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How to reset Apple ID Password?

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Few ways are there to help you out if you don’t recall your Apple ID password. Also, there is no reliable iOS device near you in case you can still efficiently initiate resetting your password. You only have to request for the account recovery. It is primarily used when the device is lost or stolen, and you require accessing the account when denying accessibility to a person who is impersonating you. 

You must know that the process may take some time, although it depends on how much information you provide to verify your identity. 

So, let’s find out specific ways which will help you in password recovery for Apple id. 

Reset your password with the Apple ID account page 

Here are some steps you need to follow when you reset your password with the Apple id account page: 

  • To begin with, first, make sure to enter applied. Apple id password reset. Then, ensure clicking on the forgot apple id or password. It will be at the center of the page. 
  • The website will direct you to the other page to enter the Apple ID or email linked with the account. Then, initiate clicking on the continue. You need to select the option, “I need to reset my password.” 
  • You can now efficiently pick how you would like to reset your password. You will get options like email or by security question answer. The selection is entirely your choice. 
  • Picking the email method involves prompting Apple to send information to the primary email address you are using for beginning with the process. Apple will send you the email, and if you don’t find it ensure checking the trash folders, spam, or junk. Else, you may require initiating the steps again to receive the email again. Choosing question and answer options requires you to provide the correct answer if you want to reset the password. 

Reset password with two-factor authentication 

When you are using the two-factor authentication, then it is effortless for you to reset the password for Apple ID. You can do that from your device no matter what you are using, such as iPad, iPhone, or iPod. 

If you wish to know how you can do it, then follow these steps: 

  • Ensure going to settings, enter your name, follow password and security. 
  • Next, you need to initiate tapping on to change the password. 
  • You require entering the password as the system as you to do so. 

Apple ID account page use 

Reset your password with these steps 

  • You need to enter After entering the reliable phone number. Then, initiate setting up the two-factor authentication. 
  • Select continue for sending the notification to your trustworthy iPhone, iPad, iPod. 
  • When you begin receiving the notification on your iOS device. Tapping allows for the next step. 
  • After following these steps, you require entering your password and resetting your password. 

Reset password using the account recovery 

If you don’t have a reliable device of iOS and can reset your password by putting a request on the account recovery. So, the following are the steps which you must follow: 

  • Ensure viewing the option of requesting account recovery when going through the steps to reset your password. 
  • After this, you need to ensure entering the phone number and reach when the account is ready, then entering the sent verification code to verify your information. You will get a confirmation after verification for processing the request. You will also get the call after the account is ready. 
  • Your account will be ready after some, and you will receive the call through, or the support will text you. 
  • Next, make sure to enter Then, go to Apple ID and verify the phone number you gave in the two-factor authentication system. 
  • You will get the code through text or a call, and you need to enter the field on iForgot. 
  • Lastly, ensure clicking continue; you will reach a new page to generate a password and authenticate a reliable phone number and then sign in. 

Two-step verification way for account recovery 

You would need a trustworthy iOS device if you were using the two-step verification. You must follow the below steps for account recovery with two-verification: 

    • Enter and ensure entering the recovery key. 
    • Pick a dependable device for verification code. 
    • You will receive a code and enter the code for verification.
    • Generate a new password and then click on reset password. 


How to reset Apple id password? 

If you don’t remember your Apple ID password, ensure visiting the Apple iForgot website and then entering your user name. If there is no two-step verification, you can pick to reset your password through the email you use for signing in and provide the answer to the security question. You also require to enter the date of birth while using the other option. 

If you don’t even have the two-step verification with you, all you have to do is begin from scratch with a new Apple ID. It is because the Apple network also fails to identify the identity of a user. 

So, here are the steps: 

  • First, ensure opening the browser and enter
  • You then require to click on reset your password 
  • Next, put your Apple ID and click on the Next button. 
  • Pick the email authentication or answering the security question to move forward. 
  • Tap on the reset password in the email and enter the query. 
  • Ensure entering the new password in the new option. Confirm all the password sections. 
  • Lastly, you require resetting the password. 
  • Once you perform all the steps, don’t forget to check again by signing in. It will help you to know that everything is in place. 


Forgetting your Apple ID password may give you nightmares initially, but don’t worry; fortunately, there are always to recover it. But the first most crucial thing is not panicking. You may get into more apprehensions. In this post, you will find all the ways that would assist you with password recovery. You need to follow all the steps cautiously when resetting your password, as otherwise, you may have to perform the steps again. 

It would be effortless to get back your password and get into your Apple ID with the steps. We are optimistic that the post will help you solve your issue and you like reading the post. Don’t forget to share your view on this here if you want us to add or want more assistance. We are there for you. Our group of professionals will reach you to offer the solution to your problems.