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How to set Dark Mode in Facebook App and Web?

How to set Dark Mode in Facebook App and Web?

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Social media platform these days keeps modifying their features time to time such as Twitter or Instagram. Facebook also recently introduces the dark web feature. It is one of the well-known features which is available on the several social media platforms.

If you wonder how can you use the dark mode, then this post is for you. You will get to learn how to set dark mode in Facebook app and web. So, make sure you keep reading the post till the end to gain more understanding.

Set dark mode in Facebook app on Android or iOS

Follow the process below to set the dark mode in Facebook app on Android or iOS:

  • Firstly, you need to enter the app on your phone either Android iOS.
  • Next, ensure tapping on the hamburger menu you will see in the right side.
  • Following the above step, initiate scrolling down the settings and privacy option.
  • And, then select the option of setting and privacy.
  • You will see various options which will include the dark mode as well.
  • Ensure selecting the dark mode option.
  • Lastly, you have to initiate the standalone page and select the options you will see such as: enable dark mode, disable dark made and system to enable or disable the options on the setting.

So, if you want to set the dark mode in Facebook app, then you must follow the above process diligently.

Set dark mode in Facebook on the web

You can set the dark mode in Facebook on the web on your laptop or computer system. If you want to know how you can enable the dark mode option, then follow the process below:

  • First, head towards opening the Facebook on your laptop or computer.
  • Secondly, ensure choosing the account option. You will see it in the top right corner side of notification option.
  • Then, click on the display preferences.
  • You will see the dark mode under the option. You need to choose the On or Off for enabling or disabling the option.
  • Next, you need to initiate choosing the Facebook appearance website through enable the compact mode. You will see it under the dark mode option. It will create the font size smaller as this would modify the complete look and will turn it into compact mode.

Thus, this is how you can set dark mode in Facebook on web, just ensure that you are following the process thoroughly.


What is dark mode?

The dark mode is an option in the Facebook which include replacing the bright, white interface on the app or on website. It also involves black background. It is useful because it is simple to read and doesn’t causes much strain to the eyes. The dark mode also doesn’t consume much of battery from your device.

Is it better to use dark mode?

Dark mode helps in decreasing the eye strain and drying eye for some amount of people. If you spend a lot of time on screens, then this one is for you. Nonetheless, you will not find any conclusive date that includes proving dark mode. It even assists with you extending the device’s battery life. It wouldn’t price you anything and you can also save your eyes from the strain. So, I don’t think you would more reason than this to choose the dark mode in Facebook.

Final words

Dark mode is one option in the Facebook that you should enable for sure. It would do a lot of benefits for you. Your eyes would not have to suffer from eye strain and you will not loose the battery soon. So, there is no reason you should enable the option in settings. There is the process in the post for your understanding. You can learn from it about to set up the dark mode in Facebook on app or on web.

All you need is ensuring that the process is followed adequately. If you are interested to gain more comprehension on the topic, it would be better to get in touch with us here. Our team of experts and professional will surely guide you in the best way. You wouldn’t be disappointed certainly.