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Best ways to get 800 Toll-Free Number for your Business in 2021

Best ways to get 800 Toll-Free Number for your Business in 2021

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Toll- free numbers are very beneficial for the business to get connected with their customers. It also assists in the efficient branding and promoting the services among the customer. So, every company must have their toll-free number because it benefits the customers in reaching out to you without any hassle. 

In this post, you will find an elaborate discussion on the best toll-free numbers that you can consider using for your business. Make sure to read them comprehensively if you want to make a better decision for your business growth and interaction with a customer. 

Best ways to get 800 toll-free number 

Here are some of the ways that would assist you with getting the 800 toll-free number for your business in 2021. Have a look at them below: 


Grasshopper is one of the primary virtual telephone system providers or toll-free service providers. It flaunts an easy-to-understand interface and an almost instant implementation. You can initiate browsing different possibly accessible options for toll-free, custom vanity numbers and local numbers if your customers are living in your location. 

Grasshopper accompanies helpful work area and portable applications for perfect call handling. You can undoubtedly speak with your customers through message and send multimedia messages. You similarly gain access to convenient devices like voice message records, empowering you to focus on your messages regardless of whether you can’t hear them out. 

Also, Grasshopper incorporates features, for example, 

  • Call forwarding and wait 
  • Greetings that are custom, which you can initiate recording yourself or use Grasshopper’s voice workshop 
  • Real-time handling of calls  
  • Efficiency for making calls from your work area 
  • Virtual assistant 
  • Fax 
  • Immediate reactions

The price for this toll-free number begins from $26 per month, and you can pick one number with three extensions. Higher plans involve other options for call routing and the efficiency of providing their numbers. is a help and service providers for toll-free numbers. You should initiate a step forwarding to its home page and begin searching for your ideal number or word to check whether it’s accessible. It is also easy to choose from a few prepared choices for sure buy to make the procedure much quicker. 

It is a service provider offering the famous prefixes, comprising 800, 833, 844, 877, 866, 855, and 888. You can even decide on a vanity number, which your clients can rapidly retain. Furthermore, you can monitor your call history because of email messages and definite call and fax reports. additionally accompanies the helpful features: 

  • Call recording and forwarding 
  • The efficiency with dealing the simultaneous calls
  • Service of auto-attendant
  • Call obstructing to shield you from spammers 
  • A phone message to the email 
  • Call notes

The service providers plan starts for $19 per month and comprises 1000 minutes with one free toll-free number. is another helpful answer for business owners in a hurry to get a free toll number. In contrast to the past two alternatives, this provider similarly gives you video conferencing abilities. It also offers accessibility to a live receptionist service, causing you to show up genuinely proficient. 

This toll-free service provider number accompanies an easy-to-understand interface, which coordinates easily with telephones and cell phones. You can similarly change your settings from the admin panel web-based to platforms like Zapier or Salesforce to build effectiveness. provides you with an extensive exhibit of features that are standard and premium, for example, 

  • Messaging for business text
  • Call screening and forwarding 
  • Greetings that are customized
  • Hold music 
  • Call holding up help 
  • Accessibility to worldwide numbers 
  • Voice message record 
  • Call recording 
  • Call analysis 

When it is about price, you can get this for $12.99 per month, and it involves 300 minutes with around 2,000 text messages. You can also obtain access to premium features at $19.99 per month.




If you would prefer to depend on your telephone services to a setup organization, FreedomVoice could be a fantastic choice. It’s been giving toll-free numbers since 1996 and invests heavily in being an affordable service for no-contract. 

Signing up on this platform couldn’t be simpler. It is easy to initiate this service with your phone or request a cloud telephone if you lean toward a whole business partition. You can attempt your new number free for the initial 30 days. It is to see if you can see whether it’s an ideal choice for you without focusing on any agreements. 

FreedomVoice accompanies a convenient mobile application, empowering you to make calls, send messages, and listen to a voice message. You can similarly consider using the automated service. It establishes the best first connection with a custom hello or course calls to the staff members. 

You additionally gain access to other unique features, for example, 

  • Limitless line limit 
  • Call obstructing 
  • Access to proficient voice records 
  • Limitless expansions 
  • Call queue and forwarding 
  • Capacity to deal with concurrent calls 
  • Scheduling alternatives 
  • Call records and screens 
  • Phone message record 
  • Fax 
  • Call analytics 

You can get this toll-free service for $9.95 per month, involving 400 minutes. If you need unlimited calls, you need to invest in the Max plan for $29.95 per month.



godaddy website builder


Our other suggestion is GoDaddy’s SmartLine service. You can consider picking between local or 1-800 numbers, the two of which accompany a free one-month preliminary. It is easy to connect with your current cell phone, so no equipment is vital. 

You should select your number and link it through GoDaddy’s dedicated SmartLine application. Thus, you can ensure keeping your business and individual numbers distinct from one another. Simultaneously, you can, in any case, see the guest ID and answer calls according to you. 

SmartLine comprises the fundamental features for toll-free numbers, for example, 

  • Customer communications association 
  • Call file 
  • Adjustable business hours 
  • Number obstructive for spam security 
  • Custom hello 
  • Phone message

This service provider’s price starts from $9.99 per month, which comprises limitless minutes and messages. 800 toll-free number will cost you $19.99 per month.




eVoice is another service provider for the toll-free number you can consider using for 800 number needs and business. You get to enjoy a free 30-day free trial plan when using this service as it offers this benefit. The service provider offers 800 number for a business of all sizes.  

While using their services, you can enjoy their 24 hours and seven-day auto-attendant routing of the call to your office, phone and home. The service also comprises voicemail which permits messages to be delivered on your email or phone as a message. 

eVoice integrates fantastic feature, for example, 

  • Limitless calls, lines and calls
  • 24*7 customer support 
  • Voicemail to text 
  • Queuing of calls
  • Call forwarding

The service also includes the Elite monthly plan. It comprises the plan for $14.99 per month for every user. Nonetheless, you can also enjoy the reduction in price by $12.99. But then you need to pay annually for enjoying this benefit.




Why should you get the toll-free number for your business?

You must consider getting the toll-free numbers because it offers fantastic benefits. Let’s see some of them: 

Looks professional 

The toll-free number causes your business to show up more expert and set up. The cross-country access similarly implies you will have the option to broaden your effort. And it involves using call-forwarding to guide incoming calls from various areas to any line that fits you. 

Constructs your brand 

You can choose a number that is simple for clients to recollect with a toll-free number. Numerous organizations pick vanity numbers that incorporate the organization name or appealing words to support their brand additionally. 

It brings together your image. 

If your group is fanned out across various city areas and working distantly, you can give an image that is unified to customers with one number. It also includes different 4-digit extensions for you and your partners. 

Expands your exposure 

The toll-free number pass on a more significant presence, past a code that is local area. Incredible for organizations who need to promote to a more extensive crowd. 


The toll-free numbers are reasonable at price than you would anticipate. Most of the toll-free numbers offer services under $12.45/month per client. Their month-to-month rates and no per-minute charges make toll-free number simple to perform and modest to keep up. 


With a cloud-based business telephone framework and a toll-free number, you can answer calls from any gadget. So, the communication is simple for yourself, your associates and your clients. 


You will discover offering a toll-free number will build your call volume, but with most of them, you can deal with this development. Toll-free number ensure offering auto attendants, synchronous call forwarding, and call lines. It provides services so that you can deal with the expanded movement as a more significant venture would.

Final say 

The best 800 toll-free services will provide probable customers with the feeling that your business is critical to you. If you are searching for your business to stay for a more extended period, pick your 800-number provider smartly. 

With an incredible item and quality client assistance, the presence of a grounded business will do magic for present and future business development. 

In a nutshell, 800 number can provide the presence of a public organization at a moderate cost. In this post, there is a discussion of the best toll-free number service provider with the mentioning of their prices. 

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