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How to delete Instagram account?

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Instagram-a popular social media application is seeing exponential growth and reaches over one billion in 2020 from one million in December 2010. This social media application is helping the world to connect efficiently. You will almost every second person using Instagram. 

The application has impressive features such as updating stories whenever you want, going live and whatnot. The best part of this social media app is connecting with your favourite celebrity or influencer. Recently, after the banning of TikTok, social media launched the new feature- Reels. This feature is also getting popular day by day. People are enjoying the feature. 

If you are a social media freak, you would love this app. It allows the user to take pictures and videos on the app and then upload themselves with fantastic editing. You will find features like a boomerang, videos for 15 second etc. People stay updated through this app with their family, friends and relatives. 

This social media app is a sister company of Facebook, so people don’t have to signup for Instagram. You can quickly login through your Facebook account and can your friends over there also. The app keeps coming with unique features from time to time. 

But these days, people are getting addicted to it, and at times, they have to consider deleting it. If you face the problem and wants to delete Instagram permanently, keep reading. We will discuss everything you must know about this social media app. 

delete instagram account

What is Instagram? 

Instagram-social media app is free, online photograph sharing application and social community platform, and Facebook in 2012 acquired this app. 

This social media app consents the users to alter and transfer photographs and short recordings through a mobile application. Customers can add a subtitle to every one of their posts and use hashtags and geotags. Users can initiate to record these posts and make them accessible by different users inside the application. Every post by the user shows up to their followers on Instagram feeds. People can view the feeds when tagged with the use of hashtags or geotags. Customers also choose to create their profile private with the goal that their followers are eligible to view their posts. 

Instagram isn’t just a social media tool for people but also for organizations. The photograph sharing application offers organizations the chance to begin a free business account to advance their services and products. Organizations with a business accounts approach to get the engagement for free and impression measurements. As per Instagram’s site, more than 1 million promoters use Instagram to share their stories and drive business results. Moreover, 60% of individuals say they find new products through the application.

In general, the application is gaining more popularity than any other social media app available in the industry. 

How to delete an Instagram account?

If you wish to know how to delete the Instagram account, please read the post below. We will discuss everything for your better comprehension. 

Instagram– a social media app can be a gift and abuse at times. With over a billion users, the photograph sharing platform is an extraordinary method to stay aware of what companions and big names you love are doing. In any case, it might seem tiring to feel like you need to archive all that you do. And the assault of “picture-awesome” minutes from every other person’s lives can build nervousness. 

If Instagram feels like an undesirable burden, you might be thinking about getting rid of your account. You need to ensure following the steps below efficiently to delete your Instagram account permanently

Remember that once you remove your account, you can expect it to open your account again. All your photographs and record history, followers, likes and remarks will be deleted permanently. And you will not have the option to join using a similar username if you ever plan to create your account again. 

So, now let’s see the steps you should follow for deleting the account permanently. 

Step-by-step guide to delete Instagram account 

Here is the step-by-step guide you need to follow when planning to delete your Instagram permanently: 

  • First, you need to ensure opening Instagram on your browser as you cannot do this on the application. 
  • Secondly, enter your email and password to login into the website. 
  • The next step is clicking on the profile button. You will see the option in the top-right corner. 
  • You will see the “Edit Profile” option next to your profile picture and username, so click on it. 
  • Ensure scrolling down and pick the option. You will get two options that temporarily disable the account and permanently disable your account. You can do this as per your wish. 
  • Make sure to pick a reason why are you deleting the account from Instagram. 
  • Now, you require re-entering the password to check whether the account is deleted or not. 

Therefore, ensure following these steps while deleting the account from Instagram. 


This guide involves the discussion on popular social media app-Instagram. It is hype in the social media industry because of its immense popularity among users. The app allows users to connect with their friends, relatives and family all over the globe. Since it not only providing the benefits, there are specific cons as well. One of them is security which we also call “hacking”, due to which some people decide to leave the platform. But the issues are that not every individual is familiar with the steps to delete their account from this app. 

So, to make everything easier for you, you will find everything about Instagram in this post. There is a comprehensive discussion on the step-by-step guide, which you need to ensure following appropriately. 

Hopefully, this post proves to beneficial for you and gain a lot of understanding from it. Our team is always ready to help you, so without any hassle, get in touch with us here