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How to Fix Misrepresentation or Unacceptable business practises Google Ads Policies in 2021

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In this world of advancement and technology with everything digital, Google Ads Business practice is a very famous and influential platform. If you are a marketer, you can gain a lot of benefits from this platform. These include awareness, conversions, traffic improvement and enhancing your brand. In case you are not getting any profits; indeed, there is something wrong with the money you are spending. 

The first and crucial thing for an advertiser is following the best business practices while marketing on this platform. You should be aware that Google is mainly dependent on advertisers when it comes to generating revenue. Though there are no users, it would be complex to keep Google ads in the business. It is the main reason that customers are always the main priority. And here, the main emphasis is users. 

When advertising on Google ads, any advertiser needs to consider the best practices. These practices are implemented to keep away immoral advertisers from the platform. 

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Google doesn’t accept business practices that are not as per the rules, resulting in account suspension. If you intend to understand the misrepresentation or unacceptable business practices of Google ads policies in 2021, then keep following the guide.  

We are going to discuss everything in detail that could help you with resolving your problem. So, let’s start with the discussion of policies at first. 


google ads business practices

Google Ads unacceptable business practices 

The first thing that plays a vital role is that you must understand that Google is very serious about the violation. You will not only face the suspension of your account but also banned permanently. Here are some of the practices that are unacceptable in the eyes of Google: 

  • Your account is entitled to suspension of your business propositions that are destructive, false and deceptive. 
  • You need to avoid making claims while promoting your service or product, which are false, deceptive and unconfirmed. 
  • Don’t promote false information or ignoring essential details. It can include expenses, prices and terms of payment. 

Always keep one thing in mind that Google Ads emphasizes having faith in their services. Thus, it tries to come up with ads that are reliable and straightforward. It is always clear about the sharing or product or services and any information to the users. 

This way, it also benefits the users in making well-versed decisions. Being an advertiser, always keep in mind that when your ads are false or deceiving, it will lead to your capabilities’ stoppage. 

What should you know about the Google ads business practices that are unacceptable?

  Before you begin with the advertising on this platform, you need to take some time to go through the implemented guidelines or policies by Google ads. It will help you with improving your business brand and achieving success. You should be aware that the promotion of content is your liability. Google ads in no way take responsibility for it. 

Google ads keep coming with something new from time to time. So, always make sure that you keep yourself updated with the news. If you intend to check your status or review for expedited feedback, ensure using the platform’s user interface. When there is a violation of policy, the first step is visiting your account. It will assist you in learning why your ads are not running and what is wrong. 

Consequences when you violate the policy 

Are you aware of the consequences when you violate the policy? If not, then you should. Most of the time, advertisers perceive that they will receive any notification or mail before getting paused or banned. It may happen at times. But Google almost doesn’t provide any notice of suspension when there is a policy violation. It can get a bad experience when lifting a ban on your account. 

There are certain offences or violations with which Google doesn’t compromise. It ends up banning your account permanently without any hope to lift it. It will lead to influencing your ads and the complete account. All in all, it reflects that there is no way you can ever continue promoting with Google ads. It doesn’t matter whether you are an employer or a business even. 

What can cause misrepresentation & unacceptable business practices suspension?

If you want to know that what can lead to suspension of your account, then keep reading below: 

  • False information is always one of the main reasons which cause suspension. If you give users information that is false, you cannot prevent your account from suspension. You have to ensure providing the correct information about your business and product or services. 
  • Another cause can be directing the content to another nation comprises issues linked to political or social. It means you are misrepresenting your country. So, this will also lead to account suspension or permanent banning. 
  • You need to make sure to provide the information that can appeal to Google. Delivering more and more information to the platform will reduce the risk of suspension. This information may comprise your name, email, number and location displaying on the site. 
  • Misrepresentation is one of the policies that come under policy violation, making your account suspended forever and ever. 
  • In case Google notices any phishing methods, you can never expect to advertise on Google ads again. It is one of the significant and severe violation you have to take care of. All of these may include private and confidential information, stealing identity, breaching finances details, forms or programs. It can be anything. So, make sure you don’t commit to this kind of activity.


business practice

What should you know about Phishing?

A good business practice would be to avoid using phishing activities. Phishing is an effort for tricking an individual into sharing their private and confidential information online. Most of the times, it takes place through online modes or misleading sites. Often, you must have received the mail of your bank account number, which looks similar. And, you will see that it asks you to confirm the account. Once you do it, that’s when a hacker or an individual who created it will get success in their objective. 

The usual information the phishing attacks asks for includes usernames, passwords, bank accounts, credit card details, etc. So, as an advertiser, you should always be cautious of such attacks. In any case, if you notice or gets any suspicious mail in your account, then you shouldn’t ignore it. They can run after your private information linked to your business, so it is essential at first to make sure if it is legal. 

The most important thing you need to know is that Google never requires or asks you for your personal and private information. 


What can you do to prevent misrepresentation suspension?

The main factory of success for any business is moral ethics. And the good thing is it reduces any probabilities for account suspensions. Let’s discuss some of the factors you need to consider: 

Information on products or services 

Make sure to come up with the correct details of your product if you want to prevent the chance of suspension. Don’t forget to integrate the advantages and features of your product or services. Without features information, there is a chance the user might not take it positively. 

Honest promotions 

Google ads only consider honest promotions. So, ensure keeping your advertisements truthful. The only way to prevent suspension of account is by claiming with actual results. 

Authorizations of product 

When promoting any of your product or service, you need to come up with the reason. Violation can be considered if there are any misleading promotions found. You have to ensure following the counterfeit policy. You wouldn’t be able to run your ad for a never-ending time. 

Susceptible customers 

There can be a point where you may have to initiate displaying the ads to specific demographics. Some people or groups are prone to struggles that are emotional or discrimination.  

Contract-out operations 

There are times when you are dependent on contract-out operations. It can be anything, such as mentally or physically. You need to follow the appropriate local regulations and law with the pay scales, including other problems. It must be within your business integration. 

Evade politics 

Ensure not to involve yourself in issues like religious, political, social or cultural on social sites. These days nameless users can hamper your image and your business with their misleading stunts. 

Maintain privacy respect 

You have to understand that there are countless data for work online nowadays. Though, with the enhanced data access, there is always huge accountability. Being an advertiser, ensure keeping in mind not to use the information from other platforms. Also, don’t extract information to make them useful on other platforms. It is illegal as per the Google ads policy. 

Troubleshoot violations 

 It is always best to rethink your approach when you experience account suspension because of intolerable business practices. You have to always come up with the newest approach to prevent your account from suspension or banning. 

There are two steps you can follow for troubleshooting the issue: 

Getting in touch with Google support 

While facing a massive issue with the account suspension, you must get in touch with Google support. However, they might not be helpful for why your account is banned or suspended, but they can surely help you understand the reasons. 

Suspended site fixing 

After you are finished having a word with the Google support team, you will get an idea of what is wrong with the ads that you are running. You will get to know the reason. Once you know the reason, you will have the policy for its removal in future. With adequate alterations, Google, at times, lifts the account suspension. 


The era of coronavirus gave rise to a trend that was already popular. People were already opting to go online for anything. And after corona people are only choosing for searching the products or services and information online. It is one of the main reasons that advertisers are making huge profits these days. They have got extraordinary chances for generating campaigns. It is helping them in producing actual outcomes for their customers and business. 

However, to enjoy the benefits, one main rule is following the rules and policies on this advertising platform. It is only helpful for advertisers to stay in the industry without worrying about the suspension. Hence, any advertiser must be aware of the business practices which are unacceptable by Google. 

Once you are aware of the policies, you will not have to get anxious and prevent suspension effortlessly. If you are going through account suspension, you can check out the troubleshooting section above. It will help you in correcting and assessing the problem quickly. You would also be able to generate leads and business conversions. 

You will find an efficient discussion on the Google ads suspension and business practices that you should follow. In any case, you require help; you can get in touch with us here.