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Five ‘Top-Selling’ True Wireless Headphones in India: Guide on

Five 'Top-Selling' True Wireless Headphones in India: Guide on

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With the fast elimination of the 3.5mm sound jack from the latest cell phones, Bluetooth wireless headphones gradually turn into the best approach regarding sound solutions for most customers. Sound product manufacturers have additionally perceived the broad appeal of untethered headphones. As a result, they bring customers hordes of alternatives of the best Bluetooth wireless headphones to browse. As a result, we have gathered the list of the top-selling true wireless headphones in India in 2021. 

The best headphones accompany various worthwhile features such as Active Noise Cancellation, application support, customizable controls, equalizer, etc. Manufacturers are similarly investing additional work to make these wireless audio solutions minimized and effectively convenient. This is the guide for the best wireless headphones in India, so make sure to follow the reading. 

Top-Selling’ True Wireless Headphones

apple air pod pro wireless headphones

Apple AirPods Pro Wireless Headphones

The number one genuine Bluetooth wireless headphones you can purchase today is the Apple AirPods Pro. Indeed, it’s costly at ₹ 24,900. Nonetheless, at that cost, you get features and sound quality that are matchless in the segment as we would see it. The AirPods Pro is a significant improvement over past AirPods and contending headphones. It is because of one major component, and that is the active cancellation of noise. 

It makes the headset much more valuable than most other genuine remote choices and improves your capacity to hear the sound even in the noisiest of conditions. Transparency mode allows in outside and surrounding sound in the most regular sounding manner we have heard on any headphones to date. We discovered the sound to be connecting with, vivid, and clean. 

A significant part of the enhancements in these headphones can be credited to the in-ear fit, which makes for enhanced noise cancellation and a more vivid listening experience. In addition, the AirPods Pro is similarly unbelievably adaptable and can change following various tracks on the fly for a pleasant yet engaging sound. 

The AirPods are intended to be used with Apple gadgets and work most OK if you have an iPhone or iPad. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t work with Android cell phones or PCs; however certain features will work with an Apple iOS device. However, paying little mind to what gadget you use it with, the AirPods Pro is a simple and engaging pair of genuine wireless headphones.



Lypertek Tevi Wireless Headphones

Lypertek Tevi Wireless Headphones

Lypertek Tevi is again one of the top-selling true wireless headphones. If you haven’t known about these headphones previously, we’re not amazed. This tiny and generally vague brand is causing a ripple effect in audiophile circles with the Tevi. Its first pair of genuine wireless headphones. It will cost you around Rs. 6,999, the Lypertek Tevi is our present top pick of Bluetooth wireless headphones valued under Rs. 10,000. 

A significant part of the credit for the excellent sound quality goes to help for the aptX Bluetooth codec, alongside astounding tuning that favors detail over unnecessary bang and force. The subsequent sound is perfect, charming, and as regular as possible, except for a couple of headphones estimated under Rs. 10,000. 

Apart from offering exquisite sound quality, the Lypertek Tevi looks good, has incredible battery life, and is IPX7 appraised for waterproof. The features make this maybe the best all-around pair of wireless headphones you can purchase presently. If your spending plan is lower than Rs. 10,000, there is not a superior headset you can purchase than the Lypertek Tevi at present.



Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Wireless Headphones

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Wireless Headphones

While genuine wireless headphones are incredibly advantageous, battery life is still somewhat of a problem area; the small size of the headphones makes it challenging to place enormous enough batteries into them. But Samsung seems to have gained some movement on this front with the Galaxy Buds+. 

The replacement to last year’s Galaxy Buds, these headphones additionally end up being the ideal choice to purchase if you own a cutting-edge Samsung cell phone. It is fantastic because of the help of the Scalable Bluetooth codec. Moreover, enhancements in the drivers make this an astonishing-sounding earpiece for ₹ 13,990. 

With the earphones offering a noteworthy 11 hours of use for each charge in our testing, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is the lone headset having the staying power for the day with continuous listening. Unfortunately, the charging case provides only one extra top-up to the headphones. But this is entirely satisfactory as these wireless headphones have the efficiency of working in the long run.



Oppo Enco X

Oppo Enco X

Oppo is famous for its cell phones; however, it recently sees quite a development into an able producer of sound items. Among the organization’s new launches is the Oppo Enco X, its most exceptional genuine wireless headphones accessible in India. These headphones will cost you Rs. 9,990. Oppo is providing a significant remarkable item at that cost, with a double driver arrangement created as a team with Dynaudio, dynamic noise cancellation out, and a wireless charging case. 

However, LHDC support is there for progressed Bluetooth codecs; most customers should adhere to the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs while using the Oppo Enco X. Nevertheless, this doesn’t keep the headphones down something over the top. This is a charming, genuine wireless headset to pay attention to with itemized and vivid sound. Excellent dynamic noise cancellation tops things off, and the complete experience is astonishing for Rs. 10,000.



Oppo Enco W51

Oppo Enco W51

The Oppo Enco W51 priced at Rs. 4,999is our new top pick in these top-selling true wireless headphones. It is for one main explanation: active noise cancellation on noticeable wireless headphones at a formerly incomprehensible cost. However, the active noise cancellation nature is not even close to as great as you would get with more costly choices. Nevertheless, it’s sufficient to make the listening experience a piece cleaner and more straightforward. 

You also get Qi wireless charging for the case, IP54 residue, water resistance, and sound quality durable, lively, and itemized. The Oppo Enco W51 headphones are similarly comfortable and very useful for voice calls. However, marginally let down by battery life and unusual touch controls, the pros generally exceed the cons with the Oppo Enco W51. Nevertheless, this is the wireless headphone you should purchase if you are on a strict spending plan.

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