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Simple way to apply Pan card Online in India

pan card online india

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What is a PAN card application in India? 

PAN card is vital proof or document for every Indian resident as identity verification and significantly for all taxes. The Indian Tax department has made the process for application effortless with the use of the internet. 

National securities depository Limited (NSDL) is accountable for managing the PAN card application online. UTI infrastructure and services limited is also responsible for PAN cards upholding. Several agencies are running on a district-level offering the PAN card applications from the acceptance, processing and offering the cards to customers. 

How to apply for a PAN card in India?

If you want to apply for the PAN card application online, you can initiate it online and offline. You require visiting the NSDL official website for applying for the card online. 

The online process for the PAN card application 

You must ensure following the steps below to apply for the PAN card: 

  • Firstly, visit the NSDL official website to apply for the PAN card online, and you require filling in the information to apply. 
  • Next, you require clicking on the “Apply Online” application to continue with the process further. You will find the three options: New PAN citizen-Indian Citizen, New PAN-Foreign Citizen, and Changes for correction on present PAN/Reprinting of PAN card.
  • After these two processes are complete, you require selecting the “Category” option. It comprises a company, individual, an association of individuals, trust, limited liability partnerships, local authority, and Hindu undivided family. 
  • Then, it would help if you chose the option to fill in your information such as title, last name, first name, middle name, date of birth, email id, and phone number. ‘
  • Enter the captcha code and then press on submit after offering the necessary information. 
  • Once the application submission is complete, the website will give you the acknowledgement number with a 15-digit. You should print the page. 

PAN card application offline 

Let’s see which is a process you must follow when applying for the PAN card offline in India below: 

  • You require downloading form 49A first from the Income-tax department official website. You can also go to the Income-tax PAN service if you want to manage by the UTIISL. 
  • Next, ensure filling the form with all categories in eight pages. 
  • After it is finished, you require sending the Rs. 107 demand draft comprising tax with the application. You have to pay the fee of Rs. 887 if you are sending the PAN application outside India. 

You should ensure sending the application with ID proof, including address proof, to avoid any rejections of your PAN card. Therefore, if you are applying for a PAN card, whether online or offline, you need to follow the process above. 

How can you apply for the PAN card in case of loss? 

You can apply for reissuing the PAN card in the card you have lost by going to the NSDL website. On the main page, you require selecting the reprinting of the PAN card option. Below are the steps you need to take to apply for the same: 

  • Visit the NSDL website. 
  • There will be the option of “Apply Now” under the reprint PAN option. 
  • If you are a registered member of NSDL, you can pick the option to apply now. 
  • You require entering the temporary token number if you are a user with your email, phone and date of birth. Then, you need to click on the submit button. 
  • After the completion, adding the captcha code and submission. 
  • Begin with entering your first name, surname, type of application and section under the apply online option. Don’t forget to add your phone number, email id and date of birth. 
  • After completing the above process, move on to entering the captcha code and pressing the submit button. 
  • You will get the token number, and you have to keep it for future references. 
  • Then, you can begin applying for the PAN reprint card online from a similar page by entering the necessary information. 
  • You will get the PAN card either on your email ID or physical card at your address by post. It depends on the option you choose. 

Can you apply for the PAN card?

PAN card application or request for any PAN card correction is available for any trust, corporate, individual, organizations, senior citizens and local authorities, including governments.

Each tax-paying needs to have the PAN to initiate any monetary transactions like salary receiving is eligible for tax, mutual funds and purchasing. The income tax department keeps tracking the financial transaction of every Indian citizen. 

Documents necessary for PAN card 

The documents will be necessary for the PAN application to verify your address, identity and date of birth. There are different documents that you have to provide when applying for the PAN card online in India. It comprises an Aadhaar card, passport size photographs, passport, and acknowledgement letter. 

Things to know when applying for the PAN card 

Few things are there you must keep in mind when applying for a PAN card in India. Here are the vital factors: 

  • The personal details you provide to the official website of NSDLS must be matching the information according to the documents you submit at the registration time. 
  • Ensure double-checking the residence address when applying. 
  • You also require to ensure that you give the active email id and phone number. 
  • You are not eligible for the PAN card if you already have one, and the government of India issued that to you.
  • One must place the request if you require a duplicate PAN in case of misplacement. 
  • You require filling the form 49A if you are applying offline. 
  • Ensure the pinning of your photograph with the application form before submitting the form 49A. 
  • You also require to make sure that the photo size doesn’t exceed 30kb if you are applying online. The file must be in the JPEG format, and the dimension should be square (213*213)
  • The thumb impression or signature must go as per the photograph for offline application with the form. 
  • When you are applying offline, you need to apply with a thumb impression. The Magistrate or Gazetted officer attests the form. 

Hence, you must remember these critical requirements and things when applying for the PAN online or offline. If you do not comprehend these guidelines, you may have to face rejections. So, to avoid it, the only way is to take care of everything beforehand. 

Final say 

PAN card is the essential documents now for every Indian citizen as it shows that you are a law-abiding citizen and pay your taxes on time. Without a PAN card, you may get into hassle if you are earning and doesn’t pay the taxes as per the government rules. It is also significant for the identity proof, so if you are travelling and if police officials ask you to represent the id card, you can show PAN. Hence, if you are looking for ways to apply for a PAN online in India, you must follow the process above. The post covers all the information for applying for the card in India, offline or online. 

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