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Wikipedia Tech Reveals Top Antivirus Security Software for Mobiles and Computers

Wikipedia Tech Reveals Top Antivirus Security Software for Mobiles and Computers

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Right antivirus software installation is the right step you can take for your business or at home to ensure that you don’t count under the future statistics. So, we at Wikipedia Tech, in this post brings you the top antivirus software for mobiles and windows. These software’s will assist you with providing protection against the malware and other attacks. With countless options available out there, it becomes difficult to choose the right one and this is why this guide will be helpful for you.

So, without blabbering much let’s get straight into the discussion. Also, if you want to know more about the antivirus software, here is more information for you.

Top antivirus security software’s

The top antivirus security software’s are below for your comprehension so make sure to give it a read:

Bitdefender Plus

Bitdefender Plus is popular as the antivirus software which is entry-level and offers amazing benefits to the home and business users. The primary benefit of using this software is that you don’t have to be from the technical background. Anyone with the basic computer skills and can also access it.

It is the one-stop solution for all your security requirements. With this software, you get to enjoy diverse protection features such as ransomware prevention, online buy monitoring, and transactions that are online-based including password management. It also allows you for creating the unique password with the easy interface of dashboard. People with devices like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS can purchase the software. The free version of this software offers you the advanced threat identification, real-time detection, protection from multi-layer ransomware, and assessing the vulnerabilities.

The price for this software is $26 and you can use one device. You also get the advantage of using the software for free as a 30-day trial period.



Best ways to Activate Norton Security Programs on your Device

Norton 360 with LifeLock

Norton 360 with LifeLock is another top antivirus security software for mobiles and windows and assists you with protecting your devices efficiently. The identity theft efficiencies of LifeLock offers this software an edge. Different versions of this product are there so users get the prospects of choosing the features according to their requirement.

With the assistance of this software, you can initiate web monitoring, 10 GB cloud backup, and a VPN service. There are several features in this software that integrates VPN, parental controls, webcam security, time/remote learning controls, and so on.

The cost of this software is $14.99 per year with one license with one-month free trial. So, enjoy the services and secure your devices now.



Webroot SecureAnywhere for Mac

Webroot SecureAnywhere for Mac is the software of your choice which you should pick for your protection needs. This software has the competence of boasting a footmark on your system and involves offering very rapid security scanning. You get the email address and 24*7 customer supports when it comes to new threats and alerts.

The software also gives you the SecureAnywhere products for the antivirus, online security, and backup storage.  It will cost you around $29.99 and includes the use for one device with a 14-day free trial. Thus, if you are using the antivirus and thinking to get one, I would suggest you to go for it.



McAfee Antivirus Plus

McAfee antivirus plus is the software that involves identifying the increasing devices number used in a household. It may involve more than four devices or operating system. Protection with this antivirus software is sufficient for all devices such as Windows and Android.

Hence, there is no requirement for families to but the several subscriptions. You can also enjoy the benefit of supporting around ten devices by this software. It also offers you the online browsing security. If you consider buying the two-year subscription, then you can obtain the better deal on prices.

If we talk about the features, then it integrates many such as password manager, identity theft security, home network, and encrypted storage.

The basic plan of two-year subscription will cost you for $19.99 per year, whereas unlimited security is for $109.99 which also accumulates around five VPN licenses. You can use the software for 30 days as a free trial.



Kaspersky free antivirus

Kaspersky free antivirus is one of the top antivirus security software that ensures offering the product which is as efficient as the paid version. It is among the finest antivirus and antimalware solution accessible. Recently, the company also has integrated the cloud free version that accompanies personalized protection checks, password management, free VPN, and online account managing for checking protection issues.  Various drawbacks are there with this software as you don’t get the safe money feature and the limitation of password manager is also there. But you obtain many features that are available in other software’s with price and Kaspersky offers you them for free.

The free version of this software operates on the Windows, Android, and iOS. There are vendors of antivirus offering the free trials, but Kaspersky is actually free and accessible for till the time you need. Paid versions are also there with diverse features and you can use the software for 30-days on trial basis.



Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security not only integrates the aggressive antivirus system at affordable price but also gives you the number of protection tools. These tools are ransomware security, hardened browser, and firewall booster. All of them have the efficiency of providing you the fantastic security for online banking.

In every version of this software, you get the advanced AI learning feature detecting the new ransomware vulnerability and other evolving security risks. It assists you with the prevention of the strains before they initiate damage to the system.

If you want the password management and security, then you will obtain it in the family highest tier of this software. The subscription of this antivirus is $29.95 yearly and you also get the free trial of 30 days.




Malwarebytes has the ability of complementing the antivirus solution by reducing the viruses and malware that may be there in your network. However, it doesn’t identify or avert the ransomware or any other security attacks but it very efficiently captures and quarantines the malware. You can initiate running the quick scan of free version as per your need. It will perform creating the report on your system.

If you consider getting the paid version, then it will provide you the 24*7 monitoring, securing vulnerabilities from exploitation till the software patching, restricts ransomware and protects the websites against infections. The premium version of this software is usable as antivirus software. You can use the software on different operating system but the premium is for only the Window users.

The one-year subscription for this software is for $29.99 yearly whereas you can use the software for 14 days as a trial.





What is an antivirus software?

Antivirus software is intended for detecting, restricting, and removing the malicious software on a network or operating system such as computer or laptop. The software is integrated with the cybersecurity system layer. With the use of antivirus software, it becomes easier for you to mitigate any possibilities of security attacks or risks on your system. So, if there is no antivirus software in your system, it is high time that you consider purchasing it for your security.

Do you need an antivirus software?

There is no reason for why you shouldn’t use the antivirus software. In this era of advancement and technology, internet is rising every day with new method and technologies. And, undoubtedly, you are one of the internet users across the world. Hackers effortlessly these days are finding the methods and techniques to breach the system. Once they succeed in their motive of breaching the information, it becomes simple for them to compromise it.

So, if you want to secure your system then you should consider buying the antivirus software. It will assist you with fighting against the viruses and other vulnerabilities that can be there in your system.

What is the cost of an antivirus software?

Free options are available there when it comes to purchasing the antivirus software with diverse security and features. For more features and protection, you can always turn towards the paid versions. In paid versions, you can enjoy the features such as parental controls, password management etc.

The price of an antivirus software may cost you for $20 to $100 on yearly basis. Other than that, it depends on the licenses number, devices and features you choose.

Wrapping up

The complete conclusion of this post is that without an antivirus software, you are putting your computer at risks. And, not only your computer or other devices but also your personal and confidential information is at risk. So, if you haven’t installed the antivirus software, you must not delay it.

Without antivirus software, there is no way you can secure your information efficiently. But with this software, it will be effortless to secure your information and system both. Viruses and other infections can lead to disrupting your data massively. So, the only solution to fight back is antivirus software.

If you it is difficult for you to comprehend that which one you should purchase, then there is the discussion on top antivirus software in this guide. It would help you in making your decision proficiently.

For more guides like this make sure to visit us here and leave us your thoughts so that we can improve our research and information for your benefits.