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How to Setup Google Ads – A Complete Guide Step by Step

When you are aware of the budget and product margin then Google Ads will not be a struggle for you. Businesses on are enjoying ten times double return on their investment, but some still scare to get into it.

Table of Contents

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Google AdWords is one of the best online advertising options out there. More than 5.5 billion searches are made on Google every day. So, if you are also thinking of promoting your business site through Google Ads, it’s of no surprise then.


Well, the answer is because it can be difficult setting up the campaign on Google Ads. According to the surveys, Google Ads is the only platform which is the staple for marketing industry.

So, in this learning guide, I would be focusing on discussing the step-by-step process to set up the account but before that, there are certain aspects which should be known. Some questions are there in the write-up so that you can understand the facet comprehensively.

So, let’s begin.

About Google Ads

Every business owner needs to have paid marketing. And, Google is the online platform providing the opportunity of advertising to the owners of the business which proves to be very helpful for their business growth. Let me also educate you here that earlier Google Ads was known as Google AdWords.

The platform consents the marketers running their search ads, ads for product listings, displaying ads, video ads and mobile app ads. What marketers have to do is targeting some keywords on the network of Google search and the ads will be displayed in the search results when someone searches for it.

What are Google Ads?

I know we have talked about the Google Ads already but for an advertiser, it is essential to know the basics definition of it.

It is a marketing platform that is developed and integrated with the search engine, Google display network, websites, videos, YouTube, search partners, mobile apps, etc. Marketers can make use of Google Ads when targeting to drive traffic for their business. It helps enhance conversions like sales and leads.

How Google AdWords work?

Firstly, being an advertiser, you have to ensure setting up the campaign for Google ads. After that, you need to ensure picking the most appropriate keywords related to your business. You can find a lot of tools for keywords research tools such as Google keyword planner.

Additionally, you require thinking about the phrases and words that your customers could use while searching for business products and services. The primary intent of this platform is matching your keywords with the advertisements and the created landing pages. After that, it displays your ads when anyone initiates searching for the targeted terms and keywords.

Your ads appears on the basis of audiences you are targeting or sites you are linking with your business, when it comes to the display network.

How does Google Ads Search work?

When it is about the campaigns on the search network, marketers initiate targeting and bidding on the keywords that they think would meet the possible customer search terms. Marketers also may initiate creating the ads and landing pages that can match nearly to the keywords that they have targeted. You will have to pay the charges only when there is clicking on the search ads as per Google Ads guidelines. It is one of the tactics by Google which is used for the generation of revenue as the marketers should be paying for the clicks.

So, before you begin the campaigns of Google search ads, you need to ensure that you are aware of the basics such as the process of bidding, quality score working, setting up the ads campaigns, creating the ads, landing pages and how pay-per-click functions.

What is Google Ads auction?

How do Google ads identify displaying the ads when someone begins the search on Google? An ad auction is there which identifies that what order should be followed while they appear. Different factors are also there impacting the auction of Google ads which includes quality scores and your bids.

Google to determine the rank of ad views the bids and the quality score of every marketer entering the ad auction.

Google has different ad ranks and it is the duty of an advertiser that they meet the requirements which are quality score and bid as discussed above already. one can begin the auction whenever anyone searches something on Google. The platform has the efficiency of looking at the quality of advertisements by the marketers and the bids for each term of search which leads to triggering the advertisements.

Let’s find out about the ad ranks below:

  • Bids

It is integral for you setting your bids and letting the Google know the money amount you are ready to pay for a click on your ads. Google Ads have come up with the development of the strategies that are smart bidding such as improved pay-per-click, target return on ad spend and target cost-per-action. It allows the marketers to set the automation bids and emphasizes on the value of conversion and conversions.

  • Quality scores 

Another important ad rank is that makes a huge influence on the ad auction is quality scores. The quality score plays an important role in Google Ads and no advertiser can miss out on it. This ad rank is developed of the relevance of your ad, anticipated click-through rate, and experience of the landing page. What Google Ads consider is having a look at the entire quality and ads relevance and landing pages as per the basis of the query of user’s search.

Google display ads working

Marketers can utilize the audience and content targeting reaching people as they initiate browsing the particular sites, watching YouTube channels videos, or using mobile applications. The Google display network consent the marketers for targeting the appropriate audiences as they browse the internet. Your display ads can help you in driving traffic to appropriate landing pages on your sites that include selling the products or services.

Where are your Google Ads appear?

There is a huge difference among the paid ads and results of organic search. Google ads displays the ads on top of the Google search results bottom. According to the factors of ad rank above, the ranking of ads is initiated.

What is Google search network?

The Google search network is where you would find the appearing of search ads. The development is there mainly because of the search engine and huge websites group that displays the ads on Google search. When you will begin with the marketing on the network, your ads will display on the next to search results on the Google and search partners.

The network is proficient as it helps in succeeding targeting the active searcher. Linking of the network is there for connecting the marketers and individuals who are looking for the services and products enthusiastically. The network of Google search assists you in driving the more conversions and rate of higher conversion than the network.

How much you have to pay for Google Ads?

Google calculates the cost depending on your targeting and the complete competition. Marketers initiate bidding of keywords, budget, audience targeting, quality scores for keyword and other primary budget aspects.

If you are planning to the keywords which are competitive and expensive, then it will cost you more than $10 for every click. You may get the leverage of having the entire control over their budgets and optimizing their campaigns with lesser cost.

How can use Google Ads?

If you want the success with this marketing platform, then you need to make use of the research tools for keyword for identifying the appropriate and famous keywords for your business. You require testing and optimizing your campaign from there like ad groups, audiences, landing pages, ads and keywords. The platform is hugely efficient for every business kind but ensure conducting the optimization and testing.

Should you be using Google Ads?

I suppose that paid online marketing is relevant for any kind of business growth. You must without any doubt use Google Ads and enhances your probability of achieving more customers even when your budget is not much on the higher side.

It is very important before selling a product or service that any business must ensure testing the Google Ads. It would benefit you in reaching the customers who very eagerly look out for your business. At last, you can have a look if your Google Ads is benefiting you to drive the positive ROI with the conversions.

Step-by-step guide Google Ads account setup

Google Ads has been known for being complex pay-per-click marketing channel for learning and understanding. The process of step-by-step will benefit you in getting started as you begin creating your first campaign of search. There is one thing that you need to keep in mind that the ad campaigns of Google display advertising and YouTube advertising are different from one another but the management for both takes places from the similar interface.

Step 1: Google Ads account setup

You have to understand that following a certain direction for the Google Ads campaign setting is relevant. For setting up your account, you have to visit the Google Ads home and ensure clicking on the START NOW button.

After clicking on the start now, you will find the page where can easily insert the site. But I suggest leaving and navigating the dashboard of AdWords.

Step 2: Starting a Google Ads campaign

After the creation of account and navigation to the main dashboard you will find the column in the left-hand side; there you have to click on the campaigns. Then, you will find the blue button with a+. You need to click on that and then clicking on the “New campaign”.

For more than 99% of enterprises, the primary purpose aims to convert website traffic into the leads. The primary goal of this sphere is allowing us and Google tracking when the event occurs so that tracking the return on investment is better and effortless.

After you will find the different type of campaigns. This guide relies on the discussion over search campaigns as is where it will help you in tracking the intent of purchasers for particular services.

The use of display campaigns is there for helping a word for the brand among the customers. You frequently see that the displaying of ads are on blogs and other sites in sidebars. Once you click on the search campaign, then you need to click how you will be tracking the conversions. Lastly, click on the continue button and here you go on the new page.

Step 3: Defining a campaign audience

After you reach the campaign audience page, you have to ensure that you are not selecting the network audience. After that, select the location you intent to target. In the location section, you may want to insert the location manually that you are targeting. An efficient search will help target the location by radius.

Go to the location options and ensure selecting the finest options. It is because not all the searchers will search for a keyword in the target area that you have picked. So, you require targeting the people as it will help in the better searches.

The next section is linked to the targeting people in your preferred language. But, for an audience, the section is ignored so if you want to know more about it you can visit Google Ad Audiences.

Step 4: Choosing your budget for Google Ads

This section leads to confusing a lot of people but is not that tough and is simple than what you think. You just have to do simple math for identifying the budgets for spending on Google Ads.

To understand how much you need to invest, you require knowing your profit for every sale and the rate for conversion. Your conversion rate relies on the leads number or buys that happens for every visit on your site. For instance, when around 1000 visitors are then on the website and if 10 people reach you then the conversion rate would be 1%.

If you are ready to spend around 75$ per week then you must obtain around 10 new consumers per month. Your everyday costing will be $10. So, now when I have estimated your budgeting for Google Ads, it is up to you whether you want to pick the accelerated method or standard one.

Step 5: Define your strategy for Google Ads bidding

The next section is with the area where you will be putting your strategy of bidding. Several strategies are there which you can use for helping the maximize budget. But make sure beginning with a manual cost per acquisition in the beginning.

When it comes to the advanced strategies, then you can set it to Google. It will increase or lessen the bid amount automatically to achieve the best rates for conversion.

Step 6: Extensions of Google Ad

The extensions of Google Ad are possibly one thing that people must be missing when creating the ads. You will find the extension of site link needs a URL and appear in blue so click on the page which will link directly your site. List out the famous services here. You can find the callout extensions but remember that you cannot link them and appear on the links of the site.

Lastly, there is a call extension. It would be very mad of you if you wouldn’t displaying your ads with call extensions. The huge traffic is on the mobile these days. Google has made everything by directly calling from the provided number. So, don’t forget to add your present number.

Step 7: Preparation for Ad setup and keyword research

In general, for most of the business, you require one campaign and there may be several ad sets. An ad set is a keyword group in which you will like to market to. Hence, at first, you require research for keywords. Google offers a tool for keyword research. Once you find the tool you need to start keywords collecting. Just enter the targeted keywords in the search button and you will find related searches. Four main categories are there which includes exact match, broad match, phrase match and broad match modifiers. So, you should be aware that which category you fall in to make your ad campaign successful.

Step 8: Deciding which device, you want your ads to be displayed on

You need to initiate the customer’s search on a desktop or mobile or maybe both. Understand if a person is outside and intents for going through the website to make an instant purchase. So, while setting up your account you should understand what kind of customers you want to get connected. And you have to be sure of choosing the device where your ads will be displayed by Google.

Step 9: Connecting your account to Google analytics

Google analytics would help you in getting the insights of how people are interacting with your ads and site. Don’t worry, it is not necessary to use this step to continue setting up the Google Ads account.

You must involve this step as it will help to keep an eye on the activities for your site and ads. It would be a lot easier to evaluate the overall performance.

Step 10: Hit go and keep checking back in

So, finally, you are ready with the campaigns activations and understanding the performance. Always check back to view which keyword and ad are getting you the conversions along with the keywords. Over time you would be able to understand the complete technique to handle the working process of Google Ads.

Final thought

Google Ads campaign crafting is just like art as it is science. You cannot miss out to use the data for getting in touch with the actual consumers. You have to outcompete the rivals so that you can stand out.

It is easier for you to understand what is working and what not for you. You just have to ensure paying attention to your ads and you will get nearer to the finest results. All you have to ensure that you are following a step-by-step guide that is there in the write-up.