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Here is how to find High search Volume Keywords

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High search volume keywords can sound intimidating to you, specifically for marketers targeting keywords with higher search rates. It is a good metric in the SEO field. Keyword research tools refer to the times a particular keyword is searched within a specific time frame. 

Keyword research is also about the questions and phrases that your target audiences use to find the answers. The critical element of any marketing campaign involves terms and queries. Gathering the information can be time-consuming at times for better SEO strategies, PR campaigns, audience research, paid advertising, competitive research, brainstorming sessions, etc. 

So, here in this post, you can learn to find high search volume keywords using tools available online. 

Best tools to find high search volume keywords 

Various high search volume keywords are there which can assist you with obtaining the high-ranking keywords. So, here we will break down the user-friendly, free, and profitable tools for every marketer or business person. So, follow the discussion below: 

Google Trends 

Google Trends is among the popular keyword research tools when it comes to keywords’ popularity. It offers you important information on regional modifications. This search tool is a fantastic source for evaluation and trends in changes with the volume on search engines. 

The data here is essential because it will assist you with following the trend. You can get what matters to Google. You will get a set of relevant questions which will offer you the keyword research ideas, content, and advertising strategies. It also provides data according to keyword interests or trends by country or region, which is massively helpful. 

Google Trends is free for use and also offers you an easy user interface.




SEMrush is a keyword magic tool when it is about initiating keyword research. You will obtain excellent information here. Free users have the benefit of performing around ten requests every day. But always remember that every query is counted under your daily limit. 

You get to view the phrase match, exact match, broad match keywords, related, and keywords questions in every query.




Reddit is among the platforms being used by millions of regular users to discuss their issues, to know answers, and find the solutions they want. QuestionDB is the platform for high search volume keywords. This tool suggests the utilization of a broad keyword term. 

The platform initiated the creation of extensive databases according to the queries on Reddit. It involves the assessment significance by a keyword and also via category.



volume keywords


AnswerThePublic is one of the finest tools, and find out phrases that you probably don’t know about or don’t remember. AnswerThePublic offers you the free version to their users. In this free version, users can view the questions and phrases around a specific keyword. The correlative phrases are excellent when it is about research and ideation. 

If you need more features, then you have to pay for a paid version. It will allow you to access regional information for every keyword. It involves breaking down into the linked queries, prepositions, related searches, and alphabetical order queries.



volume keywords


UberSuggest is owned by Neil Patel and is among the top keywords tool. It includes offering high search volume data, keyword recommendations, and an idea of how complex your keyword will be when it comes to ranking. It will also give you advice for linked keywords; you can view the best 100 Google results for the particular keyword. You get to view the estimated visits, domain score, backlinks, and complete social shares number.



volume keywords


Ahrefs is another famous tool for keyword research offering the same features as SEMrush. With the use of this tool, you can obtain keyword ideas. You can type the keyword in the search box, and you are good to go. There will be a complete keyword suggestions list in front of you. 

You can use the tool for viewing the keywords which your rivals use for ranking. It will assist you with creating fresh content targeting the keywords linked to the domain. You also get the efficiency of viewing keywords and movements. It also provides you the reports finding broken links, AdWords detail, PPC keywords, and a lot more.



volume keyword

Google Keyword Planner 

Google keyword planner is also the most OK pick for high search volume keywords, and marketers can use the tool to ensure running their ads on Google. It is a helpful SEO tool, and the best part is free for use. 

You would require a Google account to use this tool. You can create if you don’t have an account. After you get access to keyword planner via Google ads, you can start typing the keyword and seeing the data. It will help you to gain knowledge about monthly searches. It provides you a long list of keyword ideas that you can initiate scrolling down and even can download.




SpyFu is also among the excellent keyword research tools to help you understand your rivals by getting into their valuable keywords. The tool is free for trying out, so you can begin with typing of website URL, and in the search bar, there will be results. If you want to use it, you need to create an account, but that again is free, so you don’t have to worry. 

It will gather your data so that you can get the best results when it comes to going on top against rivalries. So, it can be a great choice when hunting for a keyword finder.




What is keyword search volume?

Keyword search volume is initiating searching for a specific keyword in the provided timeframe. It involves the set time to offer advertisers a general notion of competitiveness for a search time and the entire volume.

Why should you use search volume keyword tools? 

You must ensure using the keyword search volume tools because it is the way for attracting new traffic and visitors. It is relevant targeting specific keywords in the content with high search volume. It will be complex for you to obtain content rankings if you don’t use keyword research tools.

Final words  

Finding high search volume keywords is difficult sometimes, but you can solve it efficiently with the right tools. Any marketer or businessman needs to ensure that they initiate the keyword research to stay ahead in the game. Otherwise, it wouldn’t take time to go down. So, if you don’t want to face such hassle, make sure to choose the right keyword research tool as per your need from the above best ones. These all are on the list not because of their valuable features and usability but also for their popularity. 

I hope the post could fulfill its purpose of offering you comprehensive information; if it did, then ensure interacting with us