industry. It is going to be a fantastic advanced-version as per the speculations. There were rumors that it will make the entry in July 2021. 

According to the reports, the new Windows will come with the update center in its forerunners: Windows 10 and 7, including Windows phone 8.1. It will be available for free with the actual life updates for the software. However, the business hasn’t confirmed the news yet about the Windows 11 launch. 

In this post, you will find a discussion on everything that you must know about the Windows 11 launch. So, ensure staying tuned till the last of this post. 

What must you know about the Windows 11 launch

What must you know about the Windows 11 launch? 

Windows 11 is going to be the wide-ranging, advanced operating system in the history of Microsoft. The installation of this operating is going to be simple, and you will get fantastic features. 

The operating system is the outcome of the idea of rethinking Windows. The feedback of Windows 10 users was the primary emphasis to come up with the launch. This OS will be compatible with every device, which comprises PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. The highlight of Windows 11 is its efficiency in creating numerous desktops and toggling among them. 

The integration of software is on cloud storage, unlike the earlier operating systems. It will permit constant elements updates, including the cloud. 

Features you will get in Windows 11 

Here we will discuss the speculated Windows 11 features. Rest we will get to know after the launch of the operating system: 

User interface and fusion of desktop 

The simple discussion for this feature in the Windows 11 operating system is to operate it from the desktop and in window mode. You will get a modern, and easy user interface with this OS. 

Bing intensified integration 

The emphasis of Microsoft on Bing is similar as always, and it is profound as Windows 11. A lot of scopes are there in this version of Windows as it integrates search option. 

Azure integration intensified for cloud storage. 

Microsoft’s emphasis again is on Azure like before for cloud storage. It involves the integration of the operating system into the file storage and cloud documents. 

Better power management 

Microsoft always does an excellent job in the power management of their operating systems, such as Windows 8 and 8.1. Now, the anticipation with this operating system is that it will be more efficient. 

Improved security 

The anticipation of one feature is also that in Windows 11, there will be more protection. It may include fingerprint recognition. The business is famous for the protection features and continuing to restrict the OS with all primary releases. 

Siri and Google competition 

Another anticipation with this operating system is that Cortana will be competing with the online assistants from Google and Apple. You will get this in every kind of devices like laptops, tablets, and interactive panels. 

The Cortana feature will assist the users in accessing the applications, files, and other data or information. 

Exclusive key apps versions 

Microsoft ensures generating the premium versions for installing critical applications like MS Office for mobile devices and tablets. The MS office apps like PowerPoint, Excel and Word will appear like the desktop versions virtually. 

The optimization for the operating system will be touch screen and device size. You can access the files on devices via Microsoft cloud infrastructure.

Xbox embedded in Windows 11 

There is excellent news for game lovers. You will get the pre-installed Xbox application with every Windows-powered device. It will be easier for gamers to install the sessions for games through game DVR tools and share them through the Xbox connection. You can also perform broadcasting the Xbox one game to any of the devices powered with Windows 11. 

Windows 11 versions 

Windows 11 versions 

You will get the six Windows 11 editions. It includes

  • Windows 11 home: It is for the workers and customers. If you use your device at your office, then this is for you. 
  • Pro: It is for small business owners, and there will be some previous features. 
  • Education: It will be available for the schools, students, teachers, staff, and administrators. One can access it in the VL. 
  • Enterprise: It for the firms that are large and medium-sized. It is accessible in Volume licensing or VL. 
  • Mobile: This one is the Windows 8.1 phone update. Owners of tablets and smartphones can use them. 
  • Mobile Enterprise: It is again for the large and medium firms having IoT. One can get this under an OEM license. 


Before you plan the installation of Windows 11, it is essential to ensure that your previous Windows 10 has the current updates. It is necessary to ready the system for 11. The business every year comes up with the latest updates twice. 

You need to ensure checking the installed version in the operating system window information. All the users of Windows 10 users can initiate downloading and installing the updates simultaneously. The releasing of updates will be part by part for reducing the issues during the process for updates. 

It is still unclear whether Windows 11 will hit the market or not, so it would be better not to anticipate much from it. You should ensure treating it as a rumor only until it is official news. Also, prepare yourself beforehand as well whenever it is launched. We have discussed as per the reports and information that we could gather through our research. 

If you intend to know more on this topic, then feel free to interact with us. One of our experienced team members will try to assist you and providing you the information as soon as possible.