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Google ads Account Suspended for Circumventing Systems

Google ads Account Suspended for Circumventing Systems

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Google ads is a platform that never compromises with their policies for user’s privacy. Advertisers are constantly enjoying the numerous benefits of this platform. The only condition is abiding by the Google ad’s policy. In any case, if someone fails to do that, the consequences are permanently suspension of your account or banning. 

If you are also facing account suspension by Google, then probably unknowingly, there is a violation of circumventing system policies. A lot of confusion must be going on in mind. You will think that everything was right then what went wrong. These thoughts are very usual. It is always not necessary that the advertiser is at fault. Sometimes, you don’t even know that there is malicious activity on your site without your knowledge. 

When Google notices this, it leads to suspension of your account. It is the policy, and it cannot be compromised at any cost. Don’t worry; the story doesn’t end here. We will discuss everything that would help you understand circumventing system policy. There will be a discussion on also how you can resolve or fix the issue to avoid account suspension. 

So, keep following the article if you want to comprehend everything in detail. 

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How to know if there is malicious activity on your site? 

You need to know the answer to this question at first. It is of utmost priority as it cannot identify if there is malicious activity on your site. By malicious activity, we mean here, probably your site is hacked. You must know that hiding malware is very simple as an administrator. 

There are many other ways, like hiding pages in the site folder and different methods for making sure you remain unaware of such activities. It is where the problem arises because you get to know everything about it at last. And everything is already messed up by then. If there is no installation of a security plugin, you must forget about lifting account suspension quickly. 

You have to understand that Google takes the security of users very seriously. It doesn’t even leave the sites which are standalone and are under the radar of hackers. If Google figures out the malicious act at first, you cannot save your place from suspension. 

All you can do is getting in touch with the support team to assist you with suspension lifting. If you wonder what other reasons can be there for your account suspension, we will discuss them below. The reasons are linked with the circumventing system policies so let’s get into details. 

Why your Google account is suspended? 

Google is very much devoted to providing an efficient experience to its customers. There are a lot of forms of policies by Google, but here the emphasis is on ads. Google always consider the advertisements legitimate if they are non-offensive and authentic. The guidelines for advertisers are filled with immoral behaviors. The drafting of policies assists Google in keeping away such advertisers from the platform. 

All in all, it is simple, don’t abide by the policies or rules and get ready to face the account suspension permanently. 

Let’s get into the details of the reasons which leads to account suspension. 


Reasons for your account suspension 

Following are the reasons you are facing the suspension for your account: 

Suspension due to circumventing system policy 

If your account is suspended, probable you didn’t abide by the circumventing system policy. Google never takes it lightly, and you must also be sure of following them proficiently. Here are policy violations you may not have even noticed: 


 Cloaking is when a site represents varied content or links to the search engines compared to human users. Your site is fit for suspension; for instance, your website displays the flash pictures to the users but serves a text page that is HTML to search engines. So, it is essential for you to always run the content for ad or display the content that belongs to you. If you fail to do that, you cannot anticipate lifting the suspension for your account. It is a significant one and comes under the circumventing system policy violation. 

Take care of following the guidelines by Google to make your content available easily on the search engine. You can also include technologies such as Flash or JavaScript. Remember that there are no strategies for content personalization in the cloaking. These strategies involve publishing varied versions of language for similar content. 

Ad text manipulating 

Manipulating of ad text is when an individual is using the text from several languages. It involves Unicode restrict in an attempt to bypass the automatic system for verification by Google. There are different techniques in ad text manipulation. It consists of the misspelling of prohibited words purposely or the phases so that the ad is not approved. 

The other technique is to manipulate trademarks terms in the ad’s text to avoid copyright and patent restrictions. Usually, it is not a good idea for using the trademark of rivalries in any case for your campaign marketing. Google never encourages this kind of practice; hence it will result in account suspension. Additionally, you must avoid using the terms that are of a trademark in your copy or title of the ad. When Google discovers that your account is a lawbreaker with ad text manipulation, you will face severe consequence. 

Paid-for call directory service

It is a kind of services that involved continually adding or removing the keyword content linked to government services or unaffiliated organizations. This approach is the straight sale violation and free items sale policy. Once Google approves the ad with a phone number that is not premium, the services modify to a landing page. It involves replacing the number with the premium one. 

Suspension due to suspicious payment activity 

One of the other main reasons for Google account suspension is payment suspicious activity. In any way, if Google notices any questionable payment activity, then it will suspend the account permanently. It is because the experience of the user and legal needs are severe for Google. 

If you violate the terms and condition of Google for payment activity, you can face a permanent ban as well. It is essential to follow them for creating and maintain an efficient experience for the users. Here are some activities which you must know can lead to an account ban due to suspicious payment activity:

  • When Google is unable to verify your information of billing, they suspend your account. In case there is the behaviour of irregular payment, then also it bans your account. 
  • When Google is not accepting your cards, you must understand that it will ban your account. 
  • If the already added or banned card is being used, then also Google suspends your account permanently. 
  • Ensure not generating the virtual cards as Google suspends the account here as well, according to the policy. It is to avoid the theft or use of the card immorally registered online. 

Some advertisers are not guilty and become the victim of Google’s policies. It is because the algorithms of Google make mistakes at times while tracking the accounts for violating the terms and conditions. The situation gets more complicated because Google is never particular about its policies as it keeps changing. It causes confusion and frustration among the advertisers. 

Suspension due to misrepresentation policy

If you notice account suspension, probably violation of misrepresentation policy is another reason. You need to ensure taking it seriously. Following this, while promoting your ad plays an important role. Here are the guidelines or policy under misrepresentation that you must keep in mind: 

  • Don’t give information to users, which is misleading and deceptive. Google is particular about providing accurate information to users when it comes to business products or services. 
  • Never direct the content other country having issues that are cultural and social. Google takes it as the misrepresentation of your country hence suspends your account. 
  • Always give the correct information such as your email address, phone number, name, payment details etc., to Google. Don’t try providing inappropriate information as it will find sooner or later. Thus, this will cause account suspension and lifting it can be challenging. 
  • Phishing is another main reason which causes account suspension. It involves tricking an individual into sharing their private and sensitive information. And Google never takes the risk of attacks hence suspends the account for security reasons. 

So, these are some of the policies under misrepresentation. If Google sees even one of them, you cannot save your account from suspension. The only way to follow these policies to run your ads smoothly. 

Suspension due to unacceptable business practices

Suspension due to unacceptable business practices

Unacceptable business practices are very relevant for Google, and they do not compromise with policies in any way. So, if you are facing account suspension, then there must be a violation of these policies: 

  • Proposing business services misleadingly and falsely with false information. 
  • Coming up with deceptive and unproven claims while promoting your services and products. 
  • Giving the wrong word to a user for your business in terms of price, expenses and payment terms. 
  • Tricking the users with offers that are not even available on the website or landing pages. 
  • Impersonation of brand or businesses by altering the content in advertisements, links or misrepresenting yourself. 
  • Misleading by marketing your service could even lead to risking the safety, life or health of a user. 
  • Giving the incorrect name of your business and doesn’t include representing advertising your business. 
  • Promoting the products or services for free even when they are not. 
  • Ads using adverse life events such as bankruptcy, illness, fear, guilt, and whatnot. 

How to resolve circumventing system issue? 

Google policy is very different and keeps changing very frequently. So, there nothing you can do as even after following the rules, you may face flagging or disapproval. However, it doesn’t mean the suspension of the account entirely. 

Disapproval for an ad only occurs when there is a prohibition or trademark term for a word or phrase in the ad copy. To resolve the issue, you can easily initiate quickly editing the ad again for getting approval. 

If you feel the inappropriate account suspension and feels it is not right, then here are the steps you must take: 

  • The first step is submitting an appeal to the support team of Google ads for reviewing your account again. 
  • In case you hold various accounts of Google ads, then ensure they are focusing on different websites. If all of them are on a similar website, then you are fit for account suspension as per Google policy. 
  • When submitting the appeal to the team, make sure to mention every point. It will clear that why suspension on your account should be lifted. If you are explaining everything, ensure taking the time and be comprehensive. 

Wrap up 

Google ads is a very competitive platform. It doesn’t matter what services or in what products you are dealing with. In the beginning, it seems reasonable to cheat the platform and get the top place. But, in the end, Google somehow figures it and the consequences are not good at all. 

If you are looking for shortcuts by circumventing the Google policies, you will have to face suspension of account no matter what you do. It means the wastage of your money and time both. 

Google is brilliant, and hence if you want to prevent suspension, then the only way is to follow the rules. There is no shortcut at all to reach success. In case you are also experiencing account suspension and thinks it is unjust, this post will assist you. You will efficiently get the details. There is a discussion on the reasons and the solution as well. 

For more help, you can get in touch here; we would be happy to help you.