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How to reactivate Google Ads account -Step by Step Guide 2021?

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There is a good chance that being an advertiser or a business; you face a reduction in the budget for promoting any of your brand product or service. You don’t have to feel apprehensive because you are not the only one facing this problem; the tire world is going through this. The pandemic is changing the way the world runs and businesses work and is influencing the economy badly. 

And if you have also deactivated your Google ads account, it is understood that you cannot handle the budget aspect anymore. You can anytime reactivate your account without any hassle. If you are anxious because of not knowing the steps, don’t worry. We will pen them down for you in this post. 

You will get valuable information in this post about Google ads. Before we move on to discussing the steps for reactivating your account, there are some questions you must know, so let’s get into more information. 

What happens to your ads when you reactivate your account?

Firstly, if you think that you can never see your ads again, don’t worry, nothing of that sorts will happen. If you cancel or deactivate your account, then your current or active ads will stop working. You cannot anticipate that the ads will keep running and generate any revenue or traffic for you. It will be like a complete stop for your account until you reactivate it again. 

So, when you initiate reactivating your account, you will notice these things. All of your ad campaigns will be active again and run normally. Any ads or campaigns will not run until you re-enable them because you gave a pause to them.

If you don’t wish your ads to begin running after reactivating your account, then sign in and give a pause to all of your campaignsads, or ads groups. You can anytime initiate reactivating your account. 

What if you never deactivated or cancelled your account? 

If you cannot sign in to your account and didn’t place the request for deactivation or cancellation of your account, ensure checking these issues for sign-in. You need to file a request for reactivation if you are facing a problem when signing in. 

It is essential to know that when any Google ads account stays inactive for more than fifteen months, it automatically is cancelled by Google. However, you can get reactive your account after following the steps that we will discuss further. 

What happens if you deleted your Google account?

It is vital that you first initiate recovering your Google account, then reactivate your ads account. 

What should you do if there is no option for reactivation?

You should know if there is no option for reactivation, then user having the admin access can reactivate the account. If you don’t have the accessibility of Admin, you cannot see reactivate option under “Account status”. Users having the standard access must get in touch with the user of Admin for reactivating the Google ads account. 

You can reactivate your account if there is the linking of your manager account, but you can initiate it when there is no reaching of the maximum account limit. You cannot expect an account’s reactivation if the account limit is crossed according to the current account managed. 

How to reactivate your Google ads account? 

If you want to know the ways for how to reactivate your Google ads account, then keep following the steps that are below: 

  1. First, ensure entering your Account preferences
  • Ensure signing in to Google ads account. 
  • Click on the tools in the upper right corner. 
  • Make sure to click on Preferences
  1. You need to make sure to click on the Account status for expansion. 

Lastly, ensure clicking on the Reactivate my account. After following these steps, you will see that your account is now active. 

What to do if your account is deactivated due to account suspension? 

Firstly, let’s know the reasons for your account suspension below. There are different motives behind your Google AdWords account suspension. Here are some of the reasons: 

Conflicting from AdWords strategies 

One of the main elements in Google AdWords is the strategies. The more significant part of the promotions prohibited from Google AdWords is either conflict with the plan or carefully adhering to them. Google ads provisions are broad, and any nonconformity from them brings about disapproval regarding promotions. Reused infringement of the Google ads maybe is another explanation. Assuming you are over and over conflicting with their guidelines, Google will suspend your account. 

Infectious or malicious account

You must know that you will have to face account suspension if there is any malicious or infectious content in your account. It is to secure visitors and forestall any spread of malware through malicious advertisements. 

Advertisement’s quality

Google endeavours to give a unique experience to the users. Therefore, if your promotions are customized to create traffic and don’t give a decent client experience, Google will suspend your account. 

Deceiving Ads 

If your promotions are deceiving and publicize inaccurate data about your business or foundation, Google will not approve your AdWords. Become familiar with social designing substance

Cloaking actions

Cloaking is a strategy that implies that you show the Google Editorial group something and show an alternate difference to the clients. Google complains of this situation and subsequently explain that they restricted your promotions from Google AdWords. 

Different reasons 

If you have various Google AdWords representing a similar business and has brand name issues, AdWords will restrict your account. Google AdWords is carefully against any criminal actions, and if you deal in such matters, Google will suspend your account with no delay.

Reactivating or fixing the account 

If you want to fix the issue, you can do that by following the steps below: 

  • The initial step is presenting an appeal to the help team of Google advertisements to review the account once more. 
  • If you have multiple Google ads account, then guarantee they are emphasizing on various sites. If every one of them is available on a similar website, you are suitable for account suspension according to Google strategy. 
  • While presenting the appeal to the team, try to specify each point. It will ensure that why suspension for your account should be considered. If you are elaborating everything, make sure to take more time and be comprehensive. 

Final say 

These days, Google ads- a platform filled with competition for earning money online and doing business through ads. Google never compromises with the policies and guidelines to protect its users. It becomes essential for advertisers to make sure that they follow each one of the rules diligently. 

Also, as the pandemic has hit the world, many advertisers deactivated their account because of lacking cash flow for ads promotions. So, in that case, there is a discussion of steps that one should follow to reactivate the account again. There is also the resolution for advertiser facing the suspension because of any violation in this post. You must comprehensively read the post to gain a better understanding of it. 

Our team ensures reaching you whenever you need any assistance. So, if you need a guideline for this post as well, contact us here