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How to choose best Website Builder and build a website – Step by Step Guide 2021

How to choose best Website Builder and build a website - Step by Step Guide 2021

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In this age of development and technology, creating a website is not anymore a daunting task. If you want to build your website, then go for it. However, it may seem challenging in the beginning. But it’s not at all. In this post, I will discuss everything which you must know about website building. You will get to know here a lot. 

Creating a website with the right tools and systems is as effortless as ever. There is no requirement for coding knowledge to build a website. It also means there is no need of spending a chunk of your money on hiring a web developer. 

All in all, what you need is a good internet connection and a computer or laptop. And, that’s it. You are good to go. If we talk about the best way to create a website, many people consider using Wix. No doubt that this is an excellent option, but there are also fantastic website builders you must try out. 

In this guide, we will include a discussion on the steps you must follow for website building. But you will also find the elaboration on some website building options you can pick to move forward. 

So, without wasting time, let’s get started. 

How to choose the website builder? 

It would be best if you consider certain things when choosing the website builder. If you want to know them, keep following then: 

Ease of use 

When choosing the website builder, ensure not only considering the user-friendly features but also comprehending their online presence. Ensure that you get to drag and drop builder, powerful editing tools, and customizations options. 


The website building is filled with rivalry space, so you require looking for the website builder offering the value for your price. Consider finding the components like a free plan, SSL, business email and free domain. 

Designing and features 

While picking the website builder for your website, make sure to look after the designing part and features. Ask the service if they are offering the various expert template. Also, ensure that it provides flexibility with additional features such as third-party marketing tools and Google analytics. 

Customer support 

You must consider a user-friendly interface and ensure that the website builder has 24*7 customer support. The services should always be available in need for the clients. 

Data ownership and portability 

Beginners primarily don’t consider this option and overlook it. It is crucial that before you pick any services, consider their terms of service. It will help you comprehend that you are the owner of your data and that whenever you want to switch, it is portable. 

In a nutshell, you need to consider all these points when choosing the website builder for your website. Now, we will discuss the step-by-step guide and the best website builders you can pick. 

Step by Step Guide to build a website 

It is vital that before you begin with choosing the website builder for your website, you understand the steps you need to follow. So, let’s put the focus on discussing these steps below: 

Choosing the right tool

One of the primary steps is finding the appropriate software or right tool for creating a website.  You can find a vast range of platforms such as CMS and website builders having numerous features. You have to identify your needs and requirements to pick the right builder for your website. 

It is essential to understand that the wrong tool can ruin your opportunity to accomplish the anticipated result. You also need to ensure picking the right SEO tools when it comes to website development. You can check out our post here to choose the SEO tools. 

New website building plan

Most of the people who want to set up their website doesn’t consider following this step. If you also haven’t planned, then do it now. Spending time on website planning plays an important role. There is no requirement for developing a comprehensive plan. You can consider drawing it on paper.

Your plan will assist you with understanding the website structure, content, features and assets. It will help you throughout the process of website building. You also should be aware of the website builder that is appropriate for your website. 

Website builder setting up 

You get several choices when it is about website naming and domain name. A domain name is essential as it is a web address that is unique. Make sure to choose a name that is easy to remember. 

The process of set up relies on the software you pick. You need to get familiar with the website builder and the platform to comprehend the functionality. 

Website maintenance and designing 

There is no need to be a professional for making a beautiful website. There are platforms like Wix and WordPress that have fantastic designing templates. You can also pick the themes according to your desire and colour scheme. 


Website builders, you should choose 

As discussed, it is essential picking the right website builder for creating a website, so here is the discussion on some services: 

wordpress website builder


WordPress is one of the world’s best platform for website building. This website powers more than 39% of websites. 

It is an open-source website and is free of cost. It also means that you are the complete owner of your website and can control it the way you want. The website is fully translated into countless languages. It is easy, to begin with creating multilingual websites. All you need for this website is WordPress hosting, and you are good to start with creating a website. 

You also get to enjoy the fantastic SEO tools when using this website builder. It makes sure that you are getting higher rankings in search engines. So, if you are a beginner, it is the best website builder you can use. Please don’t give it a thought and get started. WordPress tops the list among others because of its robust features, user-friendly and popularity with scalability.



weebly website builder


Weebly is also known for its effortless website building, having several excellent designs and great functionalities. It integrates the page builder that is crafted well and consents you for editing your website. You don’t need any skills in coding to use this website builder. 

It is a fully-hosted platform, which means you don’t require installing and managing the software. You can also enjoy the support which is built-in for eCommerce. While using this website builder, you can initiate creating the online store and begin to sell. Overall, you benefit from user-friendly features and a less complex setup process with this website builder.



webnode website builder


Webnode is a website builder platform offering comprehensive and dynamic solutions to small business to build their websites. You can enjoy the free eCommerce package, comprising 1GB bandwidth and 10 MB space for storage. 

The website builder offers you themes that are not only stylish but also responsive. It is an intuitive platform and includes the paid plan option. It also has the non-intrusive ad of the free plan with awesome templates. 



website builder


Wix is again one of the famous website builders that is cloud-based. It ensures offering user-friendly services with a robust set of features. This service assists you with the fantastic creation of your website. 

The platform is entirely fully-hosted; hence there is no need of paying for the hosting. You will get access to countless templates for your website design. You can easily edit every template with their drag and drop feature. Their artificial design intelligence feature will help you with designing a beautiful website. 

The website also has the option of offering a free plan. In this plan, you will get limited storage and bandwidth. There is also free SLL and other plans which you may need for your website building. 

If you want the website builder, then you must get this one for sure.



squarespace website builder


Squarespace is famous as one of the expert website builders having fantastic designs and user-friendly features. You will find the enterprise-grade infrastructure to host your site. When working with this website builder, you don’t have to worry about security and robustness. You will get tons of design to begin building your website. The designs that are there can be edited easily.

This website builder also permits you to use several templates simultaneously. If you want to add content to the website, then it is again effortless with Squarespace.




Site 123 is again one of the most uncomplicated website builders you can ever find. It is effortless to use, and you get access to fantastic good-looking themes with responsiveness. The website offers you the option, to begin with, an e-commerce store and works as an email marketing tool

The builder will permit you to create a website that is one-page and multi-page. You will get access to different plugin choices, and it is easy to find sufficient work with it. So, if you want an efficient website builder option, you must go for it without any doubt. 



godaddy website builder


GoDaddy is a name in the website builder industry that doesn’t require any introduction. It has got a huge name in the business of web hosting. You will see that they have come up with the new features and free plan as well. Do you need anything else? Of course, not, I guess. The main focus of this builder is making everything easy with user-friendly features. 

You will get to enjoy the templates which are mobile-friendly with additional marketing tools.  The website builder also offers a generous amount of storage with an interface of drag and drop. There is a software for photo-editing also which you will love for sure. So, go and get it now to start your website building now.




Shopify is a website builder that you must choose for your creating a website need. It is primarily beneficial for eCommerce websites and online stores. The builder is powering around one million active users with half a million businesses. You don’t need to get anxious about the management of this platform as it is fully-hosted. It will ensure keeping the backups and installing updates. 

You get to enjoy the fantastic integrated solution for payment called Shopify Payments. The options allow you to use credit cards as well. A drag and drop interface is making it easier for you to create a fully-fledged store. So, if you want a great solution to build your website, Shopify is your answer. 




Jimdo again is famous for the well-establishment as website builder. It is of great help for people who are familiar with coding skills. The builder permits you to create free, HTML5 and mobile-friendly websites. The platform’s main strength is that it has a free online store. You also get to enjoy the substantial 500 MB storage and fantastic support from customer care. 

I would recommend you try the service of this website builder. You will see resolving all your problems of website building.




Webflow is different from other website builders. It is because this falls a little out of line. The builder involves targeting the progressive users, targets designers and developers intending to create a website. It needs freedom when it comes to designing other traditional platforms. 

It allows you to publish two projects on the website with the free plan. There is a lot of process for customization and unique features.



Constant contact 

Constant contact is famous as the smartest and powerful A.I. website builder than others. It assists you with building a custom website within no time. The website builder is like a boon for business owners who are not tech-savvy. 

This website is also famous for the leading email marketing services. You can use this website builder for creating a customized website with the suggestions of image and content that is personalized. 

It is simple to use this drag and drop website builder for customizing your layout of the website. You can pick from their library, which comprises more than 550,000 images free of cost with professional quality. The layouts of the template are very user-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about it. Your website will look stunning when is accessed on a laptop or mobile phone. The noteworthy thing about this service is that you can get it for free. It means that you will be creating a website free of cost with other components like logo and blog using their free plan.



hostgator website builder

Gator by HostGator 

Gator is also a famous name in the industry of website builder. It is developed by HostGator and is among the largest providers of web hosting around the globe. It is also famous for website building and hosting solutions, making it an ideal option specifically for small businesses. 

You don’t need to get apprehensive about the backups and updates as this is a fully-hosted platform. You can, with less effort, pick from 200+ templates design from their library. Every design is with effortless customization, and configuration is also effortless. 

You will also get the accessibility to a photo library built-in stock from where you can find fantastic pictures to be added to your website. This builder is a bit expensive to pick this one if you have a higher budget. Rest everything depends on your requirement however I would recommend investing in it as you will get everything under one roof.



zyro website builder


Zyro is a robust and cheapest website builder among others in the industry. The website ensures offering you the tool of drag and drop, which is user-friendly. You will get free hosting while using this service. You can easily create your website with this website builder without any skills in coding and design. Their user-friendly and robust designing tools makes it effortless for everyone to build beautiful websites. 

You also get to enjoy the features like A.I. tools, templates that are pre-made and logo maker. You can also enjoy access to their one million images filled with high-quality for free. All in all, you can enjoy countless services and benefits while using this website builder.





Website building is common these days as it offering various business opportunities to people over the internet. It can be in any form, such as an eCommerce business or anything. But creating a website requires an efficient website builder. It doesn’t mean hiring the web developer but platforms.

When developing a website, there are significant facets that should be kept in mind. So, comprehending the need, you will find the discussion on tips for choosing the website builder. There is also the comprehension of a step-by-step guide with some of the website builders in the market. These website builders are very famous in the market and are assisting countless professionals with their website development. Thus, make sure to read the post comprehensively. 

For more information, you can contact us here. We want to assist you with any information you need.