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How to manually update apps and IOS on your Apple device?

How to manually update apps and IOS on your Apple device?

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These days, it is crucial to ensure updating your iPhone, not because of the security purposes only but also for integrating the current features. If you think that manually update apps and iOS on your Apple device is complex, then it is not. You can initiate the manual updates with the finger of your tips. If you like installing the updates manually, you require following the process. But when you start setting up the apps update automatically, there is no requirement to keep an eye on them.

You should understand that the manual update for apps on every iPhone can differ from the earlier versions. After you are aware of the process, some taps will do the work for you regarding the current releases available. 

In this guide, you will gain the comprehension for manual updates on an iPhone running iOS.   

update apps

Update apps on iPhone, iPad, or iPod 

Following is the process you need to follow when updating apps on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod: 

  • First, enter your device by unlocking the screen. 
  • Visit the app store, then click on ‘today.’ You will see this option on the screen bottom. 
  • Next, click on the profile icon, which you will find at the screen top. 
  • Then, you need to scroll down, where you will find the release notes and pending updates.
  • Click on the update option, which you will find next to the application. 
  • You can also initiate clicking on the update all to act simultaneously.  

Update applications on your Mac

If you want to know how can you update apps on your Macthen the following is the process: 

  • Open your iOS device.
  • Visit the Apple app store. 
  • Go to the sidebar and tap on the updates option. 
  • Click on the update for the app which you want to update for the latest version. 
  • Again, in this update, you click on the update all option to initiate start the process at once. 

Manually update apps on your Apple watch 

You can also update apps on your Apple Watchkeep following to know the process: 

  • Open your Watch OS. 
  • It would help if you visited the app store. 
  • Next, move forward with scrolling down to the bottom. 
  • Click on the account option. 
  • Click on the updates. 
  • You will find the update option next to the application you intend for updating the latest version. 
  • You can also initiate updating all to act as a single click. 

So, above is the process for updating your Apple and iOS devices, but you must follow it diligently. Regular updates are essential for enhancing security and staying updated with the current features. 



The app store ensures sending you alerts whenever the updates are available for any app on your phone. Games and applications that you have on your phone from the store are updated automatically. If you don’t receive an alert about the application update, you can initiate the functional manually. 

You must ensure turning off the automatic updates if you wish for the manual updates for your Apple device. You must know that when you download the application on your device, it doesn’t get installed automatically. Turning on the automatic download for the applications you purchased is also another way to update apps. 

So, to make everything easier for you, Wikipedia Tech discusses the manual updates for your device by following the simple process. Hence, while you perform the manual update, you have to keep this process in mind to avoid errors. 

Connect with us if you wish to obtain more information on the topic. We will assist you with our researched information. 


Is it essential to download the updates on iOS devices? 

Yes, it would help if you continually keep yourself updated with the current releases and information in the downloaded applications on your phone. 

Can I manually update all the applications? 

Yes, you can anytime perform the manual update action for applications that are there on your phone. You can also update all the applications at once rather than acting one by one. 

Does the Apple store send the notification for updates every time? 

Yes, you will get notifications or alerts from the Apple store to update your applications. But if you don’t see any alert, you can follow the manual process for updating the apps. The manual process is effortless. You can find it above for your reference.