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Eight Fastest VPNs in 2021 – Only These Passed Our Speed Tests

Eight Fastest VPNs in 2021 – Only These Passed Our Speed Tests

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In this era of the 21st century, it is essential to have the fastest VPNs, specifically when you want to ensure security online without any adverse influence on the internet speed. There are the best VPNs these days available in the market, but individuals like gamers, streamers, torrenters, etc., always want more from VPNs. 

So, we took some internet speed tests and found various most okay VPNs available in the market. These VPNs fall under the category of affordable options and involve other features like streaming websites such as Netflix. If you want to know more about fast VPNs, then keep following the post. 

Fastest VPNs in 2021


ExpressVPN is our best pick when it comes to internet speed tests. Among all the other available VPN services in the industry, no other VPN can compare its versatility and user-friendliness. It efficiently managed to overtake the earlier leaders in the market and ranked at the top. 

You get more than 600Mbps average speed with this VPN. It is swift, and the present integration of the light-way protocol involves the speeds ram up in the past few months. You can quickly initiate the installation of this VPN and obtain access to excellent speeds. You can also stream the favorite website of yours such as iPlayer, Hulu, and Netflix. 

The ExpressVPN speed test is matchless, and as per our research, the chat support of this VPN is 24*7 available for its customers. So, if you are thinking of getting a VPN, this is one you can choose.




NordVPN is another well-known household name and offers you a fantastic complete service when it comes to assessing the internet speed test. You can anticipate the fastest speed with the use of this VPN. It ensures offering you speeds around 820 Mbps. It has excellent connections and makes sure that the service is security-focused. You also get to enjoy unique features such as double VPN and onion over VPN. It is a nightmare for a hacker but ensures that you are anonymous online. 

In our NordVPN speed test, we evaluated that it also ensures that you can initiate streaming the websites of your choice without any buffering issues. There is no way that you should not consider buying this for your internet speed needs.



Hotspot shield 

Hotspot shield is again among the fastest VPNs in 2021. It is clear from the number that it is ideal for the internet speed evaluation. There is the integration of Catapult Hydra protocol which involves trouncing the OpenVPN-based services. You will love using this VPN because it ensures offering the fastest services with the adopted WireGuard. Nonetheless, according to the present review of this VPN, this provider’s speed is primarily similar and enhanced. 

This VPN comprises the support of Catapult Hydra and introduces some issues such as you cannot install the VPN connections manually, and there will be a restriction to the apps. Nevertheless, for most individuals, it will not be an issue. You can effortlessly access online streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, iPlayer, BBC, etc. Our review is one of the enhancements, as it was struggling with website streaming earlier. This doesn’t offer you fantastic features but what it provides for the price is worth appreciating.




Torguard is also one of our picks among the speed test VPN review. This VPN also comes under the list of fastest VPNs available in the market today. The WireGuard protocol ensures fast speed though the difference is that NordVPN is extensive. But the competition is almost the same. If you are looking for torrenting, then it can be your first pick. 

TorGuard also comprises robust server feet that integrate more than 3000 servers in around 50 nations. The kill switch and no-logs policy in this ensure offering you security and privacy. It can efficiently bypass the Great Firewall of China. It means now you can also initiate torrenting in China. The VPN also involves supporting the primary platforms such as routers, NAS, and Amazon Fire. You can also connect to the eight simultaneous connections, so you don’t need to get anxious about connectivity.



Windscribe VPN 

Windscribe is our pick for the free VPN speed test as it has premium plans worth the updates. This VPN comprises more than 480 servers, and each of them has physical efficiency and provides first-class performance. You will also experience the fantastic server speed and can pick it from around 60 nations. 

There are some optimized to stream, which means watching Netflix in the US and Japan, UK, and Canada. The VPN integrates the use of military-grade encryption, double hop, and a kill switch. It doesn’t involve gathering the identify logs and doesn’t offer any user information to the authorities. You can go for it when looking for a fast-speed VPN.




PureVPN is another top pick for the fastest speed VPNs in the market. This VPN can efficiently stand out from the non-WireGuard services with the server network all around the globe. It involves spanning more than 140 nations. It has a wide selection even when the 6500 servers are physical.

Selecting the VPN includes picking the privacy and security. You will find the use of military-grade encryption in this with a kill switch and leak safety. There is the integration of the no-logs policy, which is independently audited. It efficiently clears all the confusion regarding gathering user information. You can watch different streaming platforms with this VPN, such as Netflix. So, it can also be an excellent pick for torrenting, so you must go for it.



Private internet access 

Private internet access is among other top picks offering the fastest internet speed tests. It involves the implementation of WireGuard tunneling protocol and connects the speediest VPNs. You will find more than 36700 servers in around 77 nations. However, most servers are placed in North America and Europe, so users in other countries can sometimes experience slow speeds. 

Military-grade encryption is there with no-leaks protection. You can also take advantage of anonymous payment options. You will also find the primary platforms, including the browser extensions for Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. You can get your money back within seven days if you don’t want to use it.




PrivateVPN efficiently marked its position in the list of fast internet speed test VPNs. It integrates the use of OpenVPN protocol and also implementation of WireGuard. There are only around 150 servers and still among the fastest VPNs. There is also a strict no-logs policy with anonymous payment options. You will find the different apps for primary platforms, and you can use them on the six devices simultaneously. 

If you want to stream, then it is among the best. You can easily watch several Netflix libraries and other content on different platforms. It is also efficient for torrenting. It is also among the affordable choices for VPNs, and you get the offer of a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back.





The use of VPNs these days make each of your online activity faster and smoother. You must pick the fastest VPNs in 2021 if your online actions comprise massive data traffic. These are the activities that don’t compromise on the lagging, connection leaks and buffering. Hence, for the fantastic experience, you require a fast speed VPN. 

In our internet speed test, these VPNs above proved to outrank the other VPNs available in the market. You don’t now require spending your time to find the faster VPN as most of these are not affordable options but also the finest of all. So, now you can stream your favorite streaming websites without any hassle, such as Hulu, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. 

Wikipedia Tech believes that this post proved helpful for you when looking for the fastest VPNs in 2021. Ensure sharing your thoughts with us.