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Easiest way to apply Driving License online In India

driving license india

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The process for applying for a driving license in India is effortless. You must ensure following the method according to the instructions. Firstly, you need to enter the official website of Sarathi that is of the Road Transport and Highways Ministry. You will find the Sarathi services column. You must choose the “New driving license” to reach a new page.

Ways to apply for a driving license online in India

Follow the instruction below to complete the process. Also, ensure downloading the form and all the necessary details. 

The process to fill driving license form online. 

Here is the process to fill out the application form for a driving license or learner’s license

  • Enter the Sarathi website and initiate downloading the form for a driving license. 
  • Next, start filling the form according to the instructions you see on the screen. After completing the form, make sure to click on the submit button. 
  • You need to print out the form in case of minor applications. Also, you need to fill the Part D with the signature of your parents or guardian at the adjoining RTO. 
  • Next, initiate uploading the documents along with the application form, including the details such as name, age, address, learner’s license number etc. 
  • You will get the web application number after submitting the form. You can use it for tracking the application status. 
  • There will be the notification through SMS after the processing of the application.

Application for driving license offline India 

The process for applying for a driving license in India is also effortless and direct. Make sure to follow the process below:

  • You need to get the application form 4 for the motor vehicle to apply for a driving license in India. You can download the form from the state transport website. Consider visiting the adjoining RTO for procuring form 4. 
  • Ensure filling the application form and submitting it with other documents. It comprises address proof and age proof at the RTO in the authority where you reside. You also require scheduling the test for driving license at the RTO and paying the fees to take this test. 
  • Be available at the test center after you receive the time and date. After the test is clear, you will get a driving license. You will get this at your mentioned address after some time. 
  • You can also apply for a driving license if you take the classes to assist you with the process.

Test process for driving license in India 

You must initiate the driving license test to test your skills and understanding of the road signals and rules. It will assist you with passing the test for a driving license. Below are some of the vital points when it comes to the driving process in India: 

  • You are applicable for a permanent driving license after the issue date for the learner license. You must apply for a permanent license within 180 days of the learner’s license issue date. 
  • Ensure submitting all the essential documents and paying the fees to take the driving test at the given counter. Receive the receipt and ensure approaching the allotted track cabin for taking the test. 
  • You should be available in person for the test at least an hour before the provided time. You also need to ensure taking the test before or along the MIV or motor vehicle inspector. 
  • Every state has their driving test process and procedures with tracks. Usually, for two-wheelers, you need to use indicators and vital hand signs when driving. There is also the requirement of tracing eight number shape without touching the ground with legs. 
  • MIV will be asking you for riding the care in a track and analyse your skills. You should show appropriate signals and use an indicator with applying the brakes as per the need. Ensure shifting the gears flexibly and using side and rearview through the mirror when driving. 

What should you do if you lost your driving license?

Every Indian need to have a driving license. You can drive in the country if you don’t have a license. If you have lost your license, you require applying for the duplicate one to drive. Other than that, below are things to do if you lost your driving license: 

  • You must visit the police station having the authority over the location where you lost your license. 
  • File a complaint against the license and ensure getting a copy of the FIR or first information report. 
  • Go to the Notary office for obtaining an affidavit on a stamp paper. It will perform as the proof taking the promise in front of the concerned officer about losing your license. 

Why there is a need for a driving license in India?

There are many other reasons you need a driving license in India other than allowing you to drive legally. Here are the reasons why you need a driving license within the country: 

Personal identification 

It acts as an essential document of personal identification. If you are travelling to any place or any usual activity you are doing, and if some official personnel ask you to show the ID card, you can quickly pull out your driving license. Driving licenses are extensively accepted as the primary form of personal identification. 

Easy commuting 

Commuting with a driving license becomes effortless. The use of public transport may not be easy for you. If you have a vehicle, it provides you with the comfort of commuting now and then without any hassle. If you plan to buy a conveyance such as a car or a motorbike, you need to get a driving license. 

Compulsory legal requirement 

It is a compulsory legal requirement in the country. Without a driving license, you cannot drive any transportation. The driving license acts as the essential document representing that you have the efficiency of operating a vehicle. 

Therefore, these are the primary reasons why you must apply for a driving license in India. 

Final words 

A driving license in India is a mandatory document like others such as an Aadhaar card, Pan card, passport, ration card, etc. The Government of India issue the driving license document. For every citizen in the country having their vehicle and requires regular driving to keep moving with their daily schedules, a driving license is essential. Without a driving license, they cannot drive any conveyance such as car, motorbike, trucks, cabs or taxis, buses, etc. 

There is an appropriate process to apply for a driving license in India, and every application should follow that cautiously. In this write-up, there is a discussion for both online and offline applications when applying for the license. Thus, make sure that you go through it comprehensively so that you don’t skip out anything. 

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