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Best VPNs in 2021 for PC, Mac, & Phone

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Are you looking for the best VPN that could help you in being secured online? I understand, it can be quiet frightening when it comes to online security, especially when looking out for the finest VPN, which seems impossible. 

Hundreds of VPNs are available in the market today, and the worst thing is each of them claims to be the best among others. And it makes it more challenging to pick the VPN of your choice. 

But don’t worry, our experts and I have tried spending a lot of time and months evaluating the best services to identify which one is working according to their claims and promises. We got linked with many VPNs from across the globe and involved the researchers in initiating their tests in internet-restricted countries such as China and Russia

We decided to evaluate the testing of their security, reliability, connections speed and, in fact, considered many other factors. Our main priority was to involve every VPN in our testing so that even if it is not popular, users must know about it. Because you never know which one is performing well, even more than the renowned ones. 

What will you know in the post?

So, we decided to get in touch with services like PayPal and Google to clarify some rumours for VPNs. Another emphasis was to delist various shady VPNs because even if they haven’t been caught yet for sharing the data of users but sooner or later, they definitely will. 

Therefore, in this guide, you will find our wide-ranging and honest feedback that would assist you in picking the right VPN. Then, you can quickly initiate streaming the Netflix, getting around the censorship of government and even staying completely nameless online. 

Remember not to consider the VPNs bigger because the smaller ones have very well managed, outperforming the reputed brand with a huge following. However, they might lack in the aspect of advertising budget. But when we put them to the evaluation, we discovered that many popular VPNs were valueless and were more dangerous than others. 

We would like you to know that our robust testing and evaluation of the best VPNs will assist you in keeping yourself secured, secure your data and offers you the streaming speeds that are lightning-fast. 

Summary of 2021 Best VPNs for PC, Mac, & Phone

Here is the list of VPNs that you can consider using for your PC, Mac and phone: 


It is one of the fastest VPNs that you will find globally, with the best rating in 2021 for its fantastic security features with reliability and steady speed.


It is known as protected, fast, and trustworthy for all your internet requirements, which involves browsing, torrenting, and streaming. 


You will find unlimited real-time connections and varied security features, which is why this is the best VPN for several households. 


It has the best coverage of server, which helps you get around the geo-blocks so that you can take pleasure in more unblocked internet services. 

Private internet access

It is famous for its usability and reliability; hence, it is an excellent pick for picking VPNs. 

Best VPNs- Full Analysis 

We had initiated numerous evaluations for months to find the best VPNs offering the most satisfactory speeds, reliability and security for the users. We involved streaming, downloading, browsing, and torrenting for endless weeks so that the best outcomes are delivered to you. So, here we are. Let’s get into the complete and detailed analysis of each VPN. 

Nord VPN


  • It runs with: Netflix that has multiple libraries involving Amazon prime video, SkyTV, Dinsey+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, and so on.
  • Money-back guarantee- within 30 day
  • Available on-Firefox, Chrome, Android, iOS, macOS, and windows
  • Dedicated torrenting profile- Yes, availability of P2P speciality servers 




Express VPN 


  • Runs with: Netflix, amazon prime video, SkyTV, Dinsey+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO NOW, Spotify and so on. 
  • Money-back guarantee- within 30 days
  • Available on-Kindle fire, Chromebook, Android, browsers, iOS, macOS, routers, and windows
  • Dedicated torrenting profile- No, but it does support the activity of P2P 
  • Data logging- Policy of strict no-logs 






  • Runs with: BBC iPlayer, DAZN, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, SkyTV, Fox Go, and more
  • Dedicated torrenting profile: No, but P2P is accessible on all servers 
  • Money-back guarantee: 30 days
  • Available on: Linux, Chrome, Firefox, FireTV, Mac, Apple TV, Windows, and more
  • Data logging: Policy of strict no-logs 





  • Available on: Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, browsers, streaming devices, Mac, and routers
  • Data logging: Policy of strict-no logs 
  • Money-back guarantee: up to 45 days
  • Dedicated torrenting profile: Yes
  • Works with: Netflix, Crunchyroll, BBC iPlayer, Kodi, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and others

CyberGhost is also the topper in the list of VPNs, and you will find it usually in our recommendations. It is identified as the smarted picks because it is the mixtures of usability, reliability, security and affordability. 

It is a Romania-based VPN and appears with all the major constituents such as robust encryption, logging that is zero and an amazing network of more than 6,900 servers in around 60 nations. You will find the leak-proof apps in the VPN and additionally a feature of the kill switch for efficient measure. This VPN is not only secure but also stable for regular users. 

You would love this VPN as it also has a one-click setup and also uses the connection, which is automatic, including the fastest server. I was able to connect with the US server in only 15 seconds the very first time I tried the server of this VPN. The best part is it involves easy navigation with the basic and advanced settings of the application. 


You would be able to set up the VPN with rules which are smart. You can initiate customizing it with the features of connection. We involved evaluating this VPN in different nations against a huge list of services for streaming and famous websites. With the assistance of committed servers for streaming, we could easily unblock the channels. These channels are Netflix, Facebook, BBC iPlayer and so on. 

It might not be as speedy as NordVPN or ExpressVPN, but it ensures offering amazing speeds. We could notice the steep drops when we involve the testing of various servers with this VPN. 

As per our understanding, CyberGhost is the easiest and simplest VPNs available out there for PC, Mac and mobiles. You may not be able to work with this VPN in China. But not every VPN has this ability other than that; this VPN is amazing for use. It provides a money-back guarantee within 45 days.





Private Internet Access 


    • Runs with: HBO Go, HBO Now, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, and SkyTV
    • Data logging: Policy of strict no-logs 
    • Money-back guarantee: 30 days
    • Dedicated torrenting profile: No, but access for P2P is available on all servers 
    • Available on: Mac, Chrome, Firefox, PS4/Xbox, Windows, Android, iOS, and routers

    Private internet access offers you exceptional protection at an affordable price. This VPN has been gaining popularity recently. With this VPN, you will feel that you are completely protected. It is because of the military-grade encryption, and the VPN protocols support that keeps your data and distinguishes strongly to identify the hackers or intruders and unknown parties. 

    The best aspect of using it is that it doesn’t store any of your information. It means you can quickly initiate surfing the internet. 

    It is famous as the simplest VPN out there, so you cannot expect world-changing features in it. It efficiently blocks any malware. The malware blocker of this VPN involves securing you from the issues like adware and any other viruses. 

    We involved the testing of this VPN by visiting torrenting sites, which are heavy. We were happy to know that it was working finely. The VPN holds a network of more than 23,662 servers in around 77 nations. We anticipated the quicker speeds for downloads, and it delivered. 


    You can easily maintain HD streaming when using this VPN that too with more minor buffering and lagging. It has the technology of geo-blocks-busting, which permits you to watch the channels. PIA includes Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other sites for streaming. 

    You would be able to link around ten devices with this VPN and is compatible with the platforms. It is a user-friendly app, and you can always reach out to customer support anytime you want. 

    It is an excellent choice for people who are conscious of privacy. This VPN also offers the guarantee of money-back within 30 days.




Final say 

This post guides you about the best VPN that you can use for your devices like PC, Mac, Phone and TV. There are a lot of tests in different countries for each VPN for the posts. But when it comes to recommending one from all, then it would be NordVPN. It has got everything any user would want in a VPN. Make sure you go through the guide to understand your VPN needs. It would be easier for you to pick the one accordingly.
Hopefully, we have assisted you the best way in this informative article of choosing VPNs.