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Best ways to check Domain Authority and Page Authority of your website and how to improve it

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What is domain authority (DA)? 

The scoring of domain authority is 1 to 100 (1 being the most exceedingly terrible, 100 being excellent). The algorithm designing is by Moz. 

Its logarithmic scale implies that it’s a lot simpler to progress your score if your domain authority is 20 or a 30 than it is at 70 or an 80.

What is page authority (PA)?

Page authority is a comparable measurement, but as opposed to estimating the strength of a whole domain or subdomain, it assesses the positioning strength of a single website page.

If you are looking for one-stop knowledge about building the domain authority of your website, you are in the ideal place. 

Did you realize that the domain authority of a site adds to 20% of its SEO achievement

It means if you have a decent domain authority website, it turns out to be extremely simple for you to get first page rankings for a keyword when comparing with a site with less domain authority. 

We will talk about how you can check the DA and PA for your website using some tools in this post. You will also find ways to improve it as well. So, without much blabbering, let’s move on to the debate. 

How to check the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) for your website?

Various tools are there that you can use to check the DA and PA of your website. So, here is the discussion: 


Since Moz is the organization that made Domain Authority, numerous individuals depend on MozBar to help them discover their domain score. This tool features the Domain Authority of any website. With this tool, you can view your Domain and Page Authority (PA), another score created by this tool that predicts the probability of a particular page positioning. It assists you with perceiving how your pages rank and how your domain positions against your opposition. 

When you consider taking a look at your page and domain score, you can perceive how these scores relate to your rankings in search outcomes. You may see specific kinds of pages collecting engagement than others. 

This information can assist you with making content that lines up with former pages your customers enjoyed. MozBar makes uses of AI calculations. These calculations can change and re-align your domain score dependent on late connection movement. It assists you with getting the most current data about your DA.


Ahrefs is another incredible alternative for checking your website’s Domain Authority. While this tool doesn’t practice “Domain Authority” and “Page Authority,” it measures “domain rating” and “URL rating.” The names are unique, but they fill a similar need. 

When you initiate entering your domain into Ahrefs, you will see essential data like connecting sites and backlinks. The tool will similarly display the number of those connections that are do-follow joins, which are necessary. It also gives you the data about who’s linking to your website, their domain authority, and so on. It’s an extraordinary tool for checking the domain authority and page authority.


If you need to understand how to check domain and page authority, Majestic can benefit. This tool allows you to perceive how your domain or page performs and see the backlinks to your website. Majestic emphasis on the quality and number of inbound connections. When you initiate view the nature of your links, including the number, you will have a superior thought of where you should progress. 

You can similarly examine authentic backlink patterns. This element permits you to see where you are losing the links. You can also target missing competitor links because of a 404 blunder and get those sites to connect to your website. 

It gives you the chance to recover those links and enhance your domain score. The tool is an amazing one for assisting you with making a movie with your score. You cannot only check the domain authority; however, you can similarly acquire significant bits of knowledge to improve your DA and PA. 

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Ways to improve domain and page authority

If you want to improve your domain and page authority, then let’s have a look at some of the ways: 

Publishing quality content  

You need to ensure composing quality content to accomplish a decent DA or PA score. One of a kind and receptive content gets appreciation everywhere. If you need to write quality content, you need an extraordinary strategy. It is of no concern how long you compose; what is essential is that it is interesting and valid. Remember the phrase: Content is king.

Ensure using the pictures, GIFs, and recordings to make your content engaging and interesting. You can similarly make use of the infographics to help you make your content turn into a web sensation. 

A decent piece of content should also have a proper length. Length means here at least composing around 800 words or more than that. Longer articles are viewed as “more enlightening”.  

Few things are there you need to follow: 

  • Try not to duplicate another person’s work and glue it inside your post. 
  • Make use of the alternative word as opposed to using a similar word over and over. 
  • Try not to go off theme and examine superfluous things random to your primary subject. 
  • Ensure making your content come across as an expert.

On-page SEO

On-Page SEO is another strategy for enhancement. It would assist you efficiently with moving your DA from low to high. Here is a straightforward outline that will help you with keeping up your On-Page Optimization: 

  • Keyword density: Ensure avoiding the stuffing of keywords and keeping the density between 0.5 to 1.5%. 
  • Heading labels: You need to use heading tags such as H1, H2, H3, and so forth to feature primary concerns. 
  • Targeted keywords: Choose an ideal keyword for your blog entries. Favor long-tail keywords as they are simpler to rank. Utilize your centre keyword once in the central passage of your post, if probable. 
  • Permalink structure: Ensure using an SEO-accommodating permalink structure that contains your primary keyword. 
  • Meta description: Make sure to fill out your meta depiction. Try not to leave it clear. Your meta depiction should have your primary keyword in it. 
  • Rich titles with keyword: The name of your blog entry should be appealing and keyword-rich. It is wiser to begin your title with your primary keyword. 

If you are not dealing with your SEO, it will be difficult for your site to rank well on Google. On-Page Optimization is the best procedure to carry intrigued visitors to your website.

Eliminate Toxic Backlinks

Your website will have a couple of vicious and nasty backlinks, which may contrarily impact your domain or page authority. Therefore, you need to continually check your site’s connection profile and eliminate these harmful links to get your website back on Google’s good books. 

Eliminate these terrible links from your website consistently, and you will see your website acquiring an upper hand. You may have the most definitive links to your website; however, if your link profile is loaded up with nasty backlinks, your site will endure in SERPs. 

Ahrefs is an incredible device that can help you eliminate harmful backlinks from your website link profile.

Build Strong Internal Links

The internal link focuses on another page on a similar site. Regularly ignored by SEOs in the mission to produce excellent backlinks, building solid inward backlinks is similarly imperative to improve your website domain or page authority. Internal links are valuable for reasons: 

  • It permits visitors to explore your website effortlessly.
  • You can easily set up a data hierarchy order.
  • They help spread the link around the websites. 

As indicated by Moz, internal links are generally helpful for building up site design and spreading link juice. It’s an excellent method to produce natural traffic for your website and improve your domain authority.

Promote your pages

If you need individuals to link to your pages and acquire backlinks, you need to advance your pages. You would prefer not to lounge around and trust that organizations will discover you in search results. Your organization should be your promoter and elevate your content to acquire backlinks. 

You can advance your content by: 

  • Posting it via online media 
  • Connecting with industry specialists 
  • Content emailing to subscribers

These three pointers would benefit you in promoting your pages efficiently hence will help you with enhancing your domain and page authority

Final word

The final verdict for the post is that if you are looking for ways to improve your DA and PA authority, you need to be familiar with the basics first. To make you aware of this, in this write-up, you will find the discussion on the definitions. It is vital to check both aspects from time to time as it helps you identify your website’s score. Several tools are there that you can use for this purpose, and you can find them above for your comprehension. There is also the elaboration of ways to improve the DA and PA of your website in the post. 

If the post was beneficial for you, please reach us and contact us for any guidance. The team will contact shortly and remember to share your thought to improve our research to provide you more knowledgeable write-ups.