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How to setup wireless Printer?

How to setup wireless Printer?

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What is a wireless printer? 

wireless printer includes the use of a wireless internet connection for printing from several devices. It consents the users for sending documents to the printer from laptops or computers, phones or tablets. There is no requirement of connecting the devices through cable or transferring the file among devices in advance.

Wireless printers are famous as Wi-Fi printers because it requires the internet connection for receiving communications. The technologies you will find in the wireless printers are personal area network, Bluetooth, near-field communication and cloud.

Setting up the wireless printer is not that complex; let’s discuss in the post how can you initiate the setup.

How to set up the wireless printer? 

Wireless printers are beneficial daily for every computer user these days. You can quickly initiate connecting the new printers directly to the wireless network connection. It will permit you for printing to the printer from any device on your internet. It is also effortless printing to your wireless printed from the devices such as Android and iOS. However, remember that it necessitates more configuration than the traditional printer setup.

If you want to know how to set up a wireless printer, you must follow the steps cautiously to avoid mistakes. Let’s what these steps are below:

Connecting the printer

The very first step is connecting the printer. You need to ensure placing the printer within the wireless router range. Almost every printer has Wi-Fi efficiency, permitting you to set them up without connecting to any of your devices, such as laptops or computers. The printer requires to be in the range of the wireless router for linking to it.

Power on the printer

Next, initiate powering on the printer. You must involve connecting it to the wireless network straightforwardly from the printer, so you require connecting it to a device.

Connect it to a wireless network

Connect the printer to your wireless internet. The procedure for this will differ depending on the printer. You require to know your Wi-Fi network name and password.

Numerous printers will permit you to connect to the wireless network with the utilization of a built-in menu system. You can consider the printer’s credentials for the precise location. If you cannot find the manual, you can choose to download the PDF copy from the support site for manufacturers.

You need to initiate pushing the WPS button on your printer if it has the efficiency of supporting WPS push-to-connect. Then, tap on the WPS button on the router within two buttons on your printer.

You also need to connect to a device like a computer to set up the wireless connection if the wireless printers are old. Perform connecting the printer to your computer through USB and using the integrated software for setting up the wireless connection. After the configuration, you can perform disconnecting it from your device.

Adding the printer on windows computer 

  • After connecting the printer to an internet connection, you can consider adding it to your windows for printing effortlessly.
  • Ensure to open the control panel, which you will see in the start menu.
  • Choose the option of view devices and printers or devices and printers.
  • You require now clicking on the add a printer button at the window top.
  • Now, choose the printer from the list. It can take time to appear.
  • You can install the drivers if prompted. Windows will automatically initiate installing the drivers for famous painters.

Adding a printer on Mac 

  • If you use Mac and the printer is compatible with it, you can initiate adding it after network connecting.
  • You require to click on the Apple menu and selecting system preferences.
  • Then initiate clicking on the print and scan button.
  • After performing the above steps, ensure clicking on the + button at the printer bottom.
  • Choose the new printer and initiate following the prompts for installing any required software.

Print to your wireless printer 

  • After adding the wireless printer to your device, such as the operating system, you can pick it from any printing program. The printer will appear in the selection menu with the name “Printer” when you initiate printing your picture or document.
  • If you cannot see the printer, then check if the computer is connected to the internet. At times, printer restarting brings it back again.

Printing from Android 

Set up your printer to connect it with the network or to a PC. Before you can initiate printing from your Android, your printer should be appropriately connected with your home internet using the steps above or straightforwardly to your PC through USB. You will add the printer to Google Cloud Print. It will consent you to send print occupations to it from any place and any application that helps print.

  • If the printer upholds Google Cloud Print, you will have the option to integrate with it with insignificant worry. If the printer doesn’t uphold Google Cloud Print, you will require integrating it utilizing a PC where you installed the printer.

Connecting the network printer to Google cloud print directly 

If the printer efficiently supports the Google cloud print, you can easily connect it to your Google account from the in-built menu. You need to ensure following the prompts to sign in with the Google account. Ensure this is a similar Google account linked with the Android device.

  • If your printer is not supporting the Google cloud print, you can still initiate adding it through your laptop or computer.

Open chrome when the printer doesn’t support Google cloud print

When the printer cannot connect to the Google cloud print directly, you require adding it to the account manually on Google. The drawback is that the printer will be accessible when you turn on the computer and sign in.

  • You require chrome for setting up the Google cloud print services.
  • Ensure you use the computer having access to a printer on the internet. Ensure following the steps in the earlier section for connecting your computer to your wireless printer. 

Click chrome button 

  • You need to ensure clicking on the Chrome menu button and choose Settings. It will open a new tab.

Click on Show advanced settings. 

  • Here in this step, you need to ensure clicking on the Show advanced settings link and then scrolling down. You will discover the section, which is Google cloud print, towards the menu button.

Click on the manage button.

  • Make sure to click on the manage button for opening the Google cloud print manager. You will view a presently connected devices list.
  • Ensure signing in with a similar Google account if you are asked to sign in when using an Android device.

Click add printers 

  • You need to initiate clicking on the add printers, and you will view wireless printers connected to the computer.
  • You will also involve several devices, primarily when a printer is a fax machine.

Add printers 

  • You need to confirm the picking of the device and click add printers. It will link your printer to the Google cloud print account.

Download Google cloud print app 

  • You need to download the Google cloud print app on an Android device. The app will permit you for accessing your wireless printer from Android. It is free to download from Play Store. So, don’t forget this step.

Printing from Android apps 

  • After installing Google cloud print, you can initiate printing to your wireless printers from any app supporting the printing. The support for printing differentiates from application to application. However, most of the applications support printing having documents, emails and images. You can initiate accessing the print option from the menu bar.

Printing from an iPhone or iPad

Identify if the printer supports AirPrint.

  • The first step to print from an iPhone or iPod is to determine if the printer has the efficiency of supporting AirPrint. It is a feature which will permit iOS device for sending the print jobs straightforwardly to the printer.
  • Some printer requires configuration for using the AirPrint.
  • AirPrint requires connecting to a similar network as the iOS device. Ensure following the steps above in the post to link your printer to the network.
  • You require finding the printing app from your manufacturer if your wireless printer is not supporting the AirPrint.

Opening the app

  • Next, you need to initiate opening the application from which you want to print. Not every application can support the AirPrint, but most of the iOS device applications, i.e., Apple or other developers, do.

Open the item 

  • In this step, you need to use the application for opening the document, email or image you wish to print.

Tap share button 

  • In this step, you must initiate tapping the share button and selecting the AirPrint. It will consent you for choosing the Airprint printer.
  • Ensure that you are linked to a similar network as the printer.

Select the printer 

  • Lastly, you ensure selecting the printer and tap print. It will transfer the file to AirPrint.

So, these are all the steps you need to follow when planning to set up the wireless printer. 


In this post, we are covering the comprehension of wireless printers for you. Setting up the wired cable printer is not that complex, and anyone can do that without any technical assistance. But it is essential to follow the steps cautiously to avoid errors when it comes to wireless printers. There is a requirement to connect the printer to the network with a similar one on your device. Otherwise, it would be challenging to ensure the proper setup of the printer. So, make sure that you have read the post comprehensively to gain your understanding. If you feel that the write-up would assist you with your printer, ensure sharing it with us. Also, for any information, initiate contact here.