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Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

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What is Online Streaming?

Are you someone who loves watching movies? Then, probably you keep looking for the sites that are free to watch movies online. If you are struggling to find such websites, then your wait is over. But wait before we move on to the discussion directly; let’s first conclude certain online streaming aspects.

So, here is what you must know about online streaming.

Online streaming is known as any media content which is recorded live. It is delivered on different devices such as a mobile, computer through the internet. There are other forms of online streaming which includes Podcasts, webcasts, movies, TV shows etc.

A video or movie streaming refers to a source of online entertainment on-demand for movies and media for streaming. Online streaming is an excellent substitute for the cable and service that is on-demand. These sites are also popular because they are affordable as well.

The only required to watch free movies online is getting the subscription of fees per view. Films or videos that you watch comes from the cloud-based network. When it comes to the content, availability and services prices, then it differs as per region.

There are services feature which include hardware support for specific devices like tablets, smartphones, streaming media receivers and smart TVs. You may find restrictions in some devices such as Hulu or iTunes for Apple devices.

If any sequel or your favourite movie is releasing and want to watch it, then online streaming is your answer. You can enjoy the film even when you don’t have a Netflix account.

In this guide, we will get into the discussion on free online movie streaming sites for you. But before that, let’s first find out how online streaming works.

How does streaming works?

The prearrangement and transmission of music, videos, movies, or any media files in pockets is sequential for streaming quickly. And not like traditional downloads, the storing takes place on your device. Initiation of deleting the media files is there when it comes to keeping on your device.

All you require is a reliable and internet connection with high speed for accessing the streaming service.

Benefits of using online streaming services

Let’s move on to the discussion on the benefits of online streaming sites: 

  • One of the main advantages of using these sites includes a clear sound picture. The quality and video of the movies are primarily high. You can perform streaming the videos in HD if you want.
  • You also get the benefit of instant access to movies even when you are travelling. Platforms are charging a fee monthly, and you obtain the programming access.
  • The best use is no download time. It is easier for people to watch movies and shows without downloading. Make surer you have a stable internet connection, and that’s it.
  • Another perk of using free online sites is no requirement for memory space. There is no need to get anxious about the memory space or disk space as there is no downloads involvement.
  • Instant playback is also a fantastic benefit. It is not a problem if it is a video or audio playback. Want an example? While I am writing this, I am enjoying the music or audio playback as well. Isn’t it amazing?
  • You get a lot of options for streaming. These sites provide you with the benefit of picking for the list of options. There is no restriction for watching a video or movie in a day.

Free online movie streaming sites 

The services of streaming are famous than ever these days. These services involve a movies library, but you may spend massive money if you aren’t cautious. So, if you want to know where you can stream free movies online, then we are here to answer this.

You will find the compilation of sites here where you can get access to free movies online instantly. It doesn’t matter what streaming device you use, such as a Roku or Amazon Fire TV stick.

Let’s not waste time and begin with these free sites for streaming:

kanopy streaming


If you are precisely the lover of classic or artistic movies, then Kanopy is the best pick. It is known for its best and free movie streaming purpose. This streaming site ensures doing its best cinema that is top-notch and high-quality. It has got the charms from the Collection of Criterion, including the masterpieces of modern indie.

Make sure to connect with the Kanopy for your college, university or local library. Here’s how you can check the connection of the library; tap and click here. Accessing the catalogue of Kanopy is effortless with the library card or email login of your college.

There is one thing to know that these free streaming sites’ offerings keep changing periodically. However, movies keep coming back on the site. But it is not always evident at what time, so please be sure of when making your selections while viewing.





If you love comedies, thrillers and movies of the mainstream, then Popcornflix is for you. This is an ideal choice for a free online movie streaming site. It offers you access to countless movies and TV shows for choosing from in return to play ads.

If ads keep annoying you, then probably you might not like this website. But the noteworthy aspect is you cannot deny the fact it has got a vast selection. This streaming site covers various eras of movies concluding the latest releases.

When it comes to access, then you can do that through the web. You can consider downloading the app on Google Play, Amazon, Roku or Apple TV so that you can watch it on TV. As per our understanding of the free movies online streaming, you can pick this if you are looking for alternatives.




Vimeo is also one of the best and free video platforms. It is known as a platform like YouTube consenting the users for uploading their movies. People can also initiate sharing the clips into the quality of HD. You need to ensure paying for some movies to watch on the site. But don’t worry, most of them are free and mainly short films.

This online movie streaming platform has the existence of a website. It also is present as an Android app and iOs. You can begin watching movies via streaming or downloading them to watch later. You can access it without Wi-Fi as well. It offers you excellent options for managing at almost no price.



Internet Archive

If you are a lover of movies that belongs to the classic genre, then Internet Archive is for you. We are talking about a black and white film with amazing yore stars. A lot of them are live now at this free online movie streaming site. It includes capturing all the media, which includes music and books. Additionally, it applies to movies that have made an entry into the public realm.

If the content is old, then it is not subjected to laws of copyright. So, it is free to use and watching movies online. You can get to watch the film that is of feature-length that too for free streaming. When it comes to classic film’s buffs, trust me, you will not find a better site than this.



Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle, previously known as Crackle, is also a good choice for watching the latest, modern movies. You get this site free of cost. But with this too, you may not like the popping of ads again and again like Popcornflix. We understand that ads can irritate you, but it is called a trade-off. And it is there when you don’t intend to pay for the movie.

If you are an individual who prefers watching action or thriller films, then this is the site for you. It is easy to find everything of your choice here than on any other platforms. It would help if you considered using the Sony Crackle for free online movie streaming. You will love the feel of it.




Vudu is a free online movie streaming site that mainly purchases movies or TV episodes. This site has a lot of movies and TV shows that are free for you to watch. But, here again, all credit goes to ads. Vudu streaming site is excellent when reporting the length of the movie that will remain free. However, the catalogue of this site keeps changing every month.

It involves countless modern and recent movies, including older dramas of beloved and comedies. You can use this website on any device such as a computer, smart TV, tablets, phones, game consoles and other streaming devices.

All you have to do is signing up for the free account on the site and begin using the site and apps.




 IMDb TV is your way out if you are struggling for watching free online movies streaming. You can use this site anywhere and at any point in time, you want. Like other websites, this is also the one that involves supporting ads. But the good news is if you have got Amazon Prime, then you can enjoy watching movies. The best part is without any ads.

The main requirement is you must have IMDb or an Amazon account for watching movies. You can enjoy watching your favourite content. This site is not the simplest one for navigating or search through. It is among the top-rated categories which consent you to find the movies loved by other users. This way, you get a better opportunity to enjoy what you choose.




Hoopla is again one fantastic service you can use for watching free online movies streaming sites. It includes offering the library having excellent service; you ensure tapping and clicking here to know more. The site refers to the digital service of Midwest Tape, a business that offers products of media and services such as CDs, DVDs and libraries audiobooks.

It would be best if you made sure to sign up for Hoopla with your email id and a library card. You get access to countless movies and seasons of TV. Additionally, there is the efficiency of using the hoopla applications on your phone, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon fire device and other devices.

You must know that it doesn’t function with other systems of the library. So, you need to ensure asking the next time you are in the library. If there is no library, then again, you require asking which one can help you with. There are movies with a fantastic offering and are plentiful. So, this way, you can help yourself and inspire other fellows for the signup.



The Roku Channel

You can quickly initiate accessing The Roku Channel if you have Roku. This is the free online movie streaming site that offers you free movies and TV content as per your choice. Streaming the lives shows on this channel is easy.

You can also begin watching the movies catalogue that is ever-changing and TV shows too without any price. What else do you need? So, if you want something good, then this is your pick. It will help you with fulfilling all your requirements and needs. You don’t have to struggle much when using this site.




YouTube is one of the world’s popular online streaming video channels. It involves the feature-length share of uploading the movies illegally. Some individuals manage to disappear when it is thanking the algorithm. However, the platform has made changes to the algorithms now.

People who are even trying for this are not intelligent. Because it already offers countless movies for free. Additionally, there is an option for renting or purchasing. You need to be curious about watching ads. Otherwise, you get the option of skipping as well. So, I guess it is not that much a big issue.

You can tap here if interested to watch movies. Another method for watching free movies or the available ones is going to the channels of movies and shows. They are available from the homepage of this site. You need to ensure clicking View all and then the category of free to watch. 

All of the movies on this site aren’t critically applauded, but there are ones that you may enjoy. You can also find content that is kid-friendly if there is any little one around you. So, this can be your choice if looking for the easier pick.




Yidio is yet another site for watching free movies online. You can find the various categories displaying where you can enjoy watching films. There is one type of free online movies, mainly. This site is a different movie from other sites because it gives you the feel of a search engine for free films. It assists you in finding all the free places to watch online films.

The use of this site is very user-friendly and involves sorting the movies by ratings, including genres. So, pick this and enjoy watching movies as per your comforts.



Peacock TV

NBC’s streaming site or platform, Peacock TV, is a great pick again. It came into the scene in July 2020. This site includes several free movies, channels and tv shows you can pick as per your choice.

Peacock TV has got the most amazing impressive library of content, smooth playback and a free plan. Currently, there are millions of subscribers since it has come into the market. You can install the site as an app to install on different devices such as Apple TV, iOS, Android, Firestick, etc.

Hence, you can include this in your list of picking the site of your choice to watch free movies online.






Streaming these days are very popular, and if you are someone who loves watching movies or tv shows, then this is the place for you. It would help if you got into the details more for online streaming. It is because you will get to know more about these platforms. These are also popular as OTT platforms. There is also one thing that these days, because of the covid-19 situation, movies are releasing online. So, I guess this is the most delicate period you can explore to watch free movies online streaming sites. 

There is a discussion on free online streaming sites to give you a better understanding. You will find the improved information on the aspect that will help you a lot with your struggle to find the sites. So, make sure to go through each site’s reading and pick yours according to your needs.

We hope that you will get the best out of this guide. In any case, you require any assistance, Wikipedia Tech is always here to help. We have got professionals who will assist you with your every query. So, get in touch here.