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Two Easy Ways to Download YouTube Videos onto a Computer

Two Easy Ways to Download YouTube Videos onto a Computer

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YouTube is a well-known video-sharing channel that assists users with a watch, likes, comments, and uploading videos quickly. It gives the best strategy to associate with your audience, whether you are advancing items or providing information to students. 

Due to network issues or organization/school/country limitations, you will not avail the YouTube videos. YouTube video download app can assist you with downloading videos in the future. We will discuss different approaches or ways to download any YouTube Videos for watching it without the internet on your telephone, tablet, or PC. So, make sure to be in touch with the reading of this post. 

Easy ways to download YouTube Videos 

There are two easy ways to download YouTube videos that you can use. First is downloading the YouTube videos on computer/Mac with three methods, and second is download videos with YouTube Premium. 

Download YouTube Videos on Windows PC/ Mac- 3 methods 

Method 1: Download YouTube downloader-iTubeGo

iTubeGo  empowers you to change over and download clips in full HD/4K/8k from YouTube. It is the best YouTube video downloader.  This device upholds more than 10,000 video websites. You can use it to download YouTube videos, playlists, channels, sound, and so on. It additionally permits you to change Videos of YouTube over to most normal arrangements such as AVI, MOV, MP3, MP4, etc.

Here is the process to download YouTube videos with this method:

  • First, ensure downloading the software here
  • Second, initiate installing it and perform double-clicking iTubeGo shortcut. It will be available on your desktop.
  • Next, press the Paste URL button. 
  • You will find the dialogue box, including pasting the URL and clicking on the download button to download the video files with high quality. You will see that the video will start downloading.
  • Press on the download button accessible on the left panel. Initiate clicking on the play button for playing the video. 

Method 2: Video Download Helper Firefox extension 

Video DownloadHelper is a famous browser extension allowing you to save YouTube videos to a local drive. It gives savvy naming of the clips that you will save. It is a free application and permits you to control various downloads.

Following is the process you must follow with this free downloader: 

  • Firstly, perform the act of downloading the Firefox extension with this link
  • Secondly, you need to initiate opening the YouTube video here and ensure playing for one minute.
  • Next, ensure double-clicking on the software extension icon for opening it. 
  • The software involves a vast range of formats such as AVI, MP4, WEBM, etc. It also offers you different options such as APD 1280, 17 X144 low, 480 X 360 medium, etc. So, ensure clicking on the option as per your liking to download the video. You will see that the video is downloaded. 

Method 3: Download videos with VLC player 

The VLC is an exceptionally famous open-source video player for Windows PC, Mac. This tool has the efficiency of playing nearly all media document formats like Audio CDs, VCDs, and DVDs.

Following is the process if you want to know how to downloads YouTube videos with this tool: 

  • Visit the link and ensure opening the video you wish to download. Then initiate copying the video URL. 
  • Next, perform double-clicking on the VLC media player shortcut available on your desktop. 
  • Visit the media and choose the open network stream option. 
  • Then paste the YouTube video URL you want to download with a text editor and then click on the play button. 
  • Visit the tools section and press on the Codec information. You will see the new open window. Ensure copying the information from the location textbox, and it is accessible at the page’s bottom. 
  • Lastly, ensure copying and pasting the URL into a web browser and pressing enter. You need to then right-click on the video option, save videos and store them on your PC. 

Save videos with YouTube premium.

YouTube premium has numerous great features. It can download videos so that you can watch them without the internet and any software. This streaming website similarly permits you to watch the gaming content and playing music.

Following is the process for downloading videos from YouTube premium: 

  • Firstly, begin watching the video.
  • Next, begin with tapping the download button under the player and choosing quality. 
  • After the video is downloaded, you can find the video effortlessly in the library or the account tab. Make sure you are logged into your Gmail account for watching the videos without the internet. 

Final words 

YouTube is the best streaming platform for watching videos such as music, playing movies, or watching channels. But every time you cannot have internet, it becomes difficult to watch the videos at your convenience. So, all you can do is save the video and then watch it. You must know how to download YouTube videos. If you are unaware of the process, don’t get anxious, and make sure to read the above ways with the discussed methods. It will assist you with downloading the videos of your choice without any hassle. Wikipedia Tech initiates its research to gather information, and as per our evaluation, the above are the best ways to move on with the process smoothly. 

You must contact us if the post was helpful to you to download the YouTube videos.