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The Best Fitness Trackers in 2021 and Wearable Technology

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The best fitness trackers are efficient equipment to get more energetic, sleep and more understanding for your complete health. With the help of an assistance tracker, it will be easy for you to track your fitness progress. It also offers guidance on how difficult you can go on yourself.

Fitness trackers efficiently convert the way we perform activities in our daily routine like sleeping, exercising, relaxing and moving. It functions as a coach for lifestyle or personal trainer for you. With the help of a fitness tracker, you can initiate setting the targets and fulfil them. You get the benefit of constantly monitoring your actions which teaches you to work more.

If it is about health and workout tracking, you can choose from two categories of wearable devices: smartwatches and fitness trackers. The finest one would help you in monitoring your health and wellness efficiently. If we talk about fitness trackers’ features, then some smartwatches include calling and texting. Other than this, you also get a lot of integrations in the app.

In case you intend to track your training and health without connecting to the world, you must go for a fitness tracker. But, if you want your phone to be with you, you should choose a smartwatch.

Do you know what a fitness tracker is? If not, then let’s get into the basic definition at first.

fitness tracker

What is a fitness tracker?

fitness tracker is a wrist-worn gadget having the efficiency of detecting your daily health activities. You can easily keep track of daily heart rate, patters of sleep, laps of swimming, walking steps and running distance.

All you have to do is connect it with the Bluetooth with an app in your phone having the configuration. Once you get into the habit of wearing it daily, you will see how many health changes are there in your lifestyle. It is because the gadget keeps you motivated. You also get the alarm clock feature, which means you will not miss your important meetings, office, or any other activity you do regularly.

An integrated sensor in the device is used so that tracking, movement, and orientation is effortless. It ensures gathering the data and converting it into the steps, quality of sleep, calories and other general activity throughout the day.

You will find the sensor in the watch named altimeter. It ensures measuring your behaviour, attitude and spinning. The device offers practical solutions and benefits to the people willing to work in a specific area.

Why should people use fitness tracker as wearable technology?

People after the lockdown period has become a little more anxious about their health. And are beginning to adopt a health and fitness regime. If you are also on the verge of a fitness path, you must get a fitness tracker in 2021 as wearable technology. They are very beneficial and helps you in keeping track of your routine in the best possible way.

If you think that why should you use it, then there are reasons we are going to give you below:

  • The use of a fitness tracker will assist you in efficiently achieving your fitness goal. It keeps reminding you about your goals which naturally keeps motivating you. It will ensure recording statistics for your exercises and will generate a comprehensive report for you.
  • This wearable technology or smartwatch is like a personal trainer that is free of cost. It offers you the best ideas of different workouts catering for your level of fitness.
  • You would be able to achieve the goals of fitness with a realistic goal. It will not let you quit and get de-motivated half-way.
  • You will find yourself indulging in self-care. Tracking your level of fitness is easy now. You can easily keep track of heart rate and burning calories regularly.
  • The best part is that these fitness trackers are easy to use, and regular use helps boost your regular workouts.
  • All in all, the use of fitness tracker us all in good measure. These trackers ensure that you are focusing on your better health. It helps you to get in shape by keeping track of your everyday actions.

How much should you spend on fitness trackers?

We will discuss the actual price which you require to spend on a fitness tracker. The first thing you need to know how should you choose the best fitness trackers in 2021. We will elaborate on specific things you need to keep a note of, and then we will discuss the required amount of money to be spent on fitness trackers.

So, let’s begin.

Choosing the best fitness trackers

The most important thing you require in a fitness tracker is figuring out why you need wearable technology. Here are some significant factors you must identify before purchasing the fitness tracker:

  • Comfort is one of the essential aspects you should not ignore. You will be wearing the device for the entire day, so you should look for something comfortable. Make sure it is not heavy, and the strap is light so that there are no patches on your arms.
  • The display is also a factor you must not overlook. Look for the one with legibility so that it can stand the harsh sunlight. Ensure looking at the font size so that they are readable and doesn’t seem confusing.
  • The device you are choosing should be able to support notifications. It should have the vibration feature and display information like number or name when somebody calls you up.
  • The only and foremost reason to buy a fitness tracker is counting steps. So, when you buy the watch, don’t consider the look only. Make sure that the watch has the step tracker so that you know whether you have achieved your set goal or not.
  • Another essential factor that you should not miss out on is heart rate monitoring. Make sure that while choosing the watch, it has this feature. Heart rate monitoring is required when working out. It helps you to keep track of burning more calories.
  • GPS feature should also be there in the best fitness tracker. This way, you can quickly identify and track the distance when running or cycling.
  • The waterproof feature should also be there in this wearable technology. It is recommended that it doesn’t stop working if you have forgotten in your hand while showing. It will also help you even if you are in rains.
  • Last and most important, batter life. Make sure not to ignore this feature. Look for the one that can stay for 4-5 days without charging.

How much should you spend?

When it comes to the price range of how much should you spend. If you are looking for all of these above features, it may cost you around Rs 15 000 to 20,000. But if you are okay with ignoring some components, then it can cost you Rs.10,000. Other than this, everything depends on your requirements. If you are looking for a basic fitness tracker, you have to spend at least Rs.2000. And for other needs, you have to expand your pocket a little more. Overall, nice smartwatches with unique features will go beyond Rs.20,000.

So, make your decisions according to your finance as well.

Do you need heart rate monitoring?

Heart rate monitoring is vital for a person looking for a fitness tracker, especially for an athlete. When looking for a smartwatch or fitness tracker, heart rate monitoring is essential as it helps in measuring the heart rate when resting. It is also helpful in recovery when balancing the training and relaxing to get the most out of your hard work.

One can use it to understand the reaction of their body in any stressful situations. It is also suitable for cardiac patients. This feature is essential for securely controlling the workout intensity.

You must be aware of your heart rate before beginning the fitness program so that later on, with heart rate monitoring feature can help you achieve your goals. When you join a fitness program, reduce in the heart rate displays that your fitness level is improving.

You can easily measure your heart rate when you wake up, or even you are sleeping. All in all, the feature of heart rate monitoring is essential in the fitness tracker. Make sure not to avoid it when buying it.

fitness tracker device

Best fitness trackers in 2021

Let’s choose the best one with all the latest features and pricing of the below wearable device:

Mi Band 5

Mi Band 5 is launched in India recently. It is one of the popular fitness trackers available in the market. Mi Band 5 is famous as the winner among other smartwatches. You get the feature of fitness tracking with the improvements in color display.

You can enjoy the feature of personal activity intelligence. It has 24-hour sleep tracking, which you can find in the expensive ones as well. So, better to spend here. It is also helpful in keeping track of your level of stress. Mi band 5 stays for two weeks and on power mode when it comes to the battery; it can last for three weeks. What else do you need? It also has a heart monitoring feature, which means you can efficiently track health and wellness.

The price of this fitness tracker is Rs. 2,499, which is unique. It would help if you got your hand on it.

Amazfit Bip U

Amazfit Bip U is another hype in the fitness tracker industry. It again is among the best fitness trackers in 2021. You should get this if you are looking for a nice smartwatch with unique features.

You get exceptional features that you probably won’t get inexpensive ones as well. There is a heart rate sensor feature. SpO2 sensor feature is there for measuring your level of body-oxygen. You can easily track your sleep, menstrual track, monitoring of stress and features for breaking training. You get around 60 sports modes in this smartwatch.

If you are concerned about the price, it will cost you Rs. 3, 499 and I guess this is a great deal for a fitness tracker with such unique features.

Redmi smart band

Redmi smart band is among the fitness tracker offering you the fit which is comfortable and looks fantastic. It has an LCD screen supporting touch and gesture support. However, you may not like the touch as it is not that great, but it is excellent at its price point.

You will get five sports modes which involve cycling, treadmill, walking, running and freestyle. It has basic features, which includes tracking steps, sleep, and heart rate. You will also get the essential notification feature in it. The best thing is water-proof. You can get this for Rs. 1,599, and it is like a cherry on the cake. You can get it for sure if you are not a fan of that much features and are looking for a basic smartwatch.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve

Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve is one of the best fitness trackers in the little expensive range. It has got an AMOLED screen with a great touch. It is developed with 110 watch faces that are manageable and compatible with the wear app of Xiaomi.

You will get all the exceptional features in this one gadget. Some of the features involve heart rate monitoring, a sleep tracker, and so on. You also get the unique feature of breathing which works like meditation. There is a calling feature that allows you to pick the phone and get notifications with your name and number.

Keeping track of health and fitness is very easy with this watch. It would help if you got this for sure without any doubt. However, it can be expensive as this cost for Rs.9, 999 but it is value for money.

Amazfit GTS

Amazfit GTS is the fitness tracker or wearable technology you would want in your collection. The watch is protected with the Gorilla 3 glass. The material of this watch is aluminum and is waterproof. The battery of this watch stays up to two weeks. This smartwatch has a similar look to the Apple watch. There are five options for this watch. You will enjoy the features like a heart rate sensor, Bluetooth, notifications for incoming calls and NFC.

This watch’s price is Rs. 7,999, which is also a pretty reasonable price, but if you are looking for affordable options, this may not work for you.

Noise Colorfit Pro 2

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 is a perfect option again with a bright look and a very affordable range. You get everything you are looking for in a smartwatch. It is very light-weight on the hands. You wouldn’t even feel that there is something on your hands.

You get it in five different colors that are very nice like black, wine, teal green, purple and grey. It will be a bad idea if you don’t even consider checking this out. In terms of features, it has got amazing ones. It is waterproof so if you are swimming or in the rains don’t worry. There is a heart rate monitor tracker as well with the sleep tracking feature. You also get the alarm feature, so that means you will not miss your important meetings.

The battery of this watch stays for more than ten days which is quite impressive. You also get the meditation feature that is breathe. It is very relaxing and calms your mind. It would be best if you get it for sure. The price of this watch is very affordable, that is Rs. 2 499. I think you should consider buying this.

The best fitness tracker

If you want to know the best fitness tracker, it would be challenging to figure out so many unique options. Ensure understanding your needs for a feature like a heart rate monitor. You can consider buying from the above options having features like waterproof, phone compatibility, GPS navigation, sleep tracker, and so on.
If you are a fitness freak who wants features like walking, cycling, running, etc., you must go for Noise fit or Mi band 5. They both are good options. Other than that, identify your requirements and make your decision.


These days people are becoming conscious about their health and fitness. So, they are moving to wearable technology like fitness trackers. They are in every way that helps them to stay motivated and reach their target of fitness. These watches are gaining popularity among all age groups. Now, with this watch, you can easily keep track of your regular routines.

So, understanding the trend and its importance, this guide is offered to you. It includes everything you should know about the fitness tracker. There is a discussion over options you can choose from with the mentioning of their price range. Ensure going through the guide for more understanding.

Hopefully, you like the post and if you need any assistance regarding the fitness tracker, get in touch here.