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Top 10 Paid Streaming Sites in US

Top 10 Paid Streaming Sites in India

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Have you been looking for streaming sites in the US? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, you will get the answer to your questions, so make sure to keep reading.

Streaming sites these days are not only getting famous day by day but also cutting the charges for cable connection as well. In this generation of smart TVs and mobile phones, no one prefers the traditional medium for watching movies. People prefer more of an online medium for entertainment. One of the main reasons is that they didn’t have to watch the ads and they can watch them anytime. Also, there is no worry of place as most of the devices are connected with internet connections.

Covid-19 also changed the situation a lot as theatres are not working. Movies, series, everything is being released online to reduce the risk of infection. It is a good way to stay safe and stay at home. So, to give you more understanding, we have gathered the list of top streaming sites in this piece of writing.

Let’s move on to the discussion.

Top 10 streaming sites


Hulu again is one of the options you can consider using among the top 10 paid streaming sites in the US. It is the finest picks for the cutters of cord as it offers a different set of options for streaming. Additionally, with the robust library on the site, you can have fun watching your favourite movies, shows and so on. You can even also enjoy the vital live option on this site with more than 70 channels. It comprises news, sports, entertainment and more.

This site has the efficiency of trailing the most refined rivals when it comes to the original content offering with the selection of 4k content. The platform recently reached with the announcement that it will add 14 channels of Viacom. It involves BET, comedy central, MTV, Paramount Network etc. but these are not yet live on this site. Soon, they will be for sure.


The basic plan of this site will cost you $5.99 every month. If you are looking for an ad-free version, then it will cost you $11.99 per month. The best thing is college students can enjoy it for only $1.99 but with the ad-support.

On the other hand, the plan for Hulu+ live TV plan will cost you $64.99. It will comprise the live TV service for the platform with the streaming plan, including ad-support.

Hulu is the platform of streaming, having the ability to supporting unique gadgets range. You can stream the site for more than up to two devices. What else do you need? So, download it and now and get going with enjoyment.




Peacock by NBC offers you the three tiers when it comes to streaming. It has the plan which supports ad with more than 13,000 hours of content. The premium includes 20,000 hours with live sports and channels that are clip-based. With this streaming site, it will be effortless for you to streams hit shows like Friends, The office, etc., on-demand.

This site also allows you to watch famous and current releases such as Will and Grace, Galactica, Downtown Abbey, The affair, Eureka, and so on. You will not find the original shows on Peacock, but “The Office” is now there.

When it comes to the library, it has shortened, and titles are also not there from the free level to paid Premium tier. However, you can easily find famous titles like Law abiding citizen, Pride and prejudice, Inside man, and many more. It is slowing the expansion of live sports content as of late.

The channel is involving the streaming of NFL playoff fame and is gaining coverage of IndyCar. Soon, it is going to be the home of WWE.

If you are looking for 4k support, then this site is not for you. It doesn’t support the 4k and not even offline downloads. However, it has the efficiency of streaming three concurrent and tools for parental control. It is easy to download the app on mobile and TV devices.


Now, when it comes to price, you can get it for free and also, there is a paid plan for $4.99. I guess this is a reasonable price point, and you can go for it.




HBO Now is again one of the top 10 paid streaming sites in the US. It is one of the finest choices for individuals who don’t prefer buying cable TV connections. If your love for movies and series is different, then this is the site for you. All you have to do is joining the website to enjoy the massive part of TV, films, documentaries and specials. In any case, if you have HBO with your Cable TV, then you can watch it on your mobile, tablet etc., through the HBO Go app.

The current subscribers of this famous site are more than 5 million and are constantly expanding every day. The good news is you can enjoy watching this site or app on different devices. It comprises Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon fire tv, Roku, Samsung tv’s, PlayStation Vue, etc.

The site is also accessible through an enhancing number of cord-cutting streaming services. It involves the Amazon channel’s part and DirecTV Now. HBO Now is your best choice if you don’t intend to purchase a cable connection or don’t want to pay for satellite service.

You can easily access this app’s services on numerous devices such as mobile phone, TV or computers.


It will cost you $15 per month, and I feel it is a fantastic deal that you should grab. So, don’t think much and get your hands on it now.



YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a fantastic option when it comes to finding streaming sites in the US. This site or app ensures offering you unique live sports selections and news channels. You can also access the most famous and exciting options for entertainment. There are few networks available with the sites. These networks include CBS, ABC, CNN, ESPN, FOX, NBC and FOX. You can enjoy the feature channels on this site, and they are Discovery network, PBS channels and Viacom CBS. If the library of YouTube is unable to meet your requirements, then you can include packages. These packages are NBA league pass, HBO Max, Acorn TV and Starz.

With the use of this site, you also obtain the storage of unlimited cloud DVR. The service will help you in keeping your recordings for nine months. You can even begin streaming your content from any place in the US country.

The membership of these months has the support for around 6 six accounts. You can also enjoy sharing it with the roommates or family. However, keep note that you can enjoy streaming from three accounts at the same time.


The price of this site or app is $64.99, and you get different benefits as well. So, it would help if you chose this for your entertainment requirements.




Netflix is a streaming site that doesn’t require any introduction as it is already famous worldwide. The site has a unique and massive library of shows and movies. Additionally, you will find the now-classic shows which are original, such as Stranger Things or Orange is the new black.

You can also the famous movie is known as Beasts of No Nation. If you love Daredevil and Jessica Jones, then Netflix is the place for you. The subscribers of the site also get access to Disney titles. Netflix these days is very popular among youngsters and adults.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is the situation of covid-19 as well. During the lockdown period, all over the world, this was helpful. It helped people passing their time; however, at some point, now people are also addicted to it. Your love of movie and new series definitely will bring you here and get the subscription.

The important thing you need to know is without a subscription; it won’t allow you to watch the shows or movies. So, you have to get it to go forward with the entertainment fun.


You can enjoy the services of Netflix for $8.99, which is not an expensive deal. Hence, if you are a lover of entertainment, this might be the pick for you.




Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is world-famous as an e-commerce website. It is mainly famous for sending reliable and transparent products to consumers. Amazon also has launched its streaming site with the name Amazon prime video. It again is the most renowned site or app for users now. With this one platform, they can access any movie, series or TV shows they want.

It is offering services for different languages, which are English, Hindi and so on. All you have to do is setting the location. Once the site is set, you will get a lot of recommendation for a different niche.

If you love genres such as romantic, thrillers, action, and any TV shows of choice, then you can enjoy it. The site has included everything for the enjoyment of its customers. It even involves hosting superior shows from other networks, which comprises HBO. It can support the 4K and streaming of HDR, including offline view and download. You can also have fun creating multiple accounts at a time. 

You can initiate purchasing or renting the movies or shows of your choice if you are not interested in buying the subscription. The noteworthy aspect is that it doesn’t require any cost for it.


When it is about the price of accessing the app or site, it will charge you $8.99 daily. It is not that expensive, so you can consider buying it. Rest depends on your choices of movies and preferences.




Disney+ again is one of the famous words in the industry of streaming sites. If you are tired of not finding your choice website for streaming purposes, then this is your answer. Just use it for once, and you will not be disappointed for sure. It includes every genre and niche in the site or app.

You will also get the search button so that you can find your kind of movie there. It also includes the live streaming of sports shows like cricket. And, if you love Marvel and Disney movies, then definitely you must not look elsewhere. Movies like Superman, Iron man, Thor, Avengers and so on. You can enjoy any marvel movies once you buy the subscription.

You can also find the collection of Star Wars and National geographic. So, it is not a channel for youngsters or adults; kids can also have fun.


The price for this site is $6.99, which is not at all expensive. Please don’t give it a thought; get it and begin to enjoy the entertainment unlimited.




Sling TV

If you are not a fan of cable TV subscription, then Sling TV is the best for you as a streaming option. Cable TV can be expensive for you at times, so this is the sight that will be a suitable medium for you. You may think it is a traditional cable service where you have to pay a fee monthly. But no, this is not the case. It is similar to other streaming sites and is mainly handy for fans of sports.

This site ensures offering you countless ESPN channels, and trust me; it’s worth the price. You can also find other networks such as Cartoon Network, TBS, NBC, America, the BBC, and the food network.


This site’s basic plan begins at $65, and the monthly price is $35 every month. So, if you love sports and other entertainment shows and movies, you can consider buying this as a subscription model.




Among the top 10 paid streaming sites in the US, Vudu is very different from other platforms that are accessible. You can watch whatever you want. We will discuss further how it is different. But let’s focus on what it offers at first. You can watch films of your choice and any recent release that you eagerly are waiting for.

The good thing about this platform is that there is no need to fill in the credit card details when signing up for the account. You can signup with that as well. Here, you will get an extensive range of selection of movies. Also, the a huge selection of channels as well.

So, how is it different? Well, if you don’t want to buy the subscription and still wants to watch the movie, just rent it. Yes, you can manage your favourite TV series for free and even can purchase or rent it. It entirely depends upon you that you do prefer. Isn’t it amazing?


The price for this site completely varies as per your choice, and it keeps changing as you can buy or rent the movies you like.



Apple TV+

Apple TV+ also among the top streaming sites in the US. It is a site that believes in making everything work. It means offering unlimited fun by watching movies, tv shows and the latest releases. You can stream anything you want of your preferences. There is no restriction on the site when it comes to entertainment.

You should check this site out. And you will be happy to know that it offers you what you need. However, maybe it doesn’t provide you with every niche or genre that much huge collection like Netflix or Amazon prime video. But, you will surely like it once you begin using it.

When it comes to watching movies or shows for free, you can do that, but they will be ad-supported. Ads in between can be very annoying, so I would recommend you to buy a subscription. This site involves boasting original show stars such as Jennifer Anniston and Oprah Winfrey.


The price of this streaming site is $ 4.99 every month. So, I think it is a fantastic deal that you will not get with other streaming sites. It would help if you went for it.





Streaming sites these days are getting very popular because of the entertainment offering. It is getting more famous because people are working from home due to covid-19 situation. So, to spend their time it has become their friend which they love. It is also analyzed that people got more addicted to their phones or TV in these times. Also, the craze for streaming sites is on another level.

Some productions now chose to release their movies or shows on the OOT platforms. It helps them in generating more revenue and profits. So, keeping everything in mind, there is a discussion for the top 10 streaming sites in the US. 

In case you are tired of not finding the site of your choice, you will find the list in this guide. Just go through it and make your decision.

We believe that this guide will assist you. And in case if you want assistance, reach here.