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How to delete a Facebook account temporarily/permanently in just simple steps?

How to delete a Facebook account temporarily/permanently in just simple steps?

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Facebook nowadays is a very helpful tool to stay in touch with your loved ones such as friends, family, and relatives. But there are a lot of times when an individual may feel distractions, consistent ads, quizzes, and what not. All of this leads to interrupting your life balance. So, in that case if you are considering to temporarily deactivate or permanently delete the account, it is quite normal.

Let’s find out the step-by-step process for both the ways.

How to deactivate a Facebook account temporarily

How to deactivate a Facebook account temporarily?

It is an option for those people who don’t want to permanently delete the account so if you want to delete temporarily then deactivation is the option for you:

  • Sign-in to your Facebook account first.
  • Then, press on the arrow button on right side.
  • You will see settings and privacy option.
  • Choose Facebook information from the left menu option.
  • Next, press on the buttons of deactivation and deletion.
  • You require choosing the option of deactivate account. Click on the continue button.
  • Lastly, follow the guidelines for confirming the deactivation.

Once you complete the above step-by-step process to deactivate your Facebook account, then your account instantly will disappear. However, remember that your friends can see you in their list. They can even send you the messages through messenger. For reactivation of your account, just sign-in with your email id and password. You are good to go.

How to permanently delete your Facebook account?

If you want to delete your Facebook account permanently, keep in mind that your information will be deleted after the completion of 90 days. Servers and users wouldn’t be able to access your data once you delete the account. Also, remember that you cannot login back if you wish for it. So, make your decision before doing this.

Now, let’s see the step-by-step process to delete the account permanently:

  • Sign-in to the Facebook
  • Once you do that, initiate clicking on the arrow on top right side.
  • Press on the privacy and settings option.
  • Choose settings option.
  • Pick Facebook information.
  • Press on the option of delete or deactivate.
  • Now, choose permanently account deletion, then press continue.
  • Choose delete account. You need to enter your password and press on continue.

If any point of time you feel that you need to use Facebook, then ensure signing-in within the period of 30 days. Once you enter the account, repeat the above process and click on cancel deletion.

FAQs on Facebook Account

How visible is my account if it is deleted?

After you delete your Facebook account, it will give you 30 days to rethink upon your decision. If you want to access it, you need to re-enter the email id and password. You will be logged-in. Until that time, all of your information such as messages, photos, and videos will be visible to the friends in your list. But after 90 days everything will be deleted permanently by the Facebook. So, now we hope can make your decision of whether you must delete the account or not.

Will your messages be still visible once you delete the account?

After you delete your Facebook account permanently, other users such as your friends will not be able to view to your information. But they can still your messages and profile picture as an anonymous user even when they search you. They cannot send you the messages and you will not be able to send them as well. So, you don’t have to worry about the information visibility after the account deletion.

What about social media account such as Instagram?

When it is about your other social media like Instagram, then you must consider deleting the account from there as well. Instagram is acquired by Facebook and it gathers all your information such as photos, data, and videos. Hence, it would be better if you delete the account. This will help in removing your personal data and information from there as well if you are anxious about it.

Final words

Facebook account deletion or deactivation can be a difficult decision at times. But if you think that it is impacting your life and the daily balance then it is better to take the step. These days people are constantly on Facebook and there are some addicted to it. Deactivation and deletion both are different functions. Deactivation of Facebook account will allow you temporarily delete your account whereas with deletion you cannot login back. It means the account will be deleted permanently.

Few steps are there which you need to follow when initiating one of them. In this guide, step-by step process is there so read it and initiate the process as mentioned.

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