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Top 10 award winning Antivirus security software in 2021 to buy for the device

Want to know the winning antivirus around? Well, you are the only one out there, even businesses also face the security issues every now and then. In this era of the online world and increased internet technology, the problems with hacking issues have become quite common.

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Nowadays, with the emerging technologies or latest innovation in the internet problems are also evolving at a rapid rate. It is very important for a normal user to comprehend the need for using the antivirus software’s. Because it is the only solution to mitigate the intensity of security attacks that could take place within your system.

Hackers are getting very smart these days and are also coming up with so many methods to breach the information of regular user and businesses. According to the studies, it is identified that around 75% of Americans have faced the problem of hacking.

There is a requirement of plenty of arrows when it comes to online security such as VPN for securing internet traffic. A manager of a password for keeping track of the login details and an end-to-end encryption feature so that you can prevent an unknown user from spying on your computer or any other device like mobiles.

When it comes to the users, windows the list of antivirus tools involves the protection for malware which is antivirus software that can assist in monitoring and observing the activity of system from the suspicious behaviour and malicious software. If you want to ensure protection for your PC or laptop or mobile, then it is relevant hat you should not ignore the need of using the antivirus software.

In this guide, we will discuss the best software’s that are available and can help you with protecting the information which is sensitive for you and that is not meant to be shared.

But, first, let’s discuss what is an antivirus software.

Understanding antivirus

What is antivirus software?

Antivirus software is like a tool which is helpful for you in protecting the computer against cybercriminals and malware. The software ensures viewing the data such as web pages, applications, files, documents and etc, to keep a track of the security for your device. It identified the threats which are unknown and suspicious so that they can be immediately removed from the system. With this software, you don’t have to get apprehended because it instantly initiates the step of blocking or removing malware if found any.

The use of antivirus protection has become very important as the cyberthreats are emerging at a constant rate. If you don’t have any installed software that could ensure security to your computer, then you are putting your sensitive information including the laptop at risk.

Benefits of using the antivirus software

Let’s find out some of the amazing benefits that the antivirus software offers:

  • It is easier to detect, block and remove the security threats like ransomware, malware and virus.
  • You can easily prevent any kind of identity theft and initiate blocking the phishing and fraud once detected.
  • The antivirus software notifies you in advance if any kind of suspicious activity is identified.
  • It ensures scanning and warning the websites which can be dangerous for you and even links before you begin clicking on them.
  • You can with antivirus software secure your account online with the protected password encryption feature,
  • You will also get the benefit of computer performance speed up as it doesn’t hamper your system performance at all.

So, these are some of the benefits you can enjoy after the antivirus software is installed. Now, we will elaborate on the software discussion that has been picked on the basis of their features and amazing functionalities.

Antivirus software’s

Here is the list of award-winning software that you can use in 2021 to ensure security for any of device:


bitdefender antivirus

Bitdefender antivirus plus

This is one of the best antiviruses that has been picked for you. Bitdefender Plus was developed and designed in the year 2001 and the headquarter is in Bucharest, in Southern Romania. The company holds more than 1600 employee all across the globe.

The company offers you the entry-level software providing and making it perfect for the users of home without any technical efficiency required. The software is for the people who are looking for the basic defense against the security threats that have been emerging.

Since viruses are not the only risks of cybersecurity, so Bitdefender Plus provides you with various features of security which involves prevention of ransomware, online purchase monitoring, transactions of web-based and management of password so that the user can initiate creating unique passwords for everything.

The software is available for devices such as iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. There is a free version available for the users can be enjoyed offering the real-time detection, prevention of web attack, protection for anti-phishing and advanced threat security. The paid version of the software involves financial transactions for safe pay, protection for multi-layer ransomware and assessments of vulnerability.

For the first month, the software is free for trial after that there is coverage of $26 per device.

So, if your intent is to secure your business with the antivirus protection then Bitdefender is the best choice for you.



Norton 360

The software Norton 360 is the top antivirus option with the feature of maintaining PC and is among the finest software for the windows computers. It came up with the introducing of their first antivirus in the year 1991 under the Symantec umbrella.

Norton 360 won the top antivirus software position among others with LifeLock for the windows because of the only reason that it has managed to continue building its history of securing the window machines. The theft of identity efficiencies of LifeLock only provided the product with a top position in the security industry.

The number of versions is available there for this product so that the users can capably ensure picking up the features they require but even the low level provides the utilities of PC maintenance and cloud backup. With this software, you can monitor the dark web, 10 GB cloud backup and a VPN.

The devices number and the cloud storage amount enhance based on the level of packaging. You can select the plan of $99.99 yearly with the licenses for around five devices and the cloud storage of 100 GB. The software provides the feature of parental controls, remote learning and protection for a webcam.

The software has the PC security which involves the backup and firewall. You can get the best malware protection with this software. It also has the feature of password manager and the LifeLock identity theft protection.



webroot antivirus

Webroot SecureAnywhere for Mac

 The software Webroot SecureAnywhere for Mac provides the amazing detection for phishing attacks and rapid scanning efficiency designed for Mac. The software office is in Broomfield, Colorado and also has the offices across the nations like California, Australia and Europe. The business was established in the year 1997 and came up with its first antivirus product in 2006.

When it comes to the devices of Mac-like computers, laptops then it can be the best pick for you. It is the assumption that Mac devices are safe from the cyberattacks and hence most of the viruses target the windows computers. So, it is important to know that Macs are susceptible to other issues like malware, ransomware and phishing attacks including the viruses.

This software includes the boasting of a very less footprint on your device. It ensures providing the rapid scans and is known as the best software for detecting phishing attacks. The software also offers the 24*7 customer support and the notifications for newly identified threats. The interface for the platform is similar to any other antivirus for the use of windows and Mac.

It also provides you with the SecureAnwhere product for the antivirus, and internet security including the benefit that provides the storage for backup.


mcafee antivirus

McAfee antivirus plus

McAfee antivirus plus is a popular software. Countless population is using the software all over the world. McAfee was established in the year 1987 and the headquarter is in the country Santa Clara., California.

McAfee is the software that can be your pick if you are looking for securing your devices. You can use this software because it is reasonable and very homely. The software provides you with protection for the devices that are for windows and android. You can use the software for up to 10 devices.

The best part of the software is that it makes sure the identification of the risks of cyberattacks in advance. And ensures to take the action so that it cannot harm the computer in any way. It means when it comes to securing sensitive documents then they are safe completely.

The software offers you a lot of features such as password manager, encrypted storage, protection from identity theft, and home network security. Therefore, there is no reason that you should not pick this software.



Kaspersky free antivirus

Kaspersky free antivirus was developed and designed by the Eugene Kaspersky in 1997 in Kaspersky lab in Russia having offices all across the world. The software is among the best and finest products in the world. The software provides you with a product that is as efficient as the paid version. It manages to come under the best antivirus solutions available among the antimalware.

There is a free version in the software that is of secure cloud and involves the amazing antivirus coverage. It also involves offering several features, which includes password management, VPN, management for an online account and checking the security issues. You can run the software on the Windows PCs. It has the features like security cloud available for iOS and Android. There are software’s that offers free month trial. But with this software, you can use it as much as you need it. Basically, it is free of cost. However, there are paid versions also so that you can add more features.




Trend micro antivirus + security

Trend micro antivirus + security is the aggressive software with affordable pricing. It is the finest premium selections for the security. Trend micro was established in 1988 in Los Angeles. It has headquarters in different countries like Japan, Tokyo, Ontario, Canada and many other nations.

The software ensures providing you with the several security tools. It involves the protection for layered ransomware, booster for firewall and the tough booster. The software also offers the protected security levels for the online banking systems.

You can also find the artificial intelligence feature in the system. It also identifies the strains of ransomware attacks and other evolving threats so that prevention is easier in advance. You can get password management and protection in the highest tier of family. The software is usable for the period of a month as a trial version for free.




Malwarebytes is the software that helps you with securing the home computers and mobile as well. However, it is not completely the antivirus solution but complements it in the best possible way. It reduces the intensity of malware and viruses. The problem is that it doesn’t have the efficiency of detecting or preventing the security attacks in advance. But it proficiently quarantines them and doesn’t let them creating in any kind of havoc within the systems.

There is a quick scan feature available which may help you identify the threats and helps in creating the reports within your system.

The paid version of the software provides you with the benefit of 24*7 process of monitoring. And secures you from the susceptibilities that can exploit your security by blocking the problems like ransomware.  It shields you from the the websites that are infectious.

So, don’t wait and get your hand on it.





TotalAV is also one of the amazing antivirus solutions out there. It has the feature of antivirus scanner and a very user-friendly dashboard. is usable by the users belonging from technical and non-technical users.  

The antivirus scanner in the software involves powering by the Avira virus protection technology. It is one of the fastest, reliable and an ideal security solution for the security threats like viruses, malware, ransomware and trojans.

The software has amazing security features such as phishing protection, performance optimization, VPN and password manager. You can use this software according to your security requirements. It is the best choice for you when it comes to security.





Avira again is among the finest antivirus solution that is available out there. It is efficiently gaining high scores because of its security attack detection rate. The software is rapid and ensures running completely in the cloud. It also ensures not slowing down of your system.

You will get the software with the exceptions features. It includes protection for malware in real-time, advanced ransomware protection. There is also privacy optimization, system optimization, VPN, password manager and premium apps for android and iOS.

It is a good investment for your security needs. You will not regret purchasing it. It is also one of the lightweight security software on the list which you can go for.





BullGuard is the antivirus software solution providing you with the strong protection for malware and many other security problems. It is also one of the amazing tools for a game booster. It has the firewall that is customized, the optimizer for performance and has parental controls including protections for identity theft.

The software giving the protection for around 10 devices. This is the good choice when it comes to securing the system from security issues like cyber-attacks.



Final word

The antivirus software is very important for regular users and businesses as well. When it comes to securing the computers from the emerging security threats such as viruses, trojans, ransomware, phishing attacks and malware. You can avoid the security problem in any way because most of the people don’t take it seriously.

Hackers know their ways to breach the system and enter within the device to misuse your information. It includes photos, videos, and documents. There are so many other personal details which you cannot risk. So, the use of  antivirus software  that are there in guide will help you out with preventing the security attacks. You can in advance secure your sensitive data as well.