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How to print on Mac?

printing on mac

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Many basic functionalities are there that each Mac has the efficiency of finishing. It doesn’t matter if it is basic internet browsing, music playing, word processing, or anything. The laptop must have the efficiency of handling all the simple jobs and procedure. Each operating system or model has its way of completing these tasks, and all of them must be simple to initiate. 

If you have a MacBook, you must know that it can handle much more than you think about basic functions. It can even help you out with the simple stuff. But one of the everyday tasks that every laptop must have is how to print. 

If you need to print a vital document on your Mac, you need to know to troubleshoot the printing options on your Mac

The printing basics 

If you have a new Mac laptop and are thinking of how to print the documents, you must first know its basics. It is usual to understand that it is simple to find and follow, but it is good learning the simple printing tasks you need to finish. 

The best habit of getting into the habit of printing is previewing the File or a document you want to print. It will allow you to know how you can print the document on a sheet or paper. You will also get familiar with any differences in the application you are using to print. Ensure checking of spellings and proofing the email before you initiate sending it. 

You also need to ensure no faults or errors are there before you give a command to make it permanent. When previewing the image or a document, you can initiate opening up the File in preview application, which is integrated into MacBook Pro. After this, you require going to finder or Doc for opening this application. Once the app is open, ensure finding the File you need to preview. 

Please take a look so that you are aware that everything is alright and appears how you wish it to be when it is in the process of printing. 

printing on mac

How to print on your Mac?

The actual printing process is straightforward and doesn’t require much time. The first thing you need is to connect and set up the printer to Mac. The usual method that this link works with is a USB cord functioning from the printer you are using to Mac directly; after the cord is plugged, macOS must identify the device and will discover any required software and drivers automatically. 

Following the steps you should follow when printing any document:

  • Firstly, ensure opening the document or web page you need to print on your Mac. Secondly, you require clicking on the File option in the Apple menu bar. You will find this option on the top-left side of the screen next to the icon of Apple. 
  • Next, ensure clicking on the Print at the drop-down menu button. 
  • In the next step, you need to ensure choosing the printer from the pop-up window. You will find the button in the drop-down menu in the top-right corner next to the printer. 
  • Then, make sure to choose the copies and pages number. After the printer is selected, you can edit the copies number you need to print by number typing in the field next to copies. Then you require selecting which pages to print by hitting the circle you will see in from under pages. You can view the box following the white and black button for printing in color. 
  • Lastly, ensure clicking on the Print. You will find the blue button on the screen in the bottom right corner. You can also consider hitting on the Enter keyboard if you want to. 

Wireless printing 

The process of printing for wireless is the same. It would help if you plugged out the wire from the printer when printing from Mac.  Then, you require selecting the printer to send the signal. Here are the steps: 

  • First, ensure hitting on Command P or click File and then Print.
  • Next, click on the wireless printer from the printers that are available in the dialog box.
  • Last, click on the Print button.

Final word 

Printing from a laptop these days is very usual. All any individual need is a printer and an application to connect with the computer. Although the process is not that complex for every device, it is different for Mac. 

It is normal if you have a new Mac and you don’t know how to print. This is why this post is for you. Make sure to go through the appropriate steps, which should be followed when printing any Mac document. 

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