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9 Aftermarket Tech Gadgets That Make an Old Car Feel New

9 Aftermarket Tech Gadgets That Make an Old Car Feel New

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These days modern cars are getting tech-savvy at a rapid rate. So, if you are an individual who always has an interest in the latest cars with fantastic features, then you are at the right place. If you own a car that looks new but is not equipped with the latest features and technologies, don’t worry. There is still a probability that you can make it incredibly integrated with the newest gadgets, which make your old car feel new. 

You can always initiate moving towards the aftermarket to obtain several latest accessories for your old car and feel new. This post will include a discussion on nine gadgets that can assist you with spicing up your car. 

Nine aftermarket gadgets that make an old car feel new 

Let’s begin with checking out these gadgets for you to make your old car feel new: 

Garmin Dash Cam 55 tech gadgets

Garmin Dash Cam 55 

A dashcam can be an excellent investment when you are looking for the latest gadgets for your car. It is the most acceptable tech gadget that will turn your car into new. It offers you the accessibility for video recording if there is a hit-and-run, robbery, or wreck. With this cam, you get the compact design and synchronize the footage to your mobile. If you want to know where you can get this gadget, then click here.




Viper SmartStart tech gadgets

Viper SmartStart 

Viper SmartStart is another top gadget that makes an old car feel new. You can use your mobile device to start your car even if you are at home, store, hotel, restaurant, or moving towards it. With application assistance, you can also initiate locating your car, unlocking the door, identifying the speed even when someone else is driving. It is easy to get the notification as well if your car is moving out without your understanding. Hence, getting rid of your old car now is not a difficult task anymore. If you want to buy the gadget, you can visit Amazon




Wagan cooler  

Wagan cooler  

Another great addition to your old car can be Wagan cooler/warmer. It is the nearest thing to a refrigerator, over, or mobile. The plugging of this cooler is into the 12-volt DC outlet for power or recharging the battery. You can also initiate toggling among the cold and hot. You will get the 24-liter capacity that means you can easily hold the 24-pack of 12ounce-soda cans. It is going to be the most incredible addition in terms of gadgets in your car. Visit Amazon to get it for you.




OBD-Link Scan Tool

OBD-Link Scan Tool

A lot of time, it happens that your check engine light appears on, and you experience something dreadful to go to a mechanic and know what is not correct. So, if you are driving the car from the year 1996 and onwards, then it has an onboard diagnostic IIthus, it means you can effortlessly integrate the use of ScanTool. It offers you a complete understanding of your car. If you wish to purchase this gadget, then don’t forget to check it out on Amazon.




Yads wireless baby monitor 

Yads wireless baby monitor is a great gadget to make your old car feel new and is an excellent tool for parents. The monitor involves attaching the camera to the headset so that you get the video view of your baby. You don’t have to turn around and risk the security of yours and the passengers. It is also the most acceptable way to remind you that your kid is in the backseat while exiting your vehicle. Make sure to visit Amazon when you plan to purchase this new tech gadget for your car.


Handpresso 12V auto hybrid  tech gadgets

Handpresso 12V auto hybrid 

If you get on the road every day in the morning and don’t like preparing your coffee, this tech gadget is for you. This Handpresso is a coffee maker for the car. It works with the ground coffee and espresso pods. It involves plugging in directly into the 12-volt port. You should check out Amazon if planning to buy this gadget.




Trademark Global Swivel Tray tech gadget

Trademark Global Swivel Tray

Trademark Global Swivel tray is another gadget for your car that you may need to make your old car feel new and make eating easier. Eating in the car gets messy and leads to spoiling your mood while traveling in the car. So, this gadget comes in handy as it is excellent for passengers and pit stops. You can adjust the height according to your wish, and there is a feature of a non-slip surface. It also works as a storage tray. If you wish to buy it, make sure to visit Amazon         




HONSHOOP Bluetooth headset tech gadgets

HONSHOOP Bluetooth headset

If you cannot make calls while driving the car or face complaints about sounds and muffling, you should try the HONSHOOP Bluetooth headset. It allows you to make the calls without using your hands and ensures the cancellation of the noises. It has the efficiency of supporting the voice assistants like Google/Siri, and even there is a mute button. So, if you want to get this exciting gadget to make your old car new, then do visit Amazon.




Sony car play Android Auto media receiver with Bluetooth tech gadgets

Sony car play/Android Auto media receiver with Bluetooth           

If you wish to update the navigation system and entertainment for your car, then an auto-media receiver with Bluetooth is an excellent choice for you. There is an ergonomic rotary dial feature to ensure distraction-free operation. You can also initiate creating the virtual speakers on the dashboard with the organizer. This tech gadget supports Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, so you can begin using the apps for GPS and music for mobile devices. There is a voice control feature in this gadget with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It permits you to control and view everything with a touch screen. Get this fantastic gadget on Amazon now.






So, these are some of the fantastic tech gadgets for your car. These gadgets will make your old car feel new, and you will not miss out on anything latest. These days, it is essential to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies and trends regardless of industry kind. Hence, the car industry is also one of them that keeps coming up with innovation every year. It doesn’t mean you lack something, but there is always a way for it. You need to find the ways only, and this is why this post is relevant for you. Make sure to check these gadgets and decide which will suit your needs.

If this post helped you gain some comprehension of your car gadget needs, collaborate with us. We will be grateful for you to share your thoughts.