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Top 13 Keyword Research Tools List for Google Ads and SEO in 2021

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Are you in the need of Keyword research tool? But, don’t know which one to use. Don’t worry, you are not the only as there are a lot of professionals in the SEO world who also fails to know which tool suits their needs. In this guide, we are here to talk about the keyword research tools which would help you in achieving your business goals and rank higher on the search engines with the increased traffic and sales.

If you are beginner, then mastering the optimization of SEO can seem difficult to you. Luckily, working with the SEO tool is simpler and to make work easier for we have gathered the best tools for keyword research which may help you in accomplishing your business goals. Let me tell you that you don’t have to go on the internet and try every tool this guide would give enough understanding. You just have to understand which tools would suit you according to your requirements.

Once you figure that out it would be easy for you to come up with the finest SEO strategies and also you will not face any difficulties when it comes to achieving the top rank on search engines or enhanced traffic.

Let’s get to know why there is a need for SEO tools for you to reach your business goals.

Why should you use SEO tools like keyword research for your business?

SEO tools have the efficiency of saving you from difficult keyword research and analysing the data proficiently. The use of these tools assists you in understanding what is working for you and whatnot. You can come up with the best strategy for your business once you discover any issue with the current one. With the help of such tools, you can also obtain the reports about measuring up the rivals and understanding what is the best opportunity for you. You can easily measure out your business performance based on the nations, languages and regions.

Since keywords play an important role when it comes to increasing the natural traffic as searchers only lookout for content what is relevant to them. Google utilizes the keywords as a significant SEO ranking factor. It means that the finest ways for helping the search engines comprehend that your content is appropriate to be included in a natural manner.

One of the main reasons you should be using the keyword tools is because it would help you in getting more terms which can be used for the strategy of content, usage, popularity etc.

Now, we will begin the discussion on the picked SEO keyword research tools for you so that you can move with the business plans and implement the amazing strategy for your business.

Keyword research tools

The elaboration of keyword research tools is given below for your efficient understanding so that integrating them according to your requirements in the SEO strategy is effortless for you.


SEMrush is identified as the world’s best keyword research tool that can be used for the purpose of accomplishing the business objective. The tools offer you the wide-ranging overview of each keyword that is ranked by your competition. It even provides you with the understanding of how much traffic they are gaining from their site and even offers you the link so that you can check out the page of ranking.

If you are finding the best keyword research tool then it must be your pick because it also has the appropriate and complete listing of your rivalry websites. You can measure their performance without any hassle. It means you can dig deep into the website of your rivals and quickly begins with the search through all other sites in your area.

There is no requirement of entering a seed keyword to start with the search, unlike any other tools. You just have to ensure entering the website URLs and begin the process of research. The understanding of you not only can help you reach the top of rankings but you can also get into the depth of traffic status, comparisons on domains, the difficulty of keywords and many more.




Ahrefs is just like SEMrush and comes among the famous tools for keyword research and is definitely for good reasons. It ensures crawling and storing the largest database of third-party search questions. It means that you can get affordable and appropriate research data.

With the use of this tool, it would be easy for you to understand the competitor’s organic keywords, campaigns of PPC and backlinks. It will be effortless for you viewing the finest opportunities of backlinks, maximum relevant keywords, topics that are of hot content, email notifications each time someone refers your business, store, and brand online.

If you are someone who keeps worrying about the appropriateness on these keyword research tools, well then there is not to worry. The database of Ahrefs has around 7 billion keywords and 187 billion pages that are indexed. The tools help you with the analysing of search engines result in pages, You will find that the tool will initiate ranking alerts for you. You can get the estimation of traffic when using the tool and uncovering the gaps of content. The tool will be useful in monitoring the outbound links. So, you see that this tool would benefit you in every possible way.




MonsterInsights is again one of the best keyword research tools that would help you grow your business. The tool is the finest way for adding Google Analytics to your WordPress site. You can begin with a few clicks and enjoy having the access to all the information you require making to make the decisions that are data-driven which would assist you with the humming of traffic.

Additionally, it is the best way of ensuring that keyword research is on track and finding ways for improving it. With the use of tools, it will be easy and fast for you setting up Google analytics on the site. The tool has made eCommerce tracking enhanced. You can begin with the tracking sales for your business. It would display your conversion rates and products that are top-performing and other productive insights.




An elite keyword research tool-SpyFu holds some of the best features that other tools don’t have. It is one of the exceptional websites that can be used to evaluate when it comes to staying on the top no matter you are running a website or a blog.

The tool has the efficiency of guiding you when it comes to using the appropriate tactics to surpass your rivalries in the same field. It is a wide-ranging tool that can help you know about the platform of SEO your rivals have been using, know their organic rank and ad campaigns they run. It will be easy for you to unveiling the appropriate keywords they use and built for outranking.

Although the only problem is the inefficiency of the tool of showing real-time data that keeps ever-evolving, and monthly-based current information. Other than that what it offers is quite astounding. It is the best backup you can have. You must begin with the basic plan and has amazing features that are enough, to begin with. It is easy for you upgrading it anytime if you feel the tool is not meeting your requirements.

It is going to be the best choice for improving your SEO and can be changer in a game for you.




 KWfinder is again one of the awesome tools that can be used for the purpose of keyword research tools and are being used by the professionals including advertisers. The tool is being trusted by the leading brands like Deloitte, Airbnb etc. Thus, if you have been finding for the tool offering quality features and is simple to use then this one is meant for you for sure.

The tool will provide you with the ideas of keywords and displays the precise difficulty of keyword instantly. There is no requirement of checking the score of keywords difficulty. It helps in bringing your rivals under the limelight and with the metrics of SEO, you can deeply analyse the traffic and most priceless content. You can easily discover the keywords that are of long-tail keywords which are linked to the content that is problem-solving.

In general, obtaining traffic from the content that is problem-solving and the tool will display the significant long-tail keywords so that you will obtain conversions and targeted traffic. You will find free and paid plans when using the tool.



Google keyword planner

You must be thinking that why this tool is special. Right? Well, only because it is a Google keyword planner tool is reliable, and genuine tool over the internet. It is more popular because it is free of cost in the market. The tool is integrated with the AdWords and for using it ensure creating the account. It has got the insane feature which offers huge information on Google. Although, it doesn’t provide you with information about the performance of your keywords on the search engines and doesn’t even offer you the information about your rivals. It is one of the quick SEO tools that you can use for your business growth.




Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool and is by Neil Patel. Well, one of the market professionals what else would you want. With this tool, you not only can get the outcomes for the web but also the information on news, YouTube and images. The tool has been identified as a reliable one and brings you relevant keywords. The tool is free and ensures presenting you the sufficient data for keeping your busy.

For instance, if you are typing a single word on Ubersuggest search, you will obtain a lot of probable association. It is one of the best tools that could help you in obtaining the vast traffic and helps you with the enhanced traffic on the website.



Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is the tool you must be using for your SEO strategy especially when it comes to your keyword research. The installation steps for the platform is very simple and you can add the extension on your browser for getting the keywords information in the search results of Google.

The tool offers you every particular about the keyword that your intent to target. With the help of this tool, you can easily initiate analysing your competition and begin planning your strategies as per your needs. It includes bringing you all the associated keywords so that you can begin selecting the relevant ones for proficient search engine optimization. The most helpful tool for Google SEO and helps in displaying all the information taken from Google keyword planner.




AnswerThePublic is also one of the identified great tools to discover the phrases you would want to check out. The tool is available for free and it consents you for visualizing the questions and phrases asked around a specific root keyword. The associated phrases are amazing for research and ideation. There is no requirement of paying for the Pro version to obtain the regional data for every root keyword. You can go for the keyword research planner when it comes to planning your SEO strategy.



Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a tool that you can again go for keyword research planner as this is the best SEO tools which are being used by the experts. There are professionals who say that the tool is always updated when it comes to adapting the regular change of Google ranking algorithms.

You can also obtain the best insightful response to every question that there is no mind. You can find the toolbar of MozBar that you can begin downloading to your site when it comes to site metrics while page browsing. If you are finding the best tool, then you must consider this tool.




According to the professionals, Majestics is the finest advertising SEO tools which include keyword research tool. It has various assisting features such as The Majestic Million which allows you seeing the ranking of top-rated for the million sites. The feature of Site Explorer consents for you easily viewing the overview that is general for your site and the number of the backlinks you have. It also functions as the keyword tool for SEO for finding the best keywords targeting which also enjoying the features for site comparisons and rank tracking.




If you want your site on top, then you should also consider SEO Quake. The chrome extension would act as the tool which initiates performing the on-page site audits, assessing both the links that are internal and external. You can initiate website comparisons for determining their performance and their ranks. There are tools such as keyword analysis, density, and dashboard allowing you downloading and sending the data to important people om your team.



Fat Rank

Fat Rank is the SEO tool that can be used for the purpose of analysing the performance of a site. With this tool, you would be able to know the keywords ranking of your site. You will be able to add the keywords while searching so that finding out the rank per page for every keyword that you are optimizing. The information consents you for better website optimization for the keyword so you are not making adjustments.





The final say for the guide is that we have collected the best tools for you so must identify your SEO requirements and integrated them for your strategy. These are the best tools you would find out there for the keyword research tool but it is important to make your decision right. Don’t move without initiating the research as it may lead to hampering your business only then.

Hopefully, this guide will help you with the best information of tools and the understanding of the features discussed above.